This is the preface of a book, written in 2013. It is the story of a boy, the discoverer of the island SELF. What appeared as a dream, has become a reality. Realizing to dream is the archetypical role of the boy, and this is how the story started.

The story is about a king with the name of When. King When was the original discoverer of the island SELF. Although we seem to live in different worlds, in reality we are one dreaming collective in one world. As dreaming minds we are inseparable interconnected with each other. To understand this intimate connection with each other, we have to discover our own world. Every human being lives on his/her own island, which is the message of the discoverer.

Originally the boy lived together with U in the far East, the mysterious old world. Finally on the island SELF the boy encountered U, his teacher, on the legendary mountain NOW. De boy was dreaming of King When and that was the reason U thought him how to bring the codes back. When de boy was eight years old, he won a national writing contest. The one member of the jury was his favorite writer, Paul Biegel, a writer of children’s books and known, among other things, for the trilogy of the Little Captain. Of course it was this Little Captain that had inspired the boy to join the writing contest. The theme was making discoveries, and the boy discovered something for the rest of his life. He had discovered his own island and he made a booklet about this. An island with its own name, its own language, its own story, a unique infrastructure and the boy had drawn a map of the island SELF. In the legendary ‘key to symbols’ his own statues were clearly marked with a cross.

As one of the youngest participants the boy won the writing contest. The island SELF is now part of a bigger archipelago en these islands are grouped around the mountain NOW. This is the only mountain in the wide area and because of that, the mountain is visible for everybody from a far distant. The mountain NOW is an extraordinary active volcano, with an intractable subtle energy, a sort of flowing telepathic magma. Very different then as a threat, the mountain NOW is about to burst. Nobody knows what this will mean for us, although nobody seems to worry right now. The upcoming burst out will have a huge impact on all the worlds that are gathered around the island SELF. Thanks to the mountain NOW the island SELF is obvious visible and the People of OMA have set up a command station over here. For them this is clearly the predicted Island of Inner Time.

We, the Secret Dreamers of the People of OMA, live in our own time, although we made very clear agreements on that. The time that we share, which is our life, is very precious and this becomes known according those clear agreements. Just like air being the atmosphere of our bodies, so is time the atmosphere of our minds. The world lives mainly in a erroneous, artificial time, wherein time is money. Time has become for the mind so obvious, that it didn’t think about time for a long time now. The Law of Time is quite simple, Time multiplied by Energy is Art. Fortunate enough the People of OMA still live in their original time, also know as the Dreamtime. The People returned from far into the future, to adjust the direction of Timeship Earth now, and launch it again in 2013. This is a course in the direction of the New Time, and believe it or not, this dream will come true this year!

The boy lives long and happily in his own world and the meanwhile he stays in the dream-state that we know as Freeland. This dream-state is part of the Netherlands and his base has been in Bolsward, the 7th of 11 famous cities over here. On June 20 in 1989 the Queen of the Netherlands visited this place. In the time count of the People of OMA it was on this day Yellow Cosmic Star, Kin-208, and Kin-243 in the PSI or memory bank in the noosphere of the planet itself. In this time reckoning of the People we keep count of 13 times a Moon in 28 days. On June 20, 1989 it was in this way the 22nd day of the Crystal (12th) Moon. The Queen had been in the Old Church and the boy was also there. You see him with the Queen on the picture, she has the purple flower already in her hands; a flower she would use for the waving to the people, in stead of using the official bouquet. Until this time these flowers still grows and bloom in the garden of the mother of the boy, just outside this Bolsward town.

The boy of eight years old was collecting autographs and with this flower he wanted to pull the attention of the Queen. The Queen, her representative of Freeland and the major of the city of Bolsward stand before the Old Church on this picture. The legendary organ was just renovated and could finally be used again after this re-opening this. You see the boy with the green autograph booklet in his right hand. Right before this picture was taken, the Queen put her autograph in the book of the church, and the boy also wanted this autograph. Outside the church he had pushed himself in front of the people and he just asked the Queen for her autograph. Why? Did the boy have a specific intention with this?

In the months after this meeting the boy discovered the island SELF. This became the start of his life long project, a dream that is now becoming true. The boy dreams quietly on, just like U, en he is a little more grown now. We find ourselves in the year 2013, and thanks to the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness we could finally reach the island SELF in real time. For this reason it is a joyful year, and this year is full with meaning about the New 20:13 Timing Frequency. It is for the People of OMA this long awaited year that coincidentally coincides with an important fact for the town of Bolsward and a major event for the whole kingdom. The Queen on the picture has resigned this year from the throne, making a way for her son. In this way the Kingdom of Netherlands get, after four queens in a row, finally a king again. To be precise, this has happened on April 30, 2013. This was not only the perfect occult of the new King, it was also half a cosmic timecount after December 21st, 2012, and is likely to be one of the results of the Closing of the Cycle of History.

Now the dream-state, and the place of residence of the boy, play a very special role in this 2013 story of the lowlands. The name Freeland was not given without a fight, because in the year 28 after Christ we became free and independent forever. In this year we refused to transfer our taxes to the ruling empire of Rome. As a result of this we had to defeat the Roman army at the groves of Baduhenna, close to a trade settlement in the swampy fields of Bodele.

As we take a further look at the genesis story of this town, we see an extraordinary role put aside for a woman. It was in the year 713 that Bolswina, youngest daughter of a King from Holland, out of anger had left the territory of her father. Her loved one was send to his death by her father and she did not want to have anything to do with the tyrannic regime of him. She left into the direction of the north and crossed the wild, swampy area. In this way she reached the trade settlement of Bodele. Here some people lived in cabins and wooden establishments. It was the kings daughter who arranged the building of the first house of stone. This is the story how the trade settlement Bodele became the town of Bolsward in the year 713. Named after Bolswina, this town reached in this joyful 2013 an age of 1300 years. It is possible that this is a clear clue that the town is accommodating an extraordinary story..     

Besides the Old Church, the church where the picture of the boy with his queen was taken, there is also a New Church to be found in Bolsward. Right before the boy was born, this church burned from inside out, and also the roof was destroyed by flames. For a long time the church was neglected, and after the fire this did not really change. The people felt guilty about this once so lively spiritual centre, and they did not want to break it down, they wanted to rebuild it. In the back of the church, the following is inscribed on the floor: „1281, from Assisi a swallow came flying. There was not a Bastion yet.” This swallow is in the air since 100 years after the passing of Saint Francis. Why did the swallow fly to this distant place in the most northerly Netherland? What was the intention of the Order of Friars Minor? The burning of the church happened exactly 699 years after the year of the opening in 1281. Only after the recent Calendar Change this special temple was restored in honor. It is beautiful renovated now, and this time with a very special detail: the church has been given a Glazed Roof! That’s why this is called the New Church, as a sign that our faith is in contact with the Cosmos. Nowhere in the world there is such a church with that sort of transparency to cosmic affairs to be found, maybe the town with this special church wants to express a certain message?

The boy is a child from the New Time, so literally an indigo. One that tells you that we are in essence closely connected with each other. One that has dreamed his own existence into being, and he can  easily explain how that works. The boy lives all his past and future lives at once, in his one dream, something that the average mind of today cannot comprehend. The boy plays an significant role in many dreams, he is the simple teacher of the bigger wholeness. Everything has meaning, and he points you to the signals as direction of a higher destiny. Nothing in this world is what it seems to be, find it self, because why are you here? Is it possible the meaning to be in this world is to find a way out? Find your way as a positive path in the direction of the future, because if you follow the Synchronic Order, the bigger plan will unfold by itself.    

One of the simultaneous lives that the boy is living, is an scientist of spiritual knowledge in the old China world. In this life he returned a cosmic code back to the people, and he kept it skillfully hidden throughout history, after giving it form in a enigmatic book. When the boy discovered the island SELF, this book was already there for him. Since that time the boy was determined to dream the code back into his existence, in which he succeeded on July 15, a sunday in 2007.

On this day in the dream he found U again on the mountain NOW, the teacher was already for a long time on the island and all of a sudden the boy remembered everything. It was Blue Self-Existing Night (Kin-43), the Galactic Signature of the boy when he became eight years old in 1989. As Blue Self-Existing Night he won the writing contest and he had just met his perfect antipode, Queen Beatrix (Kin-173). So this was a synchronic meeting afterall, and because time returns in our cycling count of specific moments, it was the energy of this year (being eight) that returned on Jul 15, 2007. His memory came fully back with a vision, and crystal-clear the boy saw the discovery he was about to do. Finally dreamed the code back into his life, after many days and nights reckoning and being awake, in a kind of half-conscious sleep, the boy discovered on sunday morning November 18, 2007, the code of U.

Thanks to the mountain NOW it was that the island SELF could be discovered by King When, who we know from history as King Wen. Actually, King Wen was never really a king, he died in exile. The rulers in that time had locked him up, because he seemed to know how the code of life was mathematically working by the means of time. Many people had tried to find this, only King Wen was the one that found the key to the Golden Age again. When he shared the code with the people, the rulers took him prison. Him was given a choice to transmit his knowledge, or to take the secret with him into eternity. His choice was the first option, and he smartly hide the logic of the code in a riddle that he left as his work. After years of studying and working out his findings, King Wen left 64 chapters in a coded language. These 64 chapters were bundled in an enigmatic sequence, that thanks to history is now carrying his name.

Today his legacy is named the Book of Changes, the so called I Ching or I Tjing, or I for short. The story of King Wen was playing around the year 1100 before Christ. In the context of history, as we have known it, the work of King Wen is positioned on 101. This is the perfect occult position in relation with Jezus of Nazareth on position 160. In the time chart of history there are 20 x 13 positions. To every one of these 260 positions there is a number credited, a so called Kin or Katun number. If we divide the whole of history in these 260 positions, then all the positions last for about 20 years, or one Katun. One Katun is 20 times 360 days, the base of the famous Maya Long Count that concluded history on the 21st of December in 2012. King Wen left his wonderful work behind in Katun 101, Red Planetary Dragon, the Manifestation of Memory. The perfect occult of the Self-Existing Universal Fire of Christ, that would manifest itself later. King Wen had the humble task to leave his work behind for the future, so it could be discovered at a certain moment in time. With the work of his father Prince Pattern unleashed an unprecedented revolution in China, and started the longest ruling dynasty of the Chinese history. This was truly an temporary restoration of the Golden Age, in which he succeeded with help of the codes of his father. Prince Pattern honored his father posthumously with the title of king, and the result of this is that we now know the discoverer of the island SELF as King When!

When King Willem the Fourth, since 2013 King of the Netherlands, was born in 1967 as Yellow Lunar Seed, and as a kingly tradition they fired on five different locations in the kingdom precisely 101 salutes. Now the boy was born on September 23rd in 1981 as a Blue Solar Night, the archetypical role to realize (Solar) dreams (Blue Night). This moment was in 1981 in the Solar Ring of Yellow Lunar Seed, and so is King Wen closely connected with being king, and this story started in 2013 for real.. to be continued.

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Comment by araygua muwan on May 13, 2013 at 11:07pm

very profetic and synchronic!!!!!thanksssssssssssssssssssssss

Comment by jade on May 1, 2013 at 3:33pm



Comment by Cheryl Hiller on April 30, 2013 at 2:07pm

thank-you for that

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