Kin From San Francisco Going to the Retreat?

    Hello im Gustavo Ik from México! My partner Paola kin 117 and I are arriving on San Francisco on kin 153 (15 of July) hopefully to stay there few days and then going to Mt Shasta for the Retreat and DOOT, if someone is traveling to the Event and have space for us let us know, also if there is any information on where to stay in SF or if someone can host us for a few days, we are willing to help with the expenses in any case. tnks

Gustavo Ik kin 2

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  • Gustavo have you had any luck in finding a place to stay in SF yet? This is all I could come up with for you but it's in Santa Cruz 

    Santa Cruz Youth Hostel, or Carmelita Cottages, on Main St. near the main beach. They have some strict curfews but it's a trippy historic scene. Not cheap either, like $25/night

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