2013: Beginning of a New Galactic Time

by Stephanie South

As published in New Dawn Magazine, Australia

For the galactic Maya, this (2012) is the fulfillment of a vast engineering project in time …
—José Argüelles

When José Argüelles first began speaking about the date 12-21-2012 in the mid-1970s virtually no one knew what he was talking about. Until The Mayan Factor was published in 1987, when the 2012 date was first dropped into the mass consciousness, next to no one knew about it.

The purpose of The Mayan Factor was to alert people to the conclusion of the cycle of history in 2012, and the tremendous shift in consciousness this date augured. This book along with the 1987 Harmonic Convergence put 2012 on the map as well as turned the world's attention toward the Maya.

Argüelles believed that the closing of the Great Cycle marked the entry point of the passage of the entire galaxy into an inconceivable stage of harmonic synchronization, creating a shift in the patterns that ultimately affect our relationship to ourselves and the universe. He believed that 2013 would be the time of real magic; a time of integration and stabilization at a higher level of consciousness when humans would "test drive" their newly awakened powers. He believed that humans were meant to become living oracles with the capacity of divination – to know all through mind; to tune into and resonate with all levels of being.

He travelled the world several times over promoting a harmonic 13 Moon/28-day calendar to help people break the spell of linear/Gregorian thinking, and help them elevate their minds to galactic consciousness in anticipation of a frequency shift by 12-21-2012. He believed that humanity unified in galactic consciousness was the key to understanding, transforming and transcending our current global crisis.

9676455290?profile=originalArgüelles's vision and life mission can be traced to the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan (Lord Pakal) in Palenque in 1952. This tomb, with its unparalleled artistry and symbolism, and the mystery of the man buried there were significant in defining the causes of José's life mission. (Incidentally José passed away in March 2011, just two months after the archaeologists sealed the tomb lid of Pacal for good).

One year after the opening of the tomb of Pacal Votan, in 1953, José's father brought him and his twin brother, Ivan, to Teotihuacan, Mexico where, at age 14, he had his first vision atop the Pyramid of the Sun. Atop the pyramid, he had a white light experience regarding his life mission to "find the knowledge of the masters who built and designed Teotihuacan and bring it back to the modern world." From this point on his life was increasingly devoted to decoding the Mayan mathematics and prophecies.

To appreciate the vast scope of his vision in relation to the changing cycle, we will look at three levels: galactic level, scientific level and human level.

Galactic level: 12-21-2012 marks the conclusion of the passage of our solar system through a galactic synchronization beam.

Scientific level: 2012 marks the conclusion of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the scientific term for the present planetary crisis.

Human level: 2012 is humanity's deadline to collectively change its consciousness.

The Galactic Level

Argüelles believed that we are part of a larger galactic engineering project being engineered from another dimension. He perceived the galactic Maya as star travellers who incarnated here, at a specified time, to seed the planet and to leave clues of our planetary being for this stage of our transformation. He believed the Galactic Maya (not to be confused with Classic Maya) were masters of time travel and telepathy who brought to this planet a system of astronomy and mathematical calendrics, which were the jewels of a particular knowledge system.

In The Mayan Factor Argüelles put forth that the Mayan calendar is actually a measure for calibrating different beams or density waves. He concluded that what we call the 13 baktun Great Cycle is actually the measure of a synchronization beam through which our solar system is currently passing. This beam cycle began in 3113 BC and ends in 2012 AD.

The beam, 5,125 years in diameter, commenced 13 August B.C. 3113, a date marked by the Mayan calendar long count as, 4 Ahau. This precise date, 4 Ahau will occur again on December 21, 2012. Exactly 1,872,000 days will have passed, a cycle of 13 baktuns of 144,000 days each. But this beam is just the last fifth of a larger beam that is close to 26,000-tun (25,625-years) that corresponds to a whole evolutionary phase.

According to The Mayan Factor, the Maya had a mission to make sure that planets and star system are synchronized with the galactic beam by 12-21-2012. The affect of the beam on Earth is the acceleration of human activity around the planet. This is called recorded history. This also creates material technology. Toward the end of beam, where we now find ourselves, acceleration becomes exponential with 7 billion humans, exponential curves of carbon dioxide, changes in weather, species extinction, war, drought, etc. This is what Argüelles referred to as the climax of history and matter, the end of the 13th baktun.

As we reach the beam's end, José foresaw a major evolutionary upgrading of the planetary life process that would begin to be stabilized in 2013. At this point the Earth will be perfectly aligned with galactic center in the constellation Sagittarius. He anticipated a period of adjustment until the new beam phases in by July 26, 2013 – galactic synchronization.

The beam knowledge first occurred to him in 1986, while meditating on the sunspot cycles at the pyramids of Coba. He had a vision of the 13-baktun cycle as a type of beam emanated through the Sun. This beam, he saw, consisted of five 1025-year (1040-tun) sub-cycles = 5200 tun (5 x 1040) or 5125 years (5 x 1025) in duration. He perceived that the beams are sent from the center of the galaxy (Hunab Ku) and then focalized through the Sun through a type of radio program that coordinates the sunspot cycles.

These sunspot cycles then transit the beam through peak solar activity, sending solar information to Earth. When the energy beam changes its frequency, the filter (Sun) changes accordingly. Different ages represented different stages of the beam.


He perceived that the Maya were able to pick up the solar pulsations and calibrate the incidence between solar activity and human activation. This meant they could calibrate human activity and watch it plunge deeper into materialism and further from nature.

He understood that the electromagnetic field is a function of and controlled by the solar sunspot cycles. He likened the sunspot cycles to solar initiations that affect the electromagnetic field, creating different mental quickening or shifts in consciousness. This process, he perceived, accounts for shifts of time, thinking and beliefs throughout history.

Argüelles believed that the sunspots function cyclically and are carriers of information from different star systems and dimensions to planet earth. What we call the sunspot cycles, he perceived as the pulsations of the minds of the solar masters, the ahau kin. Their minds pulse to the binary sunspot cycle in approximate 11.3-year cycles and then change polarity approximately every 23 years. When those sunspots reach maximum points, it discharges. Massive discharges means the Sun is undergoing major internal initiations. Of course our current sunspot cycle is set to peak in 2013.

He concluded that the 260-unit Tzolkin sacred calendar was a tool used by the Maya to record the binary pulsation of the sunspots, with its cycle of thirteen units repeated twenty times for a total of 260 days. Sixteen of these Tzolkin cycles comprise an 11.3 year period, the time for one major binary sunspot cycle to complete itself. The pulsation of each of the binary spots would account for eight Tzolins, which he mapped out in his book Earth Ascending (1983).

He perceived that so-called sun worshipers in places like Tikal and Copan were really taking readings on the galactic frequencies as measured through sunspot cycles and recorded them on stone monuments or stelae. He felt this was the key to the Aztec predictions of the coming sixth sun of consciousness.

He also discovered that the Tzolkin is a harmonic of the Great Cycle and can be used to map out the entire 5,125-year historical cycle, as if it is measuring not individual gestation but species gestation, since five great cycles totals 26,000 tuns, a fractal of the 260-day human gestation cycle. He called this mapping the wave harmonic of history, the actual information structure of the beam, which he felt was a key code behind unlocking the meaning of our own planetary dilemma.


Scientific Level: Law of Time and Biosphere-Noosphere Transition

Argüelles believed that 2012-2013 is the time of the biosphere-noosphere transition, a theory originally put forth by Russian geochemist Vladimir Vernadsky. In this context, the 5,125-year cycle is but an instant of geological time and so can be perceived as a mutative phase. The mutative phase of the biosphere complete, a new evolutionary stage begins: the noosphere.

The biosphere-noosphere transition directly relates to Argüelles's 1989 discovery of the Law of Time, which makes a distinction between artificial time and natural time. The Law of Time states that the galaxy and everything in it is held together by one common timing frequency, a 13:20 ratio constant, which maintains everything in a unified condition through synchronization. This 13:20 ratio can be found in the human body with its 13 main articulations and twenty fingers and toes.

By contrast, modern civilization operates by an artificial, irregular mechanistic timing frequency or 12:60 ratio (12-month calendar, 60-minute clock) this is the artificial frequency, which is an actual paradigm or belief system that the human race lives in. This belief system is held in place by the Vatican's Gregorian calendar that creates the world paradigm of time is money.

These numbers 1260 and 1320 are keys to the discovery of the Law of Time and prophecy of Pacal Votan. Pacal's tomb was sealed for precisely 1260 years before it was opened (from 692 AD to 1952). And in 2012, 1320 years will have passed since its opening. (1320 is also an anagram for 2013).

Argüelles saw that the whole Earth is now encapsulated in this artificial machine frequency that is destroying our planet by disrupting the homeostasis which keeps everything in balance. When the homeostasis is sufficiently disturbed then a shift is inevitable.

He felt that the crisis the world is now undergoing is the effect of the biosphere-noosphere transition, the chaotic and dissipative shift into the new order of planetary reality. In a 2009 article, he wrote:

"… when we speak of the advent of the noosphere we are referring to the mental disclosure of a new cosmically generated holographic field fractal – one that will replace the old one. All it would take for this to occur is a momentary break in the planetary electromagnetic field brought about by an immense Coronal Mass Ejection, or even a shift in the Sun's polar magnetism. In that momentary rupture of the terrestrial electromagnetic field, many negative conditioned beliefs (memories) could be erased or severely scrambled, and, more significantly, a new operating holographic field fractal might be instantaneously set in place. In this way, the next wave of cosmic evolutionary intelligence would reveal itself."

Human Level: 13 Moon Calendar

With the knowledge of the galactic engineering project and with the discovery of the Law of Time, Argüelles perceived that his duty was to help educate humanity toward a new timing sensibility. He noted that most of the troubles in the world today are a result of placing our trust in human laws and machine technology, rather than trusting the natural law of the cosmos.

From his exhaustive studies into different world calendars and the Mayan calendar, Argüelles concluded that a calendar is a programming device whereby the society that uses it creates its psychic field of influence and organizes its collective life.

In the Gregorian calendar there's is very little cyclic or periodic order. Months are uneven; the length of months does not correlate with number of seven-day weeks that exist and the numbers change every month. There is not cyclic or periodic order; this is why civilization is a chaotic disorder.

He saw that as a species we had veered out of synch, away from our natural attunement with the cosmos and into a linear way of operating. So the question was: how to break the linear time habit? How do we access galactic consciousness?

By following the clues left by the Maya, José discovered the synchronic order, a systematic set of mathematical codes that reveals the larger evolutionary patterning. He called these the Dreamspell codes. He found the simplest way to access these mathematical codes was through daily use of the 13 Moon/28-day matrix. As deceptively simple as this sounds, it has profound implications, so much so that he traveled the world several times over bringing this message to every continent. He referred to this calendar as a "synchronometer" or measure of synchronicity, rather than calendar (derived from calends which means account book).

The 13 Moon calendar is a solar-galactic cycle that meshes the 365-day third-dimensional solar cycle with the 260-day fourth-dimensional galactic cycle (tzolkin) every 52 years. It can be used as an intermediary between one's mind and being and the experience of the form and process of galactic consciousness. Its daily use helps entrain the consciousness into the threshold of galactic consciousness.


The 13 Moon calendar runs precisely on a program of 52-year solar galactic cycles and is correlated with the traditional date of the heliacal rising of Sirius, July 26. It takes approximately 52 years for Sirius B to revolve around Sirius A. Incidentally Sirius as a binary star was discovered in 1926, the same year as when the word "noosphere" was coined.

Being fourth-dimensional in nature the 13 Moon calendar also serves as a master synchronization matrix so that any other calendar system can be plugged into it. This program establishes the matrix of what Argüelles refers to as the synchronic order.

A key to the 13:28 cycle can also be found in the tomb lid of Pacal Votan and in the Tzolkin. There are thirteen clear signs carved along the four edges of the sarcophagus lid of the tomb. The South edge of the lid contains two glyphs: Kin 60, representing Pacal's incarnation, and Kin 58, representing his disincarnation. The eastern edge of the lid contains one set of four seals and another set of two. The tone numbers of the first four seals add up to 28, and the tone numbers of the second set of seals add up to 13. Argüelles believed this demonstrated the code of the 13 Moon/28-day calendar. (As synchronicity would have it, José passed away precisely 1,328 years after the death of Pacal Votan in 683 AD).

The purpose of the 13 Moon calendar is to assist humans in shifting frequency. By following a cyclic, harmonic measure, human consciousness can enter into a non-linear standard of time, not through any grand theory, but simply by following a galactic cycle day-to-day.

In order to spread the message of the 13 Moons and galactic time, he, with the assistance of his wife, created the 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement, an Earth-centered peace movement adopting the Nicholas Roerich Banner of Peace as its symbol. As a result, the 13 Moon calendar spread to more than 90 countries worldwide.

In January 2010, he received the highest honor of the International Committee of the Banner of Peace in Mexico City: the Nicholas Roerich Peace Medal for his lifetime work as a world peace activist.

The essence of his message was: human civilization is living in artificial time that is destroying the biosphere. To reverse this situation requires a collective return to natural time in reverence with the Earth where time is not money but Time is Art. José wrote:

"… The ancient Maya foresaw that the next evolutionary cycle would be the true solar age. They envisioned 2012 as the entry point or gate of a purified humanity ready for the new solar age. And they were right. The Sun is undergoing a tremendous transformation right now, altering the very nature of life on Earth. In order for us to survive, we've got to strip down – get rooted in the garden, and lighten our load. In the new Solar Age we will learn that our telepathic thought waves are really solar signals, and that our mental evolution through the noosphere is to prepare us for heightened soul travel. We'll all become like one being with a billion autonomous cells, working in unison to become enlightened. And since we will see that we are the planet, we will know that it is the planet that is becoming enlightened, and our job is to make it an enlightened work of art – an art planet, a jewel of the galaxy…"

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