Planet Art Network"Transformation of the Biosphere in the Noosphere"(Transformation of the Biosphere to Noosphere ⇔ transformation of human senses)FREE DOWNLOADS for The Law of Timehttp://www.lawoftime.orgWhat is the Noosphere? / Co To jest Noosfera ? Project. Global telepathic experiment "Pakal Votan Project" held by Russian Academy of sciences, Novosibirsk, Siberia (2005) - Centers for the Restitution,Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind Noosphere Collective - Conscious Evolution - 2012 -'s not a Biospheric Crisis, but a Noospheric EmergencyEnvisioning The Regeneration of Planet Earth PLACE OF THE NOOSPHERE IN COSMIC EVOLUTION Paper, Second Planetary Congress of Biospheric RightsSubmitted by Galactic Research Institute - Foundation for the Law of TimeStatement of the Problem" ... it is unscientific to accept the concept of a biosphere and to reject the concept of a noosphere. The noosphere is as much a part of earth as any other sphere, such as the hydrosphere. Indeed, by virtue of its being the cause of most ecological woes and the seat of all ecological action, the noosphere should, from the ecologist's standpoint, be the most crucial layer. Its health and its protection from man's own perversity should be one of his concerns. For obviously noospheric pollution is the source of all pollution."P. R. Masani, "The Ecology of the Noosphere ..." (1995)continuation of articles: about the Noosphere - The Noospheric Solution.The Age of Nations has passed.Now, unless we wish to perishwe must shake off our old prejudicesand build the earthTeilhard de Chardin, Human Energy, 1969 p. 37continuation of articles:
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