Almost two years ago, based on the 13 Moon Synchronometer year, I did a 365 day journey of the Galactic Tree. Every day I used the synchronic codes to make inner contacts which I duly recorded in as best a manner I could. It occurred to me that I may have laid the ground work for a new foundation of understanding related to the passageways between the 21 archetypes of the Galactic Tree.

This year I began a 260 day experiment based on 13 twenty day sessions instigated on Warrior 8, Galactic Warrior. The warrior journey of the galactic tree. I am at the half way point and am feeling the need to elicit comment.

If I was to post each of the chapters on my blog would anyone be interested to read and comment?

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Comment by W Paul Blakey on July 7, 2015 at 2:30pm

Notes from the beginning ... ideas and cogitations relating to the Galactic Journey. 

Galactic Tree of Life - 52 week journey

Rebellion starts here. Though you may not understand how powerful individual rebellion really is, it begins with disengaging the status quo. And the greatest form of rebellion is changing the calendar.

Within the vast array of cosmic sky teachings comes the Hunab Ku 21 - journey of the archetypes, transmigration of the soul. This is a supreme method for entering the new time of the noosphere. (CHC VII, pg 121).

Journey of the archetypes

Each path has seven days. Each day is associated with a separate radial plasma. Each plasma is associated with a chakra and one of the cube directions. Each day is also coded with the galactic signature of the day.

For example, day one of the first path of the 2013-2014 year is coded with the Dali plasma, crown chakra and the top of the cube.The galactic signature for the day is Yellow Galactic Star. The path for the week is between Dragon - Primal Force and the Serpent Initiator.

What does that mean?

Look up the tarot relationships, associations of Dragon and Serpent. See this as the link between the two archetypes. What do you think would happen if primal force joined with sexual energy?

At all times the holomind perceiver is present. This should be used as the focus of attention when looking for inner guidance.

What would the path look like? On Dali it would be looked at from above, on Seli from below, on Gamma in front, on Kali from behind, on Alpha from the right, on Limi from the left and on Silio from the center. On Silio I am to attempt a drumming journey. In addition, each chakra should be activated as much as possible in combination with the cube position.

How would that work?

Dali - crown.

Seli - root.

Gamma - third eye.

Kali - sexual center.

Alpha - throat.

Limi - solar plexus.

Silio - heart.

In a way there are seven different beings, looking seven different directions, walking each path. The direction of movement ... Must look at the diagram to see which way to go but I am assuming that it would progress from lower number to higher. Thus on the first path we are walking from one to five, or dragon to serpent. This may or may not follow in all cases.

Note: I have chosen to transpose the positions of Night and Wind, thereby changing the pattern of the Galactic Tree slightly. 

The reason why I have decided to change the positions of Wind and Night is due to a sense of harmony of movement around the pattern and the colour balance that appears to be lacking. In every other case red and blue, and yellow and white are opposites. So red dragon is appropriately opposite blue night and white wind opposite yellow seed. In the authorized version these are exchanged so you have red opposite white and blue opposite yellow. I suspect this was done to reflect the polarity of the messenger (VV) and the recorder (the red queen).

My intent here is to portray a complete harmony both of polarized colours and of movement around the galactic tree. Since this fits with my mythic self I am going to stick with it.

Radial Plasmas

"Plasmas: reference points for telepathic knowing, all pervading primary energy resonances of cosmic electricity."

CHC Vol 1, pg 266.

"The cycle of becoming results in the dense form of the physical body and the cycle of return is the cultivation of the etheric body within the physical body."

CHC Vol 1, pg 81

Dali - accumulates in the crown chakra and is experienced as heat.

Seli - accumulates in the root chakra and is experienced and inner light.

Gamma - accumulates in the third eye and is experienced as a tendency toward equanimity and equalization.

Kali - accumulates in the sexual chakra and acts as a link or transition point between light-heat and telepathy.

Alpha - accumulates in the throat chakra and is in telepathic resonance with the South Pole.

Limi - accumulates in the solar plexus and is in telepathic resonance with the North Pole.

Silio - accumulates in the heart chakra and is in resonance with the center of the earth.

"To aid the process of controlling one's thought waves the cultivation and perception of the etheric or subtle body is essential."

CHC Vol 1, pg 81

Heptad Gates

HG 1: alpha-alpha, profound samadhi, 108, Dali, crown chakra and base of skull. Dragon, Primal Force.

Acupuncture point DU 16, Wind Palace. Window of Heaven. When the sea of marrow is in excess there is a lightness of the body and much strength and a person's self exceeds the normal level; when the sea of marrow is insufficient there is a whirling sensation of the brain, dizziness, tinnitus, pain of the lower legs, impairment of vision, indolence and desire to sleep.

HG 2: alpha-beta, informative samadhi, 291, Seli, root chakra and  middle back of skull, halfway between base and crown. Hand, Avatar.

Acupuncture point DU 18, Unyielding Space. Pacifies internal wind and calms the spirit.

HG 3: beta-beta, conscious waking mediumship, 144, Gamma, third eye and front of the skull at the brow.  Night, Dreaming.

Acupuncture point Extra point, yintang, Sky Eye. Entry point for the upper Dantian. 

HG 4: beta-alpha, higher mind control, 315, Kali, sexual center and top of the forehead, just above the third eye. Skywalker, Explorer.

Acupuncture point DU 24, Courtyard of the Spirit. The location of the material basis of the spirit. Mania and depression when this point is diseased.

HG 5: hyperelectron, hyperelectronic super consciousness, 414, Alpha, throat chakra and the front top of the skull. Sun, Illumination.

Acupuncture point DU 22, Fontanelle Meeting. Pacifies interior wind.

HG 6: hyperneutron, hyperneutronic subliminal conscious, 402, Limi, solar plexus chakra and the back top of the skull. Mirror, Yogi.

Acupuncture point DU 19, Behind the Crown. Calms the spirit.

HG 7: Sirius beta 52 element, hyperplasmic enlightenment, 441, Silio, heart chakra and top center of the skull. Holomind Perceiver.

Acupuncture point DU 20, baihui, Hundred Meetings. Mountain of Heaven. Ghost Gate. Benefits the brain and calms the spirit. The most yang point of the body.

13. The holomind perceiver is arranged in a colour coded circuitry with four basic quadrants and two axes of 11. Since the human is bilaterally organized, or bilaterally dominant this has given way to a dualistic perception of reality that governs the world and creates endless conflict. The synchronotron system, inclusive of the holomind perceiver, is a program of radial wholeness.

14. In order for the human to evolve into radial wholeness, we must evolve a new brain function. This new brain function is located in the corpus callosum at the point where there is a binary lateral crossover from the left brain to the right side of the body and the right brain to the left side of the body. The corpus callosum mediates the flow between the two brain hemispheres. The holomind perceiver is innate but dormant; we have yet to experience this intrinsic integration.

CHC VII, pg 158.

By visualizing the plasma glyph in its cube position you begin to learn how to control your awareness. Controlling awareness depends on one's ability to perceive the etheric or subtle body. This is why the Heptad gate positions on the skull are important. In combination with the plasma glyph visualization is the physical location of the Heptad gate. You don't have to try to imagine or create the state of consciousness described in the list above, you simply need to imagine the symbols in their proper location and livery.

(Tapping the acupuncture point is also helpful.)

For example today is Limi, which means that my visualization was to the left where I see the symbol of Limi about 10 feet in diameter, glowing bright red and giving off warmth. I connect this to sensations in my solar plexus and then briefly locate the Heptad gate in my skull, at the top back. The number 402 flashes once and I remember its location on the holomind perceiver matrix.

As the meditation progresses I allow thoughts to arise and pass away until I feel centred and settled within the wave form of Limi. At this point I might imagine a conversation between me and the holomind perceiver as it manifests in this state.

This is a very interesting technique for stabilizing  a channel. The three part process involves the radial plasma cube position, the appropriate chakra and the location of the Heptad gate on one's head. I imagine myself opening each of the gates; starting with the cube, then to the chakra which I see opening like a flower both front and back, and finally the Heptad gate connected to the corpus callosum.

The moon healer stabilizes the current that runs through you. Think about it this way; you have an electro-magnetic current coursing through you as long as you are alive. The electro-magnetic current is consciousness. As long as the body and the current that runs through it are in harmony all is well, but if they go out of phase then the body begins to deteriorate. Death is ultimately a complete disconnect between the two, and completely inevitable.

Aligning the body and spirit means changing from time to time as the circumstances of your life alter. Being adaptable. Like water moves around obstacles in its path.

Sometimes the strength of the current is strong and sometimes it is weak. The strength or weakness depends on many different influences. The solar cycle, the lunar cycle and the daily cycle are three major influences on the strength of the current.

The solar cycle is experienced in the northern and southern hemispheres as the four seasons. The lunar cycle waxes and wanes, but also has four phases. The daily cycle can also be divided into four sections.

For example if I describe today in relation to the three cycles as seen on a clock face it would be like this ...

Solar - almost 3 o'clock (nearly autumn equinox).

Lunar - possibly 7 o'clock (new moon waxing).

Day - 9:15 pm

This describes a situation where the yearly cycle is falling, the lunar cycle is rising and the daily cycle is falling. The most powerful influence and the longest lasting is the solar cycle, the next strongest is the lunar and the least is the daily cycle.

Picturing Limi ...

He comes from the left and is felt in my solar plexus. By holding the 6th Heptad gate on my head with my right hand and my solar plexus with my left, I am able to sense Limi's presence.

He's a whisper in my left ear and there is something that makes me feel uncomfortable.

What is that?

It's just that on this side you feel more vulnerable.


This is the side that the dentist damaged, and it is filled with emotions that got trapped here after your parents died.

How can I heal this?

Let it go.


You know how, just let it go.

Is this where my death is coming from?

You have plenty of time to do what you need to do.

In the meantime, please Moon Healer, I invoke you to heal me, to make me as healthy and flowing and filled with Qi as you possibly can.

A further development of the meditation has been to open the plasma cube glyph like a door and walk through it. This has already led to a number of shamanic journey type experiences. See specific journal entries, particularly during the eighth and ninth paths.


An addition to each of the archetypes should be correspondences. Tarot card, planet, number, BMU, and anything else I can think of.

Every person who travels the 52 paths of the galactic journey will bring more of it into manifestation. This is why I am doing this in the first place. Blessings upon Valum Votan and the Red Queen.

Time Lenses

Through deep meditation time lenses can be "heard" as they activate the auditory canals similar to the language of the dolphins. When meditating on these lenses listen for subliminal messages within the intrinsic sound channels of the inner ears - right ear channel ringing is super conscious, left ear channel is subliminal conscious.

(And I would add, both together create a sensation of the sound being in the center of the skull.)

If I listen now I hear a high pitched "electrical" sound that sort of skitters around as if a wire was scratching another wire and causing a discharge it's like sitting beneath a very high powered light. By paying attention to the time lens of each day, one might become attuned to the high pitched sounds to the point where they would begin to make sense when framed in normal thinking.

It's very high frequency thinking. If you remember what a dial-up modem used to sound like then there are elements of the high pitched sound that are like the modem noises that sounded during a data transfer. This is accompanied by a sensation that tells me when my spine is aligned properly. It's like tuning an antenna by stacking all the blocks correctly. It isn't tinnitus because as I said, I can only hear it strongly once I sit up straight. It's almost more a sensation than a sound.

Where are the time lenses located in relation to the plasma cube?

Place them in the horizontal plane perpendicular to Dali and Seli, with the top most time lens being Time Lens 1, followed in descending order by 2, 3 and 4. Like stacked pancakes. Frequencies 108, 144, 216 and 288. Dragon (108), Night (144), Unknown (216), Serpent (288).

They aren't located in a specific strata of the body, more truly they are states of consciousness experienced as a high pitched electrical whine. Each lens is a slice through its own sphere. A time lens is an infinite sphere. I have a sense that these are Gamma Alpha, Gamma Beta, Gamma Theta and Gamma Delta waves. 

By absorbing the sound as deeply as possible, by listening with intent and awareness, one embodies the sound which then finds a way into waking consciousness. 

So far as I've looked or felt, the sound is always there. All I have to do is straighten my neck, close my eyes and the sound is there, (this time when I listened it was as if I was inside a crystal that was making music). For an instant it felt like I was inside another being's head, or that someone else's head was inside mine and this head could understand the electrical sounds. Like a computer can make sense of a series of zeros and ones. It appears to be an intergalactic telepathographer. The first thing I see is water flowing down a funnel, which takes me to a conduit with square sides, then a fountain of glass. The sounds are gathered by the inward spiralling glass fountain until they coalesce into a plasma-like consistency. This represents the way the ear, as an etheric structure, "hears" the electrical sounds. They aren't traveling through the air, they are emerging from another dimension. The congealed plasma is malleable, you can do stuff with it, with your imagination.

With a hand full of the plasma I create a talking computer. It's a creamy white colour and is an egg shaped spheroid. 

Will you please reappear tomorrow during my mediation, so that I can continue this conversation?

Magic evolves prophecy - absolutely, I'll be there!

Self-Existing 12, Storm 12, 2013

A cloud rose from the plasma egg and in it I saw the image of the archetypal journey. Each of the archetypes was joined by a path that made the whole into a multi-intersected jewel or crystal. Within the crystal, bands of light dance. Spectrums of light are caught for a short time within the lattice and are experienced as high pitched electrical sounds at the edge of your hearing.

Attune to the crystal by invoking one or more of the archetypes. This is after all what you do unconsciously most of the time. Your life is the manifestation of numerous archetypes that are not difficult to discover. These are the creation of another type of matrix, unfortunately one that has been rather thrown together. The 12:60 matrix is quite different from the 13:20 matrix.

Magician: what is the purpose of the paths between the archetypes?

These are energy conduits that work with the polarity of each pair. There are also triangles to consider. For example, the triangle of magician, prophet and night. What might the combination of these three bring you?

Indeed what?

I see a strong triangular shaped structure extending to infinity. Apart from that I don't know what to think.

Magician: it gives me two other angels to confer with.

To what end?

To no particular end, they simply act as stabilizers and energizers. Like putting out your arms and finding something to hang onto.

Remember that this is a formal study and that it's purpose is to give you suggestions as to how to better get to know your archetypes. Learn the names and numbers and correspondences of each of the archetypes and you will have created for yourself an introduction or initiation into all of the courts. The source of all comes to you through your own brain with all of its levels of consciousness.

So you might consider how to personalize each archetype by taking from every state of consciousness an image or a sound or colour or smell or feeling that relates to the specific archetype. Use the archetypal images from Cosmic History Chronicles as seeds or foundations for your creations. 

This will become the basis for the book of 21. (1:1)

The Book of 1:1

Double Dragon, 1, 6, 11.

I seem to get a bit stuck on the paths and not pay enough attention to the archetypes. Do you have any advice for me in this regard?

Just give whatever attention or awareness you have to the pattern. The rest will unfold as it is. 

Self-discipline. Dragon.

First requirement for a magician is self-discipline. Without discipline you are powerless. With discipline you are unstoppable. Discipline is the ability to remember your purpose. This is not to say that you will become dour and mean-spirited though. What you do is follow your interests, the more interesting something is, the more likely you will give it your attention. 

Discipline is saying, I am going on a journey, my destination is so and so, and everyday I am a step closer to the end of my journey. Though many people complain that the journey is too long or boring or unpleasant physically, the saddest part of most journeys is the end.

Unless of course you have the discipline to start planning your next journey. The 52 week journey of the archetypes gives you an excellent opportunity to develop your magical will. The challenge is to do the meditative journey once a day for 364 consecutive days. (52 x 7 = 364) 

My goal is to publish the record of my journey in the hope that this will inspire others to do the same. It seems like an outrageous thing to do, and I suppose it is but my interest is piqued and I am unable to stop.

So if self-discipline is the first requisite for a magician, what is the second?

Self-honesty. Human.

Accepting what you experience as self-evident. By being as honest and truthful with yourself as you can possibly be. Neither self-aggrandizing, nor self-effacing. 

And the third? There must be three tenets.

Curiosity. Monkey.

A magician needs to be curious, to wonder what if? With the three skills; self-discipline, self-honesty and curiosity you can go anywhere. Curiosity leads to unusual and unexpected results. But how else can you go beyond without looking behind the curtain?

So then, a dragon, a human and a monkey walk into a bar ... The dragon says to the bar man, "Nothing for me, I haven't had a drink in eons." The human looks at the selection of drinks offered and chooses a Corona beer with a slice of lime stuck in the neck of the bottle. The monkey jumps up on the bar, snatches a bowl of peanuts and runs out the door.

Which explains something of the way this trio might act within you. The dragon must be controlled, the human makes choices and the monkey does whatever he likes. Human symbolizes free will between the controlled dragon and the uncontrollable monkey. 

One clue as to how to balance this dynamic triumvirate is to see that it all starts with dragon. Without a developed will you are powerless to control the forces within you, so self-discipline is always the beginning of any journey. After that it can go human or monkey depending on circumstances. Circumstances being evidence of higher will in action. Aligning the higher and lower will is very useful. In fact I might go so far as to say that it is essential. 

You have to develop the humility to see your physical self as primarily an animal and to treat it accordingly. If you want your animal to behave, you need to be able to communicate in both directions. You need to be able to listen and you need to be able to give clear directions to your animal.

Self-discipline is one way to develop a strong bond with your animal. By training both the rider and the horse. The rider is of course, the human. The human is supposed to give the horse direction. If the rider does not steer the horse properly it will wander off in search of fresh grass.

Riding on the human's shoulder is the monkey. Monkey continually challenges the human and generally creates chaos. Monkey also provides a lot of the fun on the journey. More so than chaos.

One of skills that you develop as you travel the 52 paths of the galactic journey is the ability to distinguish the different voices that you encounter. The first and most important is to recognize your own personal ego-self voice. Once you've done this you will need to train it to be quiet when you want it to be quiet.

The boredom aspect of the process actually helps you with getting your ego-self to be quiet because it runs out of things to say. This enables you to sit and listen with all of your senses. 

Recently I have been paying attention to a high pitched electrical sound that is focused on a white plasma egg that I created in my imagination. The plasma egg is the anchor for the 7 Heptad gates. By anchoring the sound to the egg, images, sensations and thoughts are generated. Some of the thoughts can be translated into words.

The difference between the thoughts that come from the plasma egg, in relation to the day of the week and it's correspondences, is a certain out of worldliness that appears to be less concerned with the physical world than my ego-self.

The third Heptad gate, associated with Gamma and the sky eye, appears to my inner eye as a long, elastic tunnel with a mouth at its end that can grab onto anything that it finds interesting. For example, I see the mouth of this tube reach into the Sechelt court room a few days in the future. It goes right over the judge's head, almost swallowing him whole. I'm not sure what it means. The tube extends into the floor, across the room and up beneath the witness stand where D and G will testify.

What are you trying to tell me?

What is the problem with being at peace? Why do humans have such a hard time getting along with each other? These are significant questions.  

Bring in the various teachers who have passed onto spirit;such as, Bob Monroe, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesy, Terrence McKenna, Jose Arguelles, Yang Mei Jun, Neem Karoli Baba, Dion Fortune. Might there be an example for each archetype? Death dates being the link, or birth dates?

Overtone 5, Sun 7, 2013

Another way to do the meditation within the cube is to open the plasma gate and allow what ever is out there to enter the cube in harmony with the daily plasma. The chakra and the Heptad gate associated with the particular plasma of the day are opened to allow what has entered the cube through the plasma gate to enter via the opened chakra and the awakened Heptad gate.

For example today; Alpha plasma, throat chakra and fifth Heptad gate. When I open the Alpha gate a golden mist enters the cube. A disk of blue emanates from my throat, as if my head is in the center of a vinyl record. Or an Elizabethan ruff made of blue light. The fifth Heptad gate flux tube tastes the golden mist above my head.

At the top of the flux tube another whirling disk appears, made of golden yellow light. Seed and eagle are two poles that keep the disk spinning. The two disks, at the throat and above my head, spin in harmony, both at the same speed and direction of rotation, which if I am looking up, is counter-clockwise. This spinning motion stirs the golden mist with its centrifugal force. This creates a torus-shaped donut of energy between the top of my head and my throat. The center of the rotation is the fifth Heptad gate flux tube. This creates a feeling lightness inside my head. Whereas most of the day I have been feeling slightly sad, and carrying the sensation of something squeezing my head with big soft pillows of grief, now my attention has changed to one of curiosity.

The right side of my head feels larger and appears brighter to my inner senses. The left side feels smaller and appears to be in shadow. What does it mean? The Alpha gate is to my right, this could be one reason, but I often notice this difference between my two sides. I'm either drifting to the right or my attention is pulled in that direction. It seems to describe the two sides of my brain quite well; my right side is expansive, dreamy and unconfined, my left side is like the bottom end of a funnel, it constricts, analyzes and structures. Force and form, like the two pillars of the Qabalah, one light and one dark.

My blood feels the full moon which is only one day past full. I should note the moon's influence on these meditations. During the full moon there is a lot of reflected light powering the dark side of the earth. You feel this in your blood because the moon influences your dream body which in turn influences the physical body.

The holomind perceiver sits in the middle of the two sides, observing the actions of the two sides. It's not awake enough yet to make conscious decisions but it is awakening and that is significant. The power of the polarization between the two sides actually creates the juice that will result in a full awakening. Like rousing a slumbering teenager, the process can take a while. 

(Below is from the RQ's blog)

The Throne (Dali) is the all seeing eye of God. 

The Avatar (Seli) is the one who takes the journey. He/she turns the wheel of time and renews the message of the Throne. 

It is within the great Mystery (Gamma) that the Avatar communicates the message of renewal of time. The Mystery is the bond between invisible and visible that connects all things to the original matrix of the synchronic order.

The Mystery is opened by Initiation (Kali) as symbolized by the tomb.

Initiation of the Avatar requires a Timespace (Alpha) for the journey to unfold. 

Correct knowledge of the Timespace hologram leads to Transcendence (Limi).

Time is Art

Comment by W Paul Blakey on July 6, 2015 at 3:28pm
Thanks for the encouragement Megan.

"Like the earth, the human body is ultimately a cosmic radio station, receiving and transmitting information to and from the core channel at the centre of the earth. Human consciousness is a bridge for the re-harmonization of the planetary crystalline grid, receiving and implementing instructions from the Hunab Ku at the Galactic Centre. Through the system of overtones and vibrational frequencies we can directly attune to and resonate with all that exists." Introduction - Star Traveler's 13 Moon Almanac of Synchronicity.

I think that each of us as cosmic radio stations ought to be broadcasting what we receive from earth's core. This is what I have been trying to do, but so far having been doing so in private. This year, almost over now, is Solar Moon, which is the time to set action into motion. But in order to do so I need interested eyes and hearts ...

Any more out there?
Comment by Megan Carl on July 6, 2015 at 2:07pm
I would!

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