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"This project regarding Timeship Earth 2013 is your special mission.
Understand and unravel why this is so, and in that time known as AD 2013 you shall return to your home star."

                                                                                                                  –J. Arguelles/The Arcturus Probe



Today, as we are approaching the completion of one year/solar orbit since the Wave Harmonic of History (Mayan 13 Baktun Count) ended, many are the memories from my experience a year ago in Palenque that are coming alive and many seem to be the cycles that keep completing, synchronizing or "closing". This is being reflected on the "Big Picture" or the "World Scene", through historic global news events unfolding right in front of our eyes. Many shifts are occurring at the personal and collective levels despite the fact that on the 3D reality everything still looks much like "business as usual". But there is a deeper story unfolding beyond the veil of the external world of appearances... TimeShip Earth 2013 is now completing her first orbit around the Sun, and new pieces of the puzzle are coming together...



Exactly a year ago from today, we were entering (from the traditional count perspective) the 5 Uayeb period leading to the Winter Solstice and the famous marker of 12-21-12. The end of the 13th Baktun. This means that yesterday (Rhythmic Moon 4, KIN 47 Blue Galactic Hand) we completed one 360-day tun cycle since 12.21.2012 and 144 days since Galactic Synchronization - 7.26.2013 on KIN 164 Yellow Galactic Seed. So we have a perfect cube harmonic of 216 (6x6x6) days from 12.21.12 to 7.26.13, followed by another cube harmonic of 144 (12x12) days to 12.16.13. Now here we are today, after 360 days living a fractal of those 5 uayeb leading to the celebration of the winter solstice encapsulating the 2012-2013 transition window.

Meditating on the fact that a "cycle" is usually represented by a circle (360 degrees) I started to see the elegant significance of these 2 prophetic numbers from a different perspective: 216 + 144 = 360 Since both these numbers are multiples of 18, they are also a FUNCTION of what the Knowledge Book refers as the "System of 18's", base of the the tun count in the Long Count, (represented by the 18 Winals of 20 days in the Haab) and also fundamental principle of 18 degrees of separation within the 13:7 Wheel of Time:


"6. The Law of Time is the Movement of Hunab Ku. It is the Law of One – 13:7, which establishes:
a. The Wheel.
b. The 13:20 frequency of universal synchronization.
c. The wavespell, recapitulative cosmology of time.
d. The Tzolkin, fourth-dimensional timing matrix and personality index."

"7. For our planet, beginning the ascent into galactic consciousness, the unifying timing standard is the harmonic 13 Moon/28-day Synchronometer. Since it is totally a function of the 13:7 Law of One as well as the Wavespell, it is the most simple, direct and immediate means for attaining the unification program of galactic consciousness, establishing a base for learning the common 3, 7, 21's of the cosmic telepathic language system."


The 7 Postulates of the Intergalactic Operating System - Postulates 6 &7


After contemplating this I asked myself the question: What if December 21st 2012 opened a time window/cycle that closes on December 21st 2013 and what if this could now being signaled by the attainment of maximum level of harmonic resonance between different cycles (occurring during these last days of December 2013)?. This "maximum level of harmonic resonance" refers to the completion of different/parallel and (apparently "UNRELATED") events and cycles of time "collapsing" or coinciding into one specific date: DECEMBER 16TH, 2013 



In order to explore this subject of synchronization of cycles, we will go on a step-by-step process of analyzing and describing how these different calendrical systems seem to be coinciding on DECEMBER 16TH, 2013:

1.Traditional Maya Count:

For many people around the world (traditional and non traditional) who are still following the Mayan long count, December 16th 2013 would be (13 baktuns. 0 katuns 1 Tun. 0 Winals. 0 Kin) corresponding to 13Ahaw - KIN 260 - Yellow Cosmic Sun (20.13) on the Chol Qʼij /Tzolkin Count. In other words: the 1st tun after the completion of the 13th baktun ends on the last day of the Tzolkin = A 360-day cycle (The Haab) syncs with a 260-day cycle (The Chol Qʼij /Tzolkin) This synchronization only happens once every 13 years and is important to highlight, since the 360-day Haab Cycle is syncing with the Tzolkin EXACTLY at the entrance point to the 5 last days leading to the completion of the 365-day orbit of the Earth around the Sun. These 5 days are known by the Maya as the 5 Uayeb:

NOTE: for those unfamiliar with the "Uayeb 5-day cycle" this is Wikipedia's definition:

The Haab' is part of the Maya calendric system. It was the Maya version of the 365-day calendar known to many of the pre-Columbian cultures of Mesoamerica. Unlike the Tzolk'in, another Mayan Calendar system with no obvious relation to an astronomical or geophysical cycle, the Haab' approximated the solar year. The Haab' comprises eighteen "months" of twenty days each, plus an additional period of five days ("nameless days") at the end of the year known as Wayeb' (or Uayeb in 16th-century orthography). The five days of Wayeb', were thought to be a dangerous time. Foster (2002) writes, "During Wayeb, portals between the mortal realm and the Underworld dissolved. No boundaries prevented the ill-intending deities from causing disasters." To ward off these evil spirits, the Maya had customs and rituals they practiced during Wayeb'. For example, people avoided leaving their houses and washing or combing their hair. Bricker (1982) estimates that the Haab' was first used around 550 BC with a starting point of the winter solstice.[18]

2. Gregorian Count:

For some of us following the 13 Moon Synchronometer who are aware of the completely artificial nature, and illogic, disharmonious structure of the Gregorian Calendar, it is quite interesting to notice when certain time patterns appear to emerge on the surface. This is a subject that stills fascinates and intrigues me, because it feels like discovering "secret time markers" hidden behind the disharmonious structure of 12 irregular months... On my recent articles "October 21/2013: Entering a TimeTravel Portal" and "The Time Portal Continues... Prophecy, Gregorian Calendar and The Matrix" we touched the surface of some of these hidden astronomical markers.

9676457252?profile=originalNonetheless, it never occurred to me before to measure 13 months of 28 days starting on January 1st (instead of July 26) as an initial marker for the solar year and observe the correlations with the actual distorted gregorian dates. Let's re-member that, as noted by Richard C. Hoagland (former NASA consultant who first presented to humanity "The Face on Mars"), January 1st is a (hidden) Sirian marker for Giza Latitude for the entire century comprised from the years 1950 to 2050 (in a similar way as July 26th is a Sirian marker for 19.5 Latitude):

"In actuality, for a period of about a century beginning in the 1950's and extending out to about 2050, Sirius will be on or very near the meridian, at midnight, at Giza, January 1 on a fairly regular basis. Because of the anomalies present in the Gregorian Calendar, which result in uneven "clock-corrections" relative to the constant motions of the Earth -- both in rotation and in its orbit of the sun -- Sirius, at "Gregorian midnight," will sometimes be slightly to the East of the Giza meridian, sometimes to the West, but always during this time period (and never before or again) within 4 minutes of midnight. On several occasions on New Years Eve during this 100-year span (as it was on January 1, 2000), Sirius will be accurate to within seconds of midnight at Giza -- or "dead-on" this all important astronomical time marker."


9676458491?profile=originalImages and excerpt from "The "Age of Horus" Dawns Or The Time is Now ..." by Richard C Hoagland www.enterprisemission.com/millenn2.htm

Although I have not studied in depth the relationship between these 2 (Sirian) markers, it was exactly a year ago in Palenque, that I noticed while journaling that January 1st (New Year's Day) synchronizes with July 25th Day Out of Time (13 Moon New Year's Eve) every 5 Tzolkins/Galactic Spins or 1300 days (5x260)*. For example:



* The complete mathematics and harmonics calculation behind this synchronization are still part of my research, but it illustrates the fact that there is a harmonic correlation of 1300 days between the 2 dates.

So when I saw the clip below (entitled "13 13 13, December 16th 2013 - Initiation Into The Mysteries Of Life") it really caught my attention the new interpretation/application of the 13 moons of 28 days presented by the author (YT: Melchizedek144), "overlaying" the 13:28 template on top of the irregular structure of the 30, 28, or 31 days, starting January 1st.  As you will see, the author is also highlighting the date 13Ahaw (13.20) and referring to it as a "maximum completion" (synchronization) point between the tun and tzolkin counts during 2013.


Although the video portrays a (new and well-intended) miss-interpretation derived from the 13:28 Moon Cycle and the calculation of the year 0 does not make much sense, it is still a valid way to explain the importance of Dec 16th 2013 perceived as 13.13.13. Since the vast majority of spiritual groups around the the planet have been working on global meditations for the last 12 years, opening the 01-01-01 to 12-12-12 (gregorian) portals, the 13-13-13 that occurred on December 16/2013 is also a quite unique portal event... Next year there will be NO such thing as a 14-14-14 date since there are only 13 moons in one solar orbit. I hope then, that despite the errors, we can ALL appreciate the information presented by the author instead of of discarding ALL of it as non-sense...  It is important to keep looking for the Highest Truth by clarifying the errors in the information, and at the same time, by recognizing the intention behind the different interpretations of Mayan Calendrics. By embracing the diversity of perspectives presented from other groups around the world we all can find new ways to determine and decode the deeper chronological layers behind the incredibly transformational times we are NOW living.


3. Dreamspell Count:

With this spirit of embracing diversity, may this be also an opportunity to start celebrating one year from the "Unification of the Counts" by re-introducing the fact that the Traditional Maya Count and the 13 Moon-28 Day /Dreamspell Count are (still) DIFFERENT and none is/was/has been a miss-representation of the other. As Jose Arguelles well put it years ago: "The two counts actually constitute a Prophetic Alliance". (The video above then constitutes also, in a small way, a "Prophetic Alliance" since it "highlights" the sacredness of the number 13 by bringing it to the surface from its suppressed, hidden significance within the Gregorian Calendar.)

"The Dreamspell Count based on the Gregorian calendar synchronization date of July 26, is a precise expression of the only recorded prophetic tradition of the Chilam Balam - the Jaguar priests of Lowland Yucatec Maya. The Quiche or Mayan long count represents the chronological order of time...as such, it is a linear interpretation of the Tzolkin (sacred calendar)...The purpose of the Chilam Balam Count was to establish a basis for understanding that there exists a synchronic order of time, completely apart from what is usually referred to as the Long Count, the linear count of days (BC 3113 - AD 2012). The synchronic order is complementary to this linear interpretation, but introduces the human to the radial order of the higher dimensions... The Dreamspell synchronization system is called 'cuceb' literally: 'squirrel' or 'that which turns.' The Chilam Balam Cuceb, revised as the Dreamspell Count, and the Traditional count which is followed by the Highland Maya of Guatemala, differ by 47 days in their correlation. The Traditional count is called 'Oxlajuj Aipop' and is kept by the Quiche, Cakchiquel, and Pocomam. We may now define the Traditional Count as the Indigenous Maya and the Dreamspell/Chilam Balam as the Galactic Maya...The two counts actually constitute a prophectic alliance...There is no conflict...The Law of Time embraces both systems in the higher fourth-dimensional order of truth".

Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan

This "Prophetic Alliance" was sealed in sacred ceremony precisely a year ago in Palenque, Chiapas, Mexico and constituted the "Climatic Event" of the "Closing of the Cycle Ceremonies", where Mayan elders led by Grandfather Don Marzo Yuk Quetzal from the Maya Lacandon tradition, embraced the unification of the Mayan Long Count with the 13 Moon Synchronometer in fulfillment of the prophecy of Pacal Votan. (http://www.lawoftime.org/infobooth/closing-of-the-cycle-2012.html)


May this be an opportunity to bring back the memories of Unification from a year ago and join in groups around the world, connect in meditation and prayer for the Healing of the Waters at Fukushima and celebrate a joyful, graceful and transformative completion/closing of one orbit of our Planet Earth/Gaia around our Star/The Sun/Kinich Ahaw/ Velatropa 24 after the most important event in Human History: The end of the Mayan 13 Baktun Count, also known as the "Wave Harmonic of History".



Based now on the understanding that December 16th, 2013 = (Long Count) = 13Ahaw (Chol Qʼij)= 13.13.13 (Gregorian), then on PART 2 we will explore how this date of December 16th was intimately and prophetically associated with what can be probably cataloged as the two most important events and characters of 2013 on the "public eye": The death of Nelson Mandela and the rise of Jorge Bergoglio (Pope Francis) as the "KING" protagonists of 2013.


Stay tuned...



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