Planet Art Network Queen Stephanie South is co-author of seven Volumes COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES!!! ... HIGHER PLANETARY PARADIGM ... !!!seven volumesCOSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES"We are but the secretaries,the authors are in Eternity"Transmitted byValum Votan—Jose ArguellesReceived byRed Queen—Stephanie SouthThe seven volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles published byFOUDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME History Presents 8, Blue Resonant Storm Year (20 Dec 2012)Kin 206, White Spectral Worldbridger by Stephanie South/Red Queen joined by Mayan elder Don Marzo QuetzalClosing of the Cycle and the New Beam:moving beyond duality into radial consciousnessIn a talk given at Villas Kin Ha, Palenque, Stephanie South discusses the new galactic beam, the vision of the Red Queen and the closing of the cycle as the resolution of all duality. She is joined by Mayan elder Don Marzo Quetzal, keeper of the Long Count, who affirms that knowledge of all cultures and traditions need to now unify in love as we are now opening the New Cycle.Unification in Time/13 Moons, Long Count and all Traditions (audio) talk was given on Kin 206 (20 December 2012) at Kin Ha in Palenque, Mexico in dedication to Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan “Closer of the Cycle” and the Prophecy of Pacal Votan. I begin the talk describing how 4 ships led me to Palenque then describe the galactic beam, vision of Red Queen, masculine/feminine and transcendence of duality in preparation of new cycle. Then I am joined by Don Marzo Quetzal, keeper of the sacred traditions, who speaks about unity of all traditions and cultures at the closing of the cycle in acknowledgement of the One Creator who creates all streams that lead to the Infinite Ocean of love. Love and gratitude also to Lwx Votan Quetzal Llhuvatar for his work in unifying these streams.Thanks to Annibal Luporini–White Galactic Wizard, Kin 34, for great job translating. Thanks to Gustavo Ik-White Lunar Wind, Kin 2, for his magical flute playing for Prayer of 7 Galactic Directions..
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