Jose in the 70s at Lindisfarne and BillIT (WIT) on Quetzalcoatl


kinda odd Bill's Cernunnos lectures aren't listed .. he did do those much later i guess ... 90 or something ... prolly after or during that swiss phase ..

In these times of blinding occupations,
legends seem unreal, a dream or astral
experience projected onto life.
And yet the innocence of old legends
takes hold and literally re-minds us.
Myth becomes lost science, legend, lost
history, and poetry lingering
as traces left over from the previous
universe when sound and not stocks and bonds
was counted in pulsar exchange of stars.
Of course, there’s no going back, prose remains
our natural rhythm of daily speech
and no mere cadence these days could ever
set us into a deep enchanted trance.
What remains to haunt and unsettle us
for a moment is the stronger image.
As children raised on movies and TV,
the image takes hold of us, not in trance,
but in something more like a memory
of another life, hopelessly erased.
For instance, take the White Stag with antlers
of radiant light. It makes the story,
doesn’t it? But you cannot tell me why.
That has now become the work of poets:
they’re not to enchant or fall into trance
like bards but serve as art historians
of images that can help producers make
better movies to amuse the public
and preserve the State of Entertainment.
The Great White Stag with its antlers of light,
is the very same one you see engraved
on the old Celtic Gundestrup Cauldron,
where Cernunnos, Lord of the Animals,
sits with eyes closed in meditative trance
and holds the serpent in his good left hand,
the magical silver torque in his right.
The white stag is drawn, smiling to the torque.
The resonating racks of man and deer
exchange knowledge as waves of sound ringing
in the silver torque and the encircled snake.
Understand by this that King Charlemagne
is more shaman than a politician.
Both the stag and the snake appear, you see,
in the ancient legend, and both grant him
knowledge of time and the deep foundation
of kingdoms, temples, and the times to come.

the VIDEO ON THIS TOPIC doesn't turn up immediately but here's a little to get you started (should you choose to search towards it):

Just so you don't get turned off unnecessarily, the mp3 audio quality of material at i will get into below these links, is higher

William Irwin Thompson Lecture 1/11 - YouTube
     15:05 minutes long, 700 something views .. goes down to mere double
     digit numbers for some of the parts in the series
     13.06.2011 -  The John David Ebert Channel Report.
     Uploaded on Jun 13, 2011.
     Excerpted from CIIS lectures circa 1994.
     all 11

     2 of 11 has microbiology (termite innards) in russian doll political

     A.I., Angels, & Mass Extinctions: A Conversation With William Irwin
     Thompson - YouTube
     ? 111:55? 111:55
     06.03.2012 - Hochgeladen von Michael Garfield

.. now to the place mentioned in the title:

note: all pages there ( have torrent and ogg links besides mp3 ones

Internet Archive Search: (("schumacher center") AND format:mp3) AND format:mp3

173 pieces (bottom of page 3 has a comm land trust lecture ... i think the Arguelles lecture (only 1) is on page 2 .. i posted the url to tmq a number of days ago ... wait, here is the mp3 link:

other points of interest
on evolution
39Mb panel discussion
Wendell Berry 81 .. easily beats WIT's best score (50 for the gilgamesh talk) with 27 more ... matched by this one:

April’s BerkShares Business of the Month is Locke Stock & Barrel, Great Barrington’s oldest-established gourmet grocery store, founded in 1968
Schumacher himself in 74 .. only 41 dwnlds

Winona LaDuke 93
Winona LaDuke, "Voices from White Earth: Gaa-waabaabiganikaag." October 1993

LaDuke, a member of the Mississippi Band of the Anishinaabe from the White Earth Reservation, is a strong and clear voice for the return to traditional land-holding patterns of her people. She explains how, in order to sustain the life of the Anishinaabe, her people have need of different kinds of land; the lakes for harvesting wild rice, the forests for hunting, and the meadows for gathering herbs. The earlier artificial allocationof square plots of the White Earth Reservation to individual tribal members and the inevitable loss of the Anishinaabes' land through sale to outsiders has resulted in a mosaic of land use that separates the community from its traditions. Her own work is devoted to restoring the integrity of the White Earth Reservation by repurchasing sold land and holding it in a community land trust arrangement so that it may be productively used without fear of loss. The story she tells is a moving one and provides a practical approach to healing a wounded people and wounded land.

some of you will know this man .. and i think i surfed across him in the past ..
13eagle = cosmic eagle
Raah Sirus

Therefore both the Mayan and Persian systems of time converge through utizing a 33 year cycle. The average year length of 365.2424... being woven with the 260 day cycle of the sacred Tzolkin. Its also good to note the matrix of the Tzolkin is made up of the ratio 13:20, which was seen inherent in the pattern of days through the sequence of Spring equinoxes, and that the sum of the numbers 13 + 20 = 33.

there's another 195 eagle artist into the dreamspell-lore ..

.. and sounds:

Taupo Point: Ambient listening. Union of Maori and European began here, fragile dissonances explore subtle ways to integrate in a beautiful and peaceful way.
26min duration. Listen.

..and shapes as well:
last of 6 links there
... building platonic solid models

from blogs followed i make the acquaintance of a bauble buddy of his:
well, .. to be fair i'll quote him:

Tom co-founded the Karma Thegsum Choling Buddhist center in North Valley of Albuquerque, New Mexico

i think i mentioned messing with octahedra from the 90s onwards, check 'Blabsabs_Index.htm'
1998 webfrontpage .. inspired by the bucky update of an old Leonardo multiwheel thingy (like a clock but with the sprockets at different angles instead of oriented the same at slight offsets for the transmissionary 'zealottree').

i've gone on the visualize skewering and winging rock in order to stack and spin them .. or get giant Ferris wheel size circuit boards set up and switched in such a way that rounded boulders roll and revolute for the force that loads a spring and/or fills airtanks through clever switchment and ventilation and served.

i see yall have subtly tweaked (brightened) the 'lockleg behind ray' placement encouraging icons ... not getting ansy areya? case of patience inflammatience mebbe?

here's a few more layers from the stack of problems i see with it.

belief in reincarnation and the effectiveness of formulaic pleadings and placations should not be taken to extreme substitutionism, iow, to the point of neglecting the simple friction crystalline aspects and underlayers (properly understood ) which, will and do mimic and speed the quelling of sentient needs ..
(hot mudbath anybody? Floorheat via cellar compost maybe?)
.. although we as a race of races, are known to stay well ahead and away from such satiety by demographic overspill .. incontinence .. overrun ..oversaturation ... delivering markith and kin onto the demand creation altars of our era(sure).

Similar thoughts did strike me as i watched another docu on Tibet yesterday. A rimpoche travelling with 20 foreigners past places that had be cropped pruned, lopped and blocked by chinese authori .. i mean occupiers, into near quiscence, even that famous courtyard whence many a yard of footage - with handclapper monks who sound just like trying to break gravel barehandedly - made it into music videos (perhaps after the relaxation .. not sure when this docum was made ...

? Mystic Tibet [Full Documentary] - YouTube

either way, i couldn't take in more than half of it ..

Let me say i can understand the Chinese.
China for instance and after all is .. suffers from, 'sports', devotes itself to it's own dominance (multi*)culture, including it's drawbacks .. like the revulsions it suffers(/ 'sports', devotes itself to) in the face of woowoo.

Conservative vs new age
soldier vs peacenik
clearcutter vs forest defenders
i have a playlist i called WheelHe vs GripHe

* - China's multiculture has existed for long enough to somewhat homogenize and become more singularly purposeful, fixated, Orwellian, monomassified (and you thought monotheism was bad).
Now, imagine the revulsion a pragmatically minded culture like the mainstream multicultural and dominant type .. which the Chinese for instance and after all is .. suffers(/ 'sports', devotes itself to) when faced with and trying to 'help' a deeply charisma and devotion based one that has lagged (fallen) behind .. put & kept on the best hold that a near constant freeze at nearly constantly frigid heights can provide.

Jose's most seductive attempt to make and present a rigorized impression of all the woo and fulltime wishful thinking .. foolyourselftime .. wishfoolery not just some of thinktime .. often convinces me but more often doesn't, specially when i look at his competition, the field he had integrist (and splintagravelly) command of if not over. Speak of competition. Nothing outdoes the monotheismz.

84 minute long lecture on Myths of Mexico

William Irwin Thompson – Quetzalcoatl and Quetzalpetatl: Sacred Marriage and the City of Gods (The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light: Lectures on mythology, sexuality and the evolution of culture, #11) – Schumacher Center, a Lindisfarne talk. : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Q. lost favor with the mundane rulers cause of his reluctance to shed human blood in sacrifice (which obviously would be a fine spur to wage war for those who think it's good sport).
  pious piet de paljas


during my fruitless effort to find the video version of the quote i began this
post with i discover something about my 'core' playlist.

my crushing passion
am i top hit (search result on google) for these 3 words? .. i mean this 3
word sequence for anybody else .. or is google trying to flatter/thank me
again for all my hard work in a cheap miserly way ... again???
the list has lost 3 of its 88 vids

      William Irwin Thompson Lecture Part 2
     The John David Ebert Channel · 215 videos - 2,365
     1,333 Uploaded on Jun 27, 2008
     Like 7     Dislike 0

Here is William Irwin Thompson delivering a reading at Black Oak Books in
Berkeley in 1991 for his book "The American Replacement of Nature." See
also Thompson's Forward to my book "Celluloid Heroes & Mechanical
Dragons" (available on Amazon) and my website at

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