Planet Art Network 22-25 July ) KIN 160 -163 - 3 DAY RETREAT MT. SHASTABECꙨMING YꙨUR GALACTIC A R C H E T Y P E AND Lodging Information – Mt. Shasta TRAVEL: time has come,think,breathe and be the Noosphere!Our life is inseparable from the Planet we are on. Sience it is all mind,the this planet is the sphere of mind - Noosphere. This means there is only one mind. One mind that speaks many languages,but perceives as one mind. In honor of "WORLD NOOSPHERE DAY" and in preparation for GALACTIC SYNCHRONIZATION, the Foudation for the Law of Time will host a 3-day intensive in Mt. Shasta led by Stephanie South:Becoming Your Galactic Archetype: Cosmic Moon 26 - 28 ( 22 - 24 July ) leading up to the Day Out of Time ( 25 July ) and launching of Timeship Earth 2013, with a Ceremony of Planetary Resurrection ( 26 July )Stay tuned to for more details.Noos-letter lssue #33 - Galactic Hawk Moon of Integrity Reform and the Declaration of the First World Peace
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