Planet Art Network"The mental spheres allow us to link interdimensional information and hook up to the wireless cosmic internet in order to retrieve knowledge for the evolution of the planet"☀☀☀☀☀☀HUMAN THINKING"Presently, human thinking is no different from that of a computer.The average human is a composite of unconsciously orchestrated conditioned reflexes—chains of analphs set to shoot off on cue according to primitive binary on/off intelligence.These analphs are imprisoned by the ego. To tune into the cosmic thinking layers, the human must first identify these conditioned thoughtforms through mindfulness practice.Once these disempowering thoughtforms are brought to consciousness they can be dissolved and released; only then is it possible with conscious intentionality to activate and realize each of the six (+1) mental spheres"─ Book of the Transcendence • Cosmic History Chronicles • Volume VIFOUDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME/Cosmic History Chronicles
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