holomind lines of force...  i noticed that there are multiple lines of force in the hmp.  the time, space, and synchronic matrix move in particular directions.  I think that this is a great point for crystallizing the hologram in my mind.  3 axises help to form those coordinates.  so in the time matrix you have right to left top to bottom, and then left to right bottom to top.  then in the synchronic matrix you have top to bottom and right to left.  Then you get this crazy crystal pattern in a spiral pattern in the space matrix.  This may have been noticed, but I shared this with others and it seemed like a new concept to them.  It seems to me that this noticing of lines of force helped me to draw better coordinates in my head, and helps me to track multi days of coordinates in a row.  any thing to add?

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Comment by Bob Minea on May 4, 2014 at 11:43am

Nice, flow is good!

Looking at the 9th Time Dimension of the HMP matrix itself, the squares surrounding the Center encapsulate  both the Time & Space matrices:

1 dot codes 257 of the Space Matrix, 2 dots codes 258, 3 dots codes 259, 4 dots codes 260. On the MOAP these are 10 Earth, 11 Mirror, 12 Storm, 13 Sun.

5 bar codes 107 of the Time Matrix, etc. 6 codes 110, 7 codes 113, 8 codes 116.

The 113 at Center of the HMP refers to 112 + 1 of the 48 solar runes of the vertical/conscious Columns, 65 thru 112.

I imagine that the Time Matrix turns overhead clockwise, as the Space Matrix below turns counterclockwise, mimicking the blue hexagram above & red hexagram below movements of the Time Atom practice.

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