Bridges of Unity

This crop circle was reported on June 7, 2015 in Pontecurone, Alessandria, Italy. More information and pictures are published here:

According to the Mayan calendar Tzolkin, 7th June 2015 is the 13th day of the White Castle, which continues from 26th May till 16th July 2015.

The whole Harmonic Module Tzolkin includes 5 castles of 52 days each, or 260 days in total. The White Castle is the second castle in Tzolkin and is dedicated to the development of the Yellow Warrior (Explore, Intelligence, Fearlessness). Receiving this energy, we all go into the role of Warriors, who have to explore the inner and outer world and on this way to develop our Intelligence, and we learn also to be fearless. 

The Yellow Warrior has to learn to fear nothing, even the death. The White Castle is also called “The Court of death”, because the second Wavespell in this castle is the Wavespell of the White WORLDBRIDGER – CIMI: Equalise, Opportunity, Death. The White Worldbridger teaches us, that everythings is transient, everything comes into being and dies, and we have to be ready to release things, which are obsolete, needless - in all aspects of our life - physical, spiritual, emotional - material things, thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, relations - in personal and in social aspect etc.

The crop circle has appeared at Pontecurone. Obviously, this place is chosen not by chance. The Italian word "Ponte” means “BRIDGE”, which amazingly corresponds with the WorldBRIDGER !!

On the pictogram we see 16 triangles: 8 in the inner ring and 8 in the outer ring. The number 16 symbolize the Yellow Warrior, which is Solar Seal No. 16.

The triangles 1, 2, 3 and 4 on the picture depict the “head” of the Warrior. Triangle 1 is the top part of his helmet, triangle 4 is the opening for the eyes, tiangles 2 and 3 are the “shoulders” of the Warrior.

There are 8 Warriors in total, in a circle, arm in arm or here literally shoulder in shoulder. It looks like they have built bridges to each other. The shoulder of each warrior is like a bridge to the neighbour. 
The warriors are connected also through an outer circle.
The warriors are united. They symbolize the United Humanity. The idea is, that we have to strive for Unity.

The White Worldbridger is the Challenging Energy of the Yellow Warrior. For him, it is a challenge to build bridges to the other people instead of fighting with them.

In the White Castle, the Warrior has also to find his center – on the picture this is the small circle with point in the center. The Yellow Warrior has to find his inner essence, his Inner Self. To find God in his heart, in his soul. To find his bridge to God, to the Universal Consciousness, to the Universal energy and information field. Only so he could derive strength from this field, which is an infinite energy source!

 June 7, 2015 is a day with the Solar Seal “Red Serpent” – Life force, Life stability, Instinct.
The Red Serpent is the Occult Teacher of the Yellow Warrior.
The Warrior searches where to receive strength. And just on the day of the Red Serpent the Warrior (the human, everybody) could find out, that he can receive the most infinite energy when he connects himself with God, with the Creator.

We have also to build BRIDGES to each other, to unite ourselves!
Just in the Unity is our greatest Strength!
The Warrior (and everybody) has to apprehend, that not the war, but the Unity gives the greatest Life force and Life stability!
We, the people, are strong, when we live in Peace and Unity.
We have to strive to build BRIDGES to each other, Bridges between the nations, Bridges of Peace and Unity!



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