Planet Art Network◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉◉Galactic Synchronization sunrise ceremony of Planetary Resurrection led by Stephanie South/Red QueenKin 164 (2013 July 26)GalacticSpacebook EARTH GROUP on FB PEACE PACT/Foudation for The Law of Timeꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩꙩ13:20 : FREQUENCY : SHIFTCrossing the Bridge of Time – by Red Queen/Stephanie South Red Queen - Executive Director - FOUDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME / co-author of seven volumes COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES - which are PLANETARY PARADYGM /⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿⦿2013 – New Aeon of Consciousness Earth is shifting its frequency, its motion, patterns and the movement of its energy flow. We are entering a new galactic information beam – leading to Galactic Synchronization.As stewards of the Earth, it is up to each of us to assist in this transition by consciously raising our own frequency into a new vibration and a new time. This, in turn, helps raise the frequency of the Planet. It is our duty to become multidimensional beings.The codes of the synchronic order contained in this website offers a systematic manifestation of an interdimensional stream of knowledge that serves as a bridge between the human realm and our star family. When applied with right intention these codes align our vibrational frequency with Higher Intelligence.The 13 Moon/28-day calendar (sychronometer) is the key that allows us access to the vast realm of the synchronic order. This system provides us with a daily lens that serves as a dimensional doorway to access fourth/fifth-dimensional time. This is a Galactic timing program that also serves as a master synchronization matrix that any other calendar or numerical system can be plugged into.We are at the time of the Great Synthesis of Knowledge, leading to Galactic Synchronization (26 July 2013). But this is only the beginning. We are being rewired from within as old thought structures and conditionings give way to cosmic perceptions. This is also known as the biosphere-noosphere transition.Noosphere is Earth's mental sphere or thinking layer. Everything is interconnected and the more we realize this as a collective the more the particular thinking layer of our planet shifts. What is ultimately changing are our thought structures and patterns of perception.Each practice of the synchronic order is a fractal that can take you to the whole. Each time you focus on the galactic information you are making a registration into the noosphere in the creation of the new internal architecture, which is then translated into the third dimension.The practices on this site also serve to increase your continuing consciousness and help elevate your mind from conceptual thinking. With each practice that we do, it is like investing our thoughtforms in the creation of a new reality based on love, art and synchronicity.❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊❊2012: End of Linear Time – 2013: Beginning of a New Galactic Timeby Stephanie SouthFor the galactic Maya, this (2012) is the fulfillment of a vast engineering project in time …—José Argüelles
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