Kin 64

In Lak'ech Ala K'n star voyager..

We are currently busy entering the 1st Watch (Midnight to Dawn, Occult Kin) of the new day which is governed by the occulrt kin, Red Crystal Earth (navigation,synchronicity,perfection) here in South Africa.

Kin 64: Yellow Crystal Seed, Planetary Moon Silio 14 (10.14). We end our 64 day journey through space matrix's Zone of Initiation. Enter the next 64 units of the space matrix's Zone of Refinement. 64 is the number that codes our DNA. 32 (64/2) is the number that codes the Crystals.

Today we end the Refinement Heptad (38) of the Planetary (10) Moon, Silio 14 (10.14). I can say personally that it has been a hectic 7 days! 

The galactic signature (name) of the day is Yellow Crystal Seed. Yellow Seed being the 4th Solar Seal and Crystal the 12th Galactic Tone.

12 + 4 = 16. 64 - 48 (12*4) = 16.

8 is the number of Infitiny and is the number of the ancient egyptian god called Osiris, the great Ascension Teacher.

8 x 8 = 64. 8 +8 = 16.

On the holomind perciever we open the 7th Heptad Gate right in the middle of the cube, 441, coordinate H11 V11. This gate is governed by the Crown Chakra, the Silio Radial Plasma and the Sirius Element 113/B-52 antenna. 

"Radiogenesis Establishes Galactic Life Whole" - UR Rune 81

Today is a Galactic Activation Portal.

"Appreciation is a supreme magnet; the greater your appreciation the more is given to you."

I am just another you.

Red Crystal Skywalker

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