Kin 206 / PSI 148 — "Hidden Challenge"

This story was already in the air for some time, and so it has been told for a few times. Today however, it was the perfect occasion to write the story down. Why? It is not only the 144th day in the Gregorian year, 24th of May 2014, it is also the 23rd day in the 11th Spectral Moon, with has the PSI Chrono Unit Kin 148, Yellow Overtone Star. Today it is in the Dreamspell Kin 206, White Spectral World-Bridger, how are these two Kin connected within this story?

The story started in America on Kin 148. On this day, 10th of July 2013, I was in Oregon to visit Akasha, Kin 137. In his Ubuntu Garden, a peace-garden aborning, I was a guest for some time. Directly after my arrival in Portland I visited with him the Professor, Master of Nothingness. You see, this mysterieus man has also a kind of mystical place of residence on the backside of the mountain where Akasha lives.

So it was on Kin 148 that we visited this unbelievable beautiful place, where we found, besides the magnificent nature of plants, flowers and trees, also an dazzling waterfall. On this utmost remote and special place the Professor had builded an impressive platform, a plateau in the form of an octagon within it the eight trigrams of the I Ching manufactured.

For sure this was for me an impressive synchronicity, a miracle, because four days before my presence on this platform I had presented in Bolsward (on Kin 144, 6th of July 2013) the U Ching Code Book for the first time. In this book a numerical interpretation of the 64 I Ching hexagrams is explained, which are, just like in the I Ching composed out of the 8 different trigrams.

The fact that I was here, in the beautiful nature of the mountains in Oregon, sitting on a I Ching platform like this with my book, still hot from the press, was a kind of imposing experience for me at that moment. On top of this I clearly recognised the place with the waterfall of many dreams that I had about it before. In this synchronic moment my dreamworld merged with the so called “reality." This experience was quite overwhelming, I felt clearly the Great Spirit again, something that was exactly the same as in the summer of 2007.

In these six years in between the U Ching Code Book had came into existence, and during this extraordinary intimate experience on the platform I realised that this place, on that moment, including the experience Self, was precisely that what I came for in America. So it was this apparently small happening in the outer world, that holded a tremendous meaning inside. This contradiction can be “understood” by a follower of the Tao (His Path) in the experience of the Self.

Later that summer, already returned to the Netherlands, I resided in the night of tuesday 13 to wednesday 14 of august 2013 on my retreat place at a lake in the Frisian country (North of the Netherlands). In the morning of this Blue Magnetic Night I woke up from a crystal-clear dream. What kept repeating from that moment was clearly the number 148 and the experience on the platform. As often before I woke up continuing calculations, and I kept calculating to find the insight of what the dream told me.

During the morning this became completely obvious, because doing the calculations lead to a superb numerical insight, a twist in the oracle of the Dreamspell itself, not seen before. This was completely synchronised with the wavespell (period of 13 days or Kin) of this Blue Night, in which the dream took place. With this miraculeus insight and this bright dream I felt that there would be a gathering in the upcoming times. Actually, I thought that it would be in the next summer on that same spot near the lake in my Frisian country..

This dream came true, but as it goes most of the time, it happened in a slightly different way as it had been interpreted by yourself. So the question is now, what did I discover this day by the trigger of 148? And how did this take care, later in time, for a gathering of Earth Wizards?

The discovery that I did is about a hidden connection that all 260 Kin in the Dreamspell have with each other, a kind of "super occult." The occult relation that we know about is the Kin with whom you are 261 together, the Kin that makes you together a Red Magnetic Dragon. This is your radial relationship, in which the start and the end are one. This means that the first Kin and the last are connected with each other as occult, the same for the second Kin and the last but one, etcetera, etcetera, until this reaches the center of the Tzolkin.

Your occult relation is one of the four relationships that we can find in the Fifth Force Oracle of each Kin. In this oracle there is one Kin centred  each day, with around it the Analog in the West (in the night before dawn), the Guide in the North (in the morning), the Antipode in the East (in the afternoon) and the Occult in the South (in the evening).

The discovery that I did during the dawn of Kin 183, which was in the “watch" of Magnetic Warrior, was a clear connection in the fifth force oracle of my own Kin (243, Blue Solar Night) with Kin 148, Yellow Overtone Star. To explain, the perfect antipode of Kin 243 is the perfect occult of Kin 148, and vice versa the perfect occult of 148 is the perfect antipode of 243! It turns out that all Kin have a relationship like this, which is simply to find by calculating the Kin that makes yours together 131 (of 391, which is minus 260 again 131).

We can name this Kin relationship the Buddha connection, because if we use the 20 x 13 (260) units of the Tzolkin or Dreamspell matrix to map the entire history of almost 5200 years, then we discover that exactly in the middle of this, Kin 131, was the periode in time that the Buddha manifested himself in India.

If we follow the logic of this further, then we reach the discovery that this changing antipode / occult relationship interchange positions from Kin 195 to Kin 196. This means that the antipode of Kin 195 is the occult of Kin 196 and that the occult of Kin 196 is the antipode of Kin 195. This takes place 64 / 65 positions before the end of the Tzolkin.

This 64 / 65 interval has an important meaning in the U Ching, because the U Ching contains one chapter more than the I Ching. This forms the basis of “How I Became U,” the 65th chapter is mystical, because it is the chapter 64 itself. In history this chapter was only passed on verbally from master to student, or by means of an initiation. In this way the chapters in the U Ching are numbered from 0 up and till 64, in which 64 itself is the so called missing chapter of the I Ching, which contains in numbers only the chapters 0-63. Chapter 64 is the hub of the Wheel of Time, and without this hub that wheel can not turn!

This missing chapter is entitled “Karma or Redemption,” a chapter which describes the choice that you make or not. On certain moments in time we get a chance to make again that choice, a choice to have a clear vision on what is true and what is not. This is necessary to contribute to the salvation, which is actually the only reason why we are here. That not everybody is recognising this, can be understood, but on the way that we go we become more and more conscious about truth and illusions. In fact, this is the understanding of the chapter of karma or redemption.

On the day of the discovery dream of this hidden challenge story, in the summer of 2013 on Blue Magnetic Night, it continued in a daydream about a kind of gathering of Earth Wizards in the summer of 2014. This meeting, that I was literally dreaming of, came exactly true on the 13th of May 2014 on Kin 195, which is the Kin position where those antipode and occult Kin switch in the oracle of the Dreamspell. So this was now at the end of the same wavespell, one Galactic Round of 260 days after the dream itself, Blue Cosmic Eagle, and I was in Barcelona.

It was tuesday the 13th of May 2014 that we came together with 12 people in a round circle in the Green House (Casa Verde) in Barcelona. The Red Queen (Kin 185) was here with Ishram (Kin 187) and we were with Stef (Kin 191), Rietje (Kin 255), Sieger (Kin 73), Araygua (Kin 224) and her 3 and half year old daughter Nayagua (Kin 229). Besides that, our hostess Isabel (Kin 197) was there with her caretaker Beatrice (Kin 61) and of course the inhabitant of the Green House itself, Lwx (Kin 170). Kundalini teacher HewanJi (Kin 256) was also with us, and of course I was there myself (Kin 243).

The gathering was initiated a few weeks before by Stef, and so it was not a coincidence that all these 12 people in the circle together formed as “time vector potential” Kin 191, which is the Blue Solar Monkey, Kin of Stef himself. A "time vector potential” you can calculate by counting all the Kin numbers of the people together and subtract the multiple of 260 from this. In this example it is 2271 - (8x260) = 191. Stef had initiated this gathering, because it was about time to get some clarity about some important issues, for a consensus to keep the foundation of trust solid.

The gathering was quite successful, and it confirmed again the importance of coming together in time and space, something that is still irreplaceable in spite of all the forms of communication that are possible nowadays. It was the Red Queen that opened the circle, and almost uninterrupted she spoke about that what had to be discussed. The telepathic connection had been so clear, that the questions that we wanted to ask, had no need to be asked in words! The Red Queen gave us directly very clear the answers to the issues that we had.

This gave me the chance, when it was my turn to speak in the circle, to share the story of this dream. This dream came literally true at that moment, Blue Cosmic Eagle, and so it was clear, without a preconceived plan, on a self-explanatory and natural spontaneous way, what my contribution is and what role I play in this story, not an unimportant acknowledgement for myself!

After the gathering we enjoyed a lunch together, and while I was sitting across the Red Queen, who was by the way that day completely in blue, all of sudden she spoke about the little angel she had received from my mother, and which I had given to her on White Spectral Worldbridger, exactly the day before the 21st of December 2012 in Palenque, Mexico. She told me that she carried this little angel with her since that time, and on the exact moment she told this, Beatrice took (without listening to what Red Queen said) the letter that my mother had send to Isabel after her car accident. So on the moment that Red Queen spoke out the name of my mother, Marian is also her middle name, I only needed to turn the envelope for a synchronic confirmation, because on the backside of this the name of my mother was written, in the handwriting of herself. Very clear, this was again a confirmation of the telepathic connection!

Why is this part of the story today? This is so because today is not only day 144 in the Gregorian year, it is also White Spectral Worldbridger, the Kin (206) of my mother Marian. The synchronistic issue of this is the new learned “Buddha connection” or “Hidden Challenge” of Kin 206, which is equal to (391-206) Kin 185, Red Electric Serpent, the Kin of Red Queen! This means that today the antipode is the occult of Kin 185, and that the antipode of Kin 185 is the occult of today! Now, what is the hidden challenge of your story??

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Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on May 31, 2014 at 5:34am

Synch #6: 16 views, same as my kin. 

Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on May 31, 2014 at 5:18am

I feel like I have so much to learn from you. I had already seen my occult kin before, but the way you explain it is more connecting, and more human. I feel like Neo in the Matrix when he tries to escape and found himself back in and plugged into the system, and now I see with different eyes.

First of all, I want to thank you for being my friend. Without deep emotional connection I would drift off aimlessly.

Next I want to thank everyone involved with the 13-moon calendar. Without these trailblazers I would not recognize my own path!

Last I want to thank everyone. Everyone has helped me in some form or fashion. It is my turn to help them!

Comment by Paul David Mabbitt on May 31, 2014 at 5:02am

I stumbled upon this blog because it's the one that caught my eyes as I scrolled...

Synch #1: I am in the year of the Yellow Magnetic Warrior, the same kin as the watch you made your realization.

Synch #2: My friend Nadia (whose solar birthday was yesterday, but I had to be reminded of that after I started writing this), kin 241, once told me that she loves the number 131 especially. She said there's something about it, and because it's palindromic since she loves all numbers that can be spelled the same backwards.

Synch #3: Going by this information I find here today my occult is Red Spectral Serpent, kin 245. Astonished to see the numbers "19" and "62" right by each other, because my dad was born that year. Synchronized with the Star Traveler's Almanac.

Synch #4: Then I see your kin on the page next to that, and after remembering Nadia's kin 241, I realize that her kin, your kin, and my occult kin form a palindromic relationship.

One on each side and 3 in the middle. 131.

Synch #5: Nadia is a practicing Buddhist. I see her as a Buddha. I have told her so. Another has told her so, and he has since passed.


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