Planet Art Network VELA & VELATROPA - FREE WILL QUARANTINE ZONE Galactic Times , An Illusory Ezine From Other Worlds : FREQUENCY : SHIFTCrossing the Bridge of Time – by Red Queen‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗Galactic EARTH OF TIME‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗2013 – New Aeon of Consciousness Bulletin #12:Synchronotron and Sacred Texts‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗‗Final Bulletin for 2012 … - Kin 193, Red Spectral Skywalker REMEMBERED Bridge = Universal Peace OF THE PLANET ART NETWORK - Centers for the Restitution,Investigation and Education of the Natural Mind Noosphere Collective - Conscious Evolution - 2012 -NOOSPHERE FORUM Earth Vꙩtan Dr Jꙩsé Argüelles Red Queen Stephanie Sꙩuth - Valum Vꙩtan, The Call of Pacal Vꙩtan Dr. Jꙩsé Argüelles„seven volumes COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES / !!! Higher Paradigm !!! / Galactic Times , An Illusory Ezine From Other Worlds
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