I am coming from the Midwest USA...

I have solidified my arrangements at Stewart Mineral Springs.

I have not settled my travel plans yet. I am intending to get a great last minute flight or something more interesting. I am leaving some ends untied purposely, as to allow as much spontaneous magic as possible :) I had first imagined a new time pilgrimage across the country, by car, but I'm not attached to that idea... It will be too long of a drive to do alone, so if that doesn't materialize I'll just take a plane.... yep that is a hint to anyone out there contemplating a road trip from somewhere near the midwest, usa.... we could even drive there by rental car and fly home... the possibilities are limited only by our own minds :)

I am honored to have a space at this gathering! I have longed to partake in communion with others who see the immense value of this information and calendar change.

I thank you all, in advance for our future rendezvous.

In Lak' ech!!

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  • Sarah, sounds good thank you for doing that!!

    • Tim's email is selfexistingdog@gmail.com

      I believe he sent you a friend request and mesage. LOVE! 

  • Robin I am checking into 4-dog Tim Tussing's plans for travel from Ohio. Perhaps there is an opportunity there. I will keep ya posted. LOVE LOVE, Sarah spectral seed

  • Cecilia, I will check out Guy Finley and let you know. Thank you for the offering. I would be happy to share a rental car, but with my travel plans unsettled as yet, I am not sure where and when we could meet and if it would work out easily, so I will also respond further to that as we get closer. I'm looking forward to meeting you in person!!

  • I agree about the honor of being part of this. Cheryl, kin 2

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