This appeared in Marlborough, Wiltshire, UK on May 24, 2015. Synchronistically a bunch of us kin were finishing a 4 day symposium with the Red Queen for the visualization of galactic culture and world peace and the establishment of a cultural/education center on the West Coast (California). It was Blue Crystal Monkey Kin 51 - a great energy for a galactic round table where we were sectioned into 4 groups representing Education, Community, Banner of Peace outreach, and "Time Is Art".

Immediately I see a 13 pointed star surrounded by an orbit of four orbs which have light and dark sides. This could represent the four phases of the moon, and are unequally distributed around the 13 points, though could have their own symmetry representing an elliptic orbit within the drawing of a circle.

So my take: 13 directions and 4 Moons = 13 Moons of Peace

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