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in the interest of mutual and friendly correction if necessary and individual freedom where possible ... iow, FOR ALL YOU COUNT JUGGLERS OUT THERE ... I GIVE YOU .. NONE OTHER THAN RICK SCHILLER (Wisconian if i am not mistaken).i transcribed a part of the image on the text which i will paste below what txt he sent with jerald, World-Mysteries, Katriel,, gileadinstitute, info, Lenny, Carl, dansward99, proyectomaya, JW, dlhedges9262, mike, meSubject: GIF chart listing Venus dates of several Semiramis on a timeline of ShemShem conceived Arpaxad on the ark when he saw Little Ararat on 10-01-600 (Julian 2369bc July 8).Then 40 days later the raven freed on 11-11 (Aug 17) stayed on the roof of the ark eating insects for106 days until its mate was freed on 2-27-601 (2369bc Dec 1 =G.Nov 12) when the snow stormforced them out of their new home, the safe and secure ark.The dove that Noah set free three times on the dates 11-18 and 11-25 and 12-02 was released in the morningand by nature returns at sunset (2369bc Aug 24 and 31 and Sep 7). Thus on Sep 7 it didn't return that day.This vanishing is ABOUT the same time Venus vanishes for about 50 days (Sep 14 to Nov 3)into superior Conjunction (Oct 9). Venus actually vanishes 7 days after the dove vanished.The dates in the chart below is for the Venus that is setting before the Flood and then 40 days later appearsrising after the Flood, its actual average absence is the 8 days Julian Dec 23 to Dec 31 (with Dec 27 inferior conjunction)but nothing was seen during the 40 days, not even the sun, just its 40 days of daylight.Below is a symbol created to comprehend the crescent of Venus whether setting at sunset or rising at sunrisewith its wing-tips of the crescent upward. The brightest crescent is 36 days before and after conjunction whichfor 2370bc Dec 27 is Nov 21 and then Feb 1. That greatest brilliancy is reached on this date in 2369bc is notableconsidering that 349 years later the seance of Noah's death on Dec 25 ends on Feb 2 (Thoth 24 Zoroaster Christmas Eve),though this Aquarius Venus morningstar is 220 days after inferior conjunction (Jun 27).The Nov 20 is Noah's 10-10 seven days of packing to 10-17 (Nov 27)so that Nov 21 brightest Venus marks the asteroid impact of the Yucatan; and at the end of these 7 days the pairingof the Titans Jupiter and Saturn for those 7 days become closest on the day the tsunami hits the ark (2-17 = Nov 27).Shem's life of 600 years and 502 years unveil two patterns of Venus to mark this event with exact sciencewhich explains whe Abram regarded him as Jehovah when he predicted circumcision to rid his infection andalso the tectonic eruption of Sodom 450 years after the asteroid impact of 2370bc.cIf this requires massive decades of proof before you believe, then do understand that if a child refused to learnto add subtract multiply divide for 15 years, you won't have much time to teach him astronomy much less physics.A fool would waste his time trying. What Jesus said about not being doubting Thomas and to have faith did not meanbe stupid and have faith in stupid things... he was telling to believe the other 10 apostles who had seen him and touched himand conversed with him. Let those who failed to research thus believe those who did research. The faith is in truth from others,not faith in fantasies of hearing what liars tell you because it is what you want to hear. Believe the lie, and the punishment ofa bad result will also come true.=========Signature: I am a writer for God Jehovah. This means everything that i send out privately or publicly I submit to the receiver as public domain. Spread it, its not heaven or hell, it is life or death in a global disaster.FOR ALL YOU COUNT JUGGLERS OUT THERE ... I GIVE YOU .. NONE OTHER THAN RICK SCHILLER (Wisconian if i am not mistaken)But the lunar date of venus for this 1625 nov 23 matches that of 1900bc dec 2 being venus as 32 years 8 leap days before 1
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