Kin 30

Kin 30
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  • Today, Kin 30 - Solar Moon, Dali 8 - is coded by the White Self-existing (4) Dog (10). Today we enter the Self-existing chamber of the 3rd Hand Wavespell - here we Identify Form. What is the form of action to obtain our goal?

    The Dog plays out the Archetypal role of the Compassionate One in the journey of Hunab Ku 21. Today is all about showing love, devotion, loyalty and compassion to our fellow beings. We are all ONE.

    In the graphic below, below the Solar Seal is the symbol for the DALI Radial Plasma - the first day of every week in the 13 Moon calendar. (instead of Thursday, it is Dali). Dali resembles Target and when the sacred mantra "OM" is recited we automatically activate this plasma inside our Crown Chakra and aligns us with the universal axis (Mauri Tube).

    "Mantra focuses on primordial sound vibration. the primary dimension of universal coordination"

    The affirmation of today:
    I Define in order to Love 
    Measuring Loyalty
    I seal the Process of Heart
    With the Self-existing tone of From
    I am guided by the power of death
    I am a polar kin I convert the white galactic spectrum


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