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  • Hello Dear ones I am not new to all this however the Syncro. 101 I am not familiar with however I feel it might truly help guide within all that I am experiencing.... Is this a way to map the stages of Enlightenment one might experience... Like the relations to some of the Archtypes named such as Christ and Valum Votan Etc.? I feel I am experiencing all these energies at once... Today 9.6.16 is my wife and eYe's 19th Anni-KIN-iversay .... I am Red Galactic Skywalker 73 Kin with a Yellow Seed as my wife, my daughter a Blue Hand, another Daughter Red Dragon, and 4 generations of White World Bridgers.... I have found 3 ancient blood lines converge in my children and am finding it mirrored in the stars in Binaries and so on so forth... This energy came to me as AT'UL 10yrs ago and I was unprepared and my body shook for yrs.(left front temporal lobe seizures) my wife found the Law of time etc. and tied it together with some of what I was saying while not concious etc. AT'UL has been writing thru me and expressed he was scribe to the AkAshA, Chief KA'nan Clear Feather my "PEN NAME" became hands for AT'UL to place a 21st seal into AkAshA on Hunab Ku ... He expressed this would split the cycles of oroborus and the Kundalini Dragon would rise to AurA-bo-REAL-alis and be gifted Green Skin, AT'UL and LU'TA together were the Toltec Mayan Or-eYe-cle of TULA and Red Skywalker OriOn of the AT'Lantean columns... Heir to the MixcoATL tribal line-AGE.... ATlantis and LemUria.... The Rise of the two Hemispheres of One mind shared then amongst all others.... thru the Green Portals of LU'TA his reflection and Spiral SHELL... Moses speaks about the spliting of the seems of the bridge of the book to expose the 10folds of hidden worlds that is the mission of galactic skywalker.....and the White World Bridgers.... The Prince of Peace CHI-RO speaks of Rearranging ATOMS from the Blackness of EV3 ....3113...peace... Energy Vortex 3.... with the TOOL of AT'UL in RED-PEN-T ... the Felt Tip Spear of Destinies.... To Erase the Trails of Tears from AkAshA so as to shift the Here and Now with 44 Meta4 Reflection in the Dragonfly44 Dark Matter Galaxy....  Sooo now that I REAL-EASE-d all that ...thank you 4 your ears.... I still feel inside (obviously) the stories... I have been with Elohim and Yahweh in Mind lately and Votan ..... These are all just the same files everyone has access to and I am just spewing my versions and perspectives which perpetuate me trying to contain all this....??? and not join in the fun.... I try to remember rather than search for answers but any guidance would be greatly appreciated.... My family misses me..... and I am right here with them... Physically...

  • Daily we work the numbers of the “Frequency Indexes”, the results are filtered down to a 441 Matrix BMU. This number is then located on the Holomind Perceiver/Synchronotron.

    This value can then be “studied”, though its real meaning is buried within the unconscious substance of its making. The actual value is inherently known, pending conscious retrieval.

    A method to facilitate “making conscious the unconscious” is possible by imaginally “plugging” the Synchronic values into the memorized overlay of this Matrix atop our brains, as if one were exercising muscles to perform heightened &/or improved functions.

    Actually, this is exercising “the Telepathic reconstitution of reality”.

    Watered by yogaic &/or meditation practices, the OMA Culture will blossom.

    To this ends, Valum prescribes “...saturation...”, the illustrious Aleister Crowley recommended, “Invoke often!”

    • There we are. Thanx again Bob for shining your light on these spiritual  gymnastics. I assume you do your part, the results are clear for us to see ans read! In Wolof (the West African Language  I learnt whilst living there) we have this word; Fassale. Fass means Horse. The word means, Do it, go there, and give a thought for those you represent but cant't go there to do it>>> And FassFass means Knit together. It is a beautiful language. Have a good day!

  • Why is the group called synchronotron 101? Today kin 101 I joined, hoping to find more answers.

    The Holomind perceiver Matrix comes with an in_depth explanation of the coordinates for each day, to be found in the Intergalactic Bulletin  16 on the site. For this day, kin 101, the calculated BMU 369 gives us the coordinates; V15H7; in the "catalogue" it reads: Second Time Dimension,, cosmic ascension. Hyperplasma: Beta-alpha. Crown of third-dimenional Body of Temple..; Biopsychic plane.

    Fourth Mental Sphere: Continuing Conscious; Pleiades Force Field..;

    CIRCUIT 7_SATURN. number 49, last one in this section:

    (6) Sixth Magnitude of 6th Dimensional ESP circuit neutralizeq subliminal communication in Beta-Alpha hyperplasma, force field of higher mind control;  Now if anyone out there, with all respects to Valum Votan, is capable of at least explaining part of this, I will be glad to follow. there is more:

    Hihger mind control nuetralizes fourth mental sphere: continouing consciousness. Sixth magnitude holds .inner coordinates of 6th dimensional outer time ESP network of Beta-Alpha channel. Seventh Gate of second diagonal of unity.

  • Hi, my name is Christina.
    I don't really understand this but I love your explanation of the law of time, on another page. Could you possibly explain it, please!?!

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