The above Crop Circle appeared nearby Stonehenge on 8 July 2016.

The following is one interpretation and a result of a group meditative effort during which there was a sense of consciously connecting to another world and civilisation, as different as any of ours, and an elevated sense of being.

My impression is that such group meditations can open up fertile lines of exchange, around the areas of knowledge of new science, art, law, social organising, health, environment etc., and especially cultural enlargement, a greater wholeness and spirituality and a recognition of enlightening the greater galactic life.

About the Circle.

There are the images of the Moon Chalice with the Sun or Soul Star of 7 Rays, 7 paths or 7 directions emanating from a central sphere like a Crown Chakra or Sun.

The outer circles are like the Milky Way, 73 squares and 82 squares.

Numerologically, “7” + “3” and “8” + “2” equals “10” and “10” is the number of “completion” end and or beginning of a cycle.

The difference between “73” and “83” is “9” meaning “spirit” for “9 x 9” or “9 / 9” always resolves to “9”, for ever unchanging.

“10” + “10” is really “11”, or “2”, which indicates a gateway,

and “73” + “82” = “155” or “144” + “11” and “1” + “5” + “5” = “11”,

i.e. “12 x 12” refers to the Souls of Ascension and to the Angelic Host and “11” here can indicate “Gateway of Ascension”.

Note that “12” + “12 = “24”, the number of “Shamballa” or Crown Chakra and this is confirmed by the date of 8 July 2016, which sums to “24”.

The Crop Circle may therefore be pointing to the time of “Opening the Gate” for the ascension of all ensouled beings to enter the higher way of evolution and this way relates to an integration of Galactic consciousness.

“73” and “82” are really reflections of their own total, “155”, and in a way are saying, “the two are as one, that which appears to be a duality is really a unity”, also “as above so below”.

Further more, “7” and “3” are odd or feminine numbers while “8” and “2” are even and masculine, again indicating a wedding of the Moon and the Sun.

And it seems that the Crop Circle is also talking about the year ahead…

Today, 26 July 2016, by the Mayan Tzolkin, is the first day of the New Sirian-Earth year. This takes places on this date when the Sun and Sirius are conjunct, rising together at dawn on this date annually.

Today is the “11”th day of the “17” 13-day wavespell and Kin 218, the 218th day of the current 260 day Tzolin.  Note that “218” is also “11” so then we have “11 : 11” – a gateway on 26 July 2016 which also resolves to “24”, a Shamballa number.

You can also probably find “3”s and “7”s and “2”s and “8”s in there!

It can be no coincidence that the day of Kin 218 is also linked to the Gateway Earth Family whose task is to “Open the Portals”.

Kin 218 ,the first day of the New Earth-Sirian year, is identified as Blue Spectral Storm. This expresses the galactic energy influencing the Earth year to come and its keynote is:

“I dissolve in order to catalyse
Releasing energy.

I seal the matrix of self-generation
With the spectral tone of liberation”.

An image of Blue Spectral Storm can be like a vortex of divine circulating energies linking the galactic realm through our Sun and moving into expression through humanity.

The esoteric guides throughout the year of Blue Spectral Storm are the Sun, the Moon and the Wind. Together these represent the balanced integrity of the divine inner union of soul and personality or of Father Spirit and Mother Matter, an inner wedding of higher and lower realms made possible by the giving and receiving of intuitive communication and guidance – of Wind Spirit or breath.

The 2016/17 year to come of Blue Spectral Storm will be a year when the sense of “our humanity” is all that holds true, when all social structures, habitual beliefs and customs will be shaken, dissolved and literally blown away.  All that will be shown to be illusionary and the greater reality of a cosmic unity underlying all of life will begin to be revealed.

Release! Let go! Transform!

The Law of Time says that “Storm energy is associated with Pluto and corresponds with the qualities of self-generation and enlightenment. As we liberate the energy of the galactic Light to reveal the Unseen, the contents of the underworld of the unconscious surfaces into the conscious realm of mainstream awareness to create unprecedented transformation.”

“Blue Spectral Storm year also begins a much larger cycle of 2756 years or fifty three 52-year cycles also known as “Sirian Wheels”. The first Sirian Wheel is from 2016-2068 establishing the first galactic era of Timeship Earth.”

Safe to say this has all "blown me away".

I am very interested to know if you have any impressions on this circle and numerology?

Love to all


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