It is our Duty to Become Multidimensional

by Stephanie South

As published in New Dawn Magazine, Australia

We are at the most amazing time in human history with the greatest opportunity to create a world we have never seen before. We are trading in an outworn and outdated civilization for something entirely new. But we can only realize this when we STOP THINKING LIKE A HUMAN and start thinking like the multidimensional beings that we are!

December 21, 2012 is a WAKE UP CALL FOR HUMANITY! A wake up call to claim our rights as galactic beings! We have to learn how to Dream again as if our lives depended on it.

Whether you believe in prophecy or not, you would have to have your head buried deep in the sand to not realize the urgency of what is going on. Our planet is truly at stake!

Mother Nature is shaking loose the constraints of artificial time that keep her true essence covered over in wires and artificial lights that block out the stars. An inner revolution of consciousness is taking place despite the appearance of outward events. Those who are sensitive are feeling these shifts as a new influx of light is pouring in through the sun and permeating our electromagnetic field; which in turn, stirs the cauldron of the unconscious forces.

As our consciousness grows we see the crumbling of outworn systems and structures that can no longer sustain the new incoming light. As the cycle changes we are entering from masculine to a more feminine consciousness.

We are exiting the patriarchal dream with the imposing belief that all life is created for men to control and use. We are now seeing the climax of this old dream with the ruling male elite aggressively grabbing as much power and wealth as they can for themselves and stamping out any group or nation that gets in the way, and keeping the masses stupefied through sex manipulation, death fear, false spirituality (or religious fanaticism) and materialism. Meanwhile these powers are polluting our oceans, soil, air, cutting down trees, slaughtering the animals, utilizing mind control technologies, and also "weapons of mass distraction", like celebrity culture and Hollywood blockbusters, sporting events, etc... All the while trying to make us believe that nothing is wrong and dismissing prophecy and the cries of Mother Earth as "business as usual." (I highly recommend the book Extinction by John McCabe, which succinctly addresses all the issues that are now at tipping point, namely ocean life. McCabe gives strong evidence that the Earth is now experiencing the sixth great extinction caused by one species: Humans).

In his book Wetiko: The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity, Paul Levy describes this predatory vampire archetype, which can be thought of as the elite patriarchy.

He writes: "The strategy of these predators is to distract us so as to keep our attention directed outwards, thereby stopping us from finding the light within ourselves, which would 'kill the vampires.'"

The vampires we speak of are the ones responsible for the atomic bomb, weapons of mass destruction such as HAARP and chemtrails.

Of course one could argue that there are no forces "out there" which is true at the Absolute level, but at the same time we can no longer be in denial of what is occurring.

We are coming to a point of our collective moment of truth. We are being called upon to recognize the errors of the past, which have led to destruction and oppression, and to correct these errors by thinking not like a rote human, but like a multidimensional galactic being. A galactic being recognizes his/her interconnectedness with All-That-IS, and so thinks in terms of "we", not "I".

Interdimensional Root of our Current Predicament

According to Jose Arguelles this particular cycle of patriarchal dominance or 13 baktun historical cycle (3113 BC -2012 AD) has its root in an interdimensional time war that split the mythic order where the human race was derailed from a higher path in order to learn karmic lessons. At this point the white male priest class attained dominance of the planet, their powers represented by Jupiter (false spirituality) and Saturn (material greed). At this point the sacred feminine 13 was substituted for 12, resulting in a rigid linear time paradigm. 13 is the sacred power of the feminine

The time war on Earth is due to a low frequency (12:60) beam that was directed at our planet to inseminate our electromagnetic mind field with artificial time. This low frequency time beam hit Earth's ionosphere releasing a shower of time-release projections meant to consign us to the belief that the third dimension is the only dimension of reality. This beam is what is attributed to our collective spiritual amnesia as to our true identity as fourth/fifth-dimensional galactic beings.

This "theft in time" is also known as the "Fall" (from sacred to profane). This created the split of the two hemispheres of the brain (yin and yang, night and day, male and female). When this "theft" occurred the balance of equality was lost and the energies were dominated by white patriarchy governed by the left-brain.

The theft in time is an interplanetary event that traces back to even larger cycles and other worlds. The Earth is the recipient of karma transferred from previous destroyed planets. The galactic guardians overseeing the Earth experiment created a quarantine zone to isolate the problem and eliminate it so that the galaxy could graduate to higher levels of harmony.

In Manifesto for the Noosphere, Arguelles describes the time wars in terms of present day:

"The dominator power was passed from the Vatican to the G-7 (now G-20), the 20 most industrialized nations. Within the global framework of the G-20 cartel there is no provision for spiritual alleviation. Denying the innate cyclic regenerative power of time, exploiting the resources of the biosphere only for the creation of a massive slave population controlled by the profit-making interests of a few, whose net biosphere result is the creation of greater amounts of non-consumable waste every day, while trapped in sectarian dilemmas, conflicts and wars of every kind, the consequence and error of the crime in time are all pervasive..."

To counteract the destructive force of war and aggression playing out on our planet now, the cosmic spiritual force is becoming stronger in each of us who seeks a positive timeline. There are many advanced souls incarnate on this planet now who were born with a new genetic code that cannot conceive of war or destruction. These are the ones who are holding the light frequency and the memory of the original source; these are the "secret dreamers" and co-creators of the new world.

Sirius, 2 Suns, Maya and Dream Visitations

It is the masters of Sirius, cosmic avatars who oversee the initiations of the solar logos or minds of the solar masters that dwells in the inner dimensions. –Alice Bailey

From 2002 until his passing in 2011, I worked with Jose Arguelles on a project known as the Cosmic History Chronicles. When we came together a galactic channel opened resulting in a 9-year transmission that we came to know as GM108X: Galactic Mayan Mind transmission. This was also known as a "between the worlds" transmission, as the knowledge seemed to be coming from other star systems, namely Sirius.

After his passing in 2011, I have had numerous dream visitations with him where he teaches me from "the other side." In many of the dreams he is directing me to pay attention to what is happening in the sun. He believed that the binary sunspots are what account for changes in time and thought structures; solar initiations that affect the electromagnetic field, creating different mental quickening or shifts in consciousness. This process, he perceived, accounts for shifts of time, thinking and beliefs throughout history.

Recently I was at a used bookstore when a book jumped out at me: My Contact With Flying Saucers about UFO contactee, Dino Kraspedon, from Brazil who was contacted in November 1952. I opened randomly to a page where the ET is talking about how soon the people of Earth will become aware of a second sun entering the solar system as part of a system of binary suns, which of course would change the orbit of all the planets.

The ET also says that when this new source of light appears many people will vanish forever from the face of the Earth but a small community, obedient to the laws of God will remain and all present suffering will cease. There will be peace, abundance, justice and compassion. He explains that UFOs have been sent to study the effects that the appearance of the "new sun" will bring in its wake. He says that those with clear consciousness who are at peace with their Creator need fear nothing and that the UFOs are here for a purpose of study and also to make the appeal to the humans to change course and avoid catastrophe and to live in peace.

"The Sun which is to come will be called the Sun of Justice. Its appearance in the heavens will be the warning signal of the coming of the One who will shine even more than the Sun itself." P. 56

Is this what is meant by the Aztec coming of the sixth sun of consciousness – the time of transformation and creation of a new race?

It is also interesting to note that Walter Cruttendon and the Binary Research Institute claim that the precession of equinoxes - generally thought to be caused by a wobble in the Earth's tilt - is actually caused by our solar system's movement through space around a second sun. It is a far away sun and every 24,000 years Earth makes an elliptical around it. Cruttendon puts forth that this star is most likely Sirius. This would make Sirius our second sun.

This is interesting to consider in light of the Law of Time and work of Arguelles who put forth that the entire 13 Moon calendar program as well as the Law of Time is a knowledge program from Sirius – Sirius being understood as the galactic outpost of higher knowledge for this part of the galaxy. The 13 Moon calendar start date, July 26, is based on the heliacal rising of Sirius. What role does Sirius have in the new cycle we are entering?

Cruttendon puts forth the question: Is our Earth making a 24,000- or 26,000-year elliptical around Sirius, and the closer we get to Sirius, the closer we come to the golden age or age of light? It is interesting to consider that in 2011 Sirius was mysteriously blocked from Google sky, which some related to the Vatican.

Dream Vision of Dimensional Shift

Here I would like to share a lucid dream that I had regarding 12-21-2012, as I feel it illuminates many themes regarding the hidden side of what is going on at this time.

In the dream, I found myself in Palenque, in Temple 13 where the tomb of the Red Queen is. It was dark inside. Just as I was trying to orient myself, the walls started rumbling and swaying and the narrow chamber shapeshifted into a type of narrow cabin full of light. I looked up and there was Jose! It was as if we were in the same space as Temple 13, but the dimensions shifted and the exterior took on a different form, or as if there were many dimensions contained in this one space and according to a shift of mind a new environment emerged. I understood that we are always surrounded by an overlay of dimensions that are vibrating at different frequencies. It was as though I was being shown how to go back and forth through these frequencies.

So I was with Jose in this narrow cabin like chamber. There was a single computer sitting in the center. He indicated telepathically that this computer was a type of control panel linked directly to the main control panel at the center of the Earth. He informed me that the center of the Earth radiates light beams of information that connect with all of the pyramid structures on the planet. I understood these as the interplanetary regeneration chambers. He was also communicating something about the pyramids being overlays of a particular matrix structure that can be understood through the 441 (21 x 21)-cube matrix.

We were both drawn to this computer, which was more like a control panel. Numerical codes were coming up on the screen. Intuitively I knew it was set to go off (like a time capsule release) any moment. In the dream I thought perhaps these "computers" were monitoring the timing cycle of the galactic beams. Jose was intently watching the monitor screen. I thought he must be watching the shift in numerical codes that indicate the new beam being phased in.

I could feel the time was near. There was a palpable electrical energy. All of a sudden a strange ripple effect went through the entire cabin (or pyramid overlay). I stepped outside and at first saw a pile of slugs. I picked one up. It was slimy, so I threw it down. As it hit the ground it dissolved into a strange black tar substance, then rapidly reshaped itself into the most brilliant green turtle!

Wow! I thought. This must be the transformation of matter that he talked about in The Mayan Factor! Then I spotted another building structure not too far away. It was rippling and swaying, and then rapidly melted into the same black tar-like substance. In its place appeared a beautiful lush garden with the most wonderful smells emanating from it.

"Wow!" I thought. It's all really happening. THIS IS THE DIMENSIONAL SHIFT! Then I observed how my thoughts were intermingling and directly connected with these shifts. Once I realized this I began to consciously radiate as much love as possible and had the thought for everything to be transformed into the highest version of itself. The joy and excitement were indescribable.

I went back inside to the narrow cabin where Jose was still watching the number screen. Then the entire cabin started rippling. I looked at him and he was rippling and waving vibrating into an almost transparent etheric structure. I looked at my hand (which I often do in the dream as a sign that I am awake in the dream). But … then … I woke up … The phrase going through my head was: "WE THE SECRET DREAMERS AWAIT THE RIGHT MOMENT TO APPLY THE HIGHER HARMONICS TO TRANSFORM THE WORLD!"

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  • Synchronistically: as I was w*rking with to make this article readable for my Espana speaking friends here, and their friends, news was trending about one of the largest sunspots recorded.

    as i did the online translation paragraph by paragraph, i giggled as MSNBC suffered technical glitch after technical glitch...welcome to the new age.

    The end of "time?"  Just phone a friend in a different time zone at alleged New Years' Eve and get a real-time lesson in Einstein's relativity...

    A gigantic sunspot has been identified on the surface of the sun and observations show that it is rotating towards Earth.

    The sunspot, called AR2770, is about the same width as the planet Mars and is expected to increase in size.

    Sunspots are regions of reduced surface temperature on our parent star, caused by concentrations of magnetic field flux.

    They are known indicators of events like solar flares that can have effects for us here on Earth.

    If a solar flare is large enough, it can send radiation shot through the vacuum of space that ends up interfering with radio waves or interfering with satellite navigation transmissions ...

  • ¡Esta historia de amor de fantasmas tántricos fue absolutamente hermosa!

    Al mismo tiempo, aquellos de nosotros que deseamos ser multidimensionales haríamos bien en ser multilingües, al menos en el ciberespacio donde es tan fácil como demostrar que nos importa.

    This tantric ghost love story was absolutely beautiful!

    At the same time, those of us who wish to be multidimensional would do well to be multilingual, at least in cyberspace where it is as easy as showing that we care.

  • Thank You all for the wonderful experience of the Resonant Moon Initiation. Truly Time is Art. The experience seemed to be overwhelming at first, but as time moved on the task became easier and easier.

    Thank You again

  • Fascinating. The dream had here regarding Pontius Pilate - it was Jose who said the name then gave a long quote to me of Pilate - he smiled, seemed to shapeshift through various forms (previous lives?)& stepped through a gate.
  • Call me Paul please ... whatever it was, it sure sounds interesting. Have you been able to re-visit the stuff in your imagination?

  • Nathan - the black gooey stuff ... strangely evocative. Kind of a thick plasma perhaps, a cross between electro-magnetic and some sort of inter-dimensional astral type substance?

  • Oh my gosh ... what a wonderful transmission. I can't tell you how much it means to me to read your words. Thank you so much.

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