Planet Art Network Biography of a Time TravelerWhile Time, Synchronicity and Calendar Change opens into the complete range of the life work of José Argüelles, 2012: Biography of a Time Traveler reveals this visionary in his formative years, from his birth in 1939 until his discovery of the Telektonon Prophecy of Pacal Votan."We are but the secretaries,the authors are in Eternity"!!! ... HIGHER PLANETARY PARADIGM ... !!!Seven VolumesCOSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLESTransmitted byValum Votan—Jose ArguellesReceived byRed Queen—Stephanie SouthThe seven volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles published byFOUDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME History Presents Votan & Red Queen -Twin Jade Mask and the two adjacent tombs in Palenque, México Yucatan Vꙩtan Dr Jꙩsé Argüelles Red QueenStephanie Sꙩuth„seven volumes COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES / !!! Higher Paradigm !!! / - Valum Vꙩtan, The Call of Pacal Vꙩtan Dr. Jꙩsé Argüelles
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