October 29

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Kin 144: Yellow Magnetic Seed

Earth Family

Gateway (Open the Portals)

What is your favorite color of the rainbow?

Golden is my favorite

As part of our star family and another ourself we would love to know more about you. What brought you to Galactic Spacebook and what facets are you most interested in?

I follow and choose to express inspiration and upliftment. Connection is what brought me.

We've noticed that, more often than not, it is a fascinating story when someone shares how they learned about the Law of Time/13 Moon Calendar/Dreamspell. How or when did you learn about it? :)

Just found Crystalline Soul Healing on fb and was drawn to a post she shared of your sharing.

What are your favorite books/music/art/movies?

ThetaHealing, Delores Cannon's work, Magenta Pixie, The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer, A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. Sanaya Roman's books. Spiritual Cinema. Jane Austen books/movies. Flora Bowley's Paintings. Long Island Medium. Oprah's OWN channel Super Soul Sunday, Master Class, Next Chapter.

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