Yellow Sun Wavespell

welcome to the first day of the 13 day Yellow Sun Wavespell of Universal FireOur affirmation of the day:I unify in order to enlightenAttracting lifeI seal the matrix of universal fireWith the magnetic tone or purposeI am guided by my own power doubledFor the next 13 days, go into deep contemplation on our local star who is known by the names the Sun, Kinich Ahau or Helios.Can you see that ALL light & heat on the earth comes from this one source of energy? What does the sun represent in your life? What does it mean to be en-Light-en? Is the Sun moving? Where is it going? What does it mean to be a Solar-being? What can we do to support our sun? Is the Sun alive?Lets give our gratitude to our Farther Sun.Ah Yum Hunab Kum Evam Maya E Ma Ho!"all hail the harmony of mind and nature!"
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