Hello my galactic friends!!

I'm connected for some time (not much) to this Tzolkin and everyday I found more art!
Although I'm connect just for something like half an year to the Mayan's time and I have almost finished "The Mayan Factor", I am connected for almost 2 years to Sacred Geometry and I was programming it for a big period of time. Something that I don't advice to anyone in case they don't want to get blessedly crazy!

Ok, so having this in mind, the first question that popped in my head after seeing the Mayan's ratio 13:20 was:
(sorry but it was like that) "Why the fuck they use a ratio that is separated by just 1 unit to the Fibonacci ratio?"

Just for us to be in harmony:
I believe that we all know what is the Phi Ratio: God's ratio that creates the golden spiral that has no beginning and no end:
But this Phi ratio is not only directly present through spirals, we can also see it all along our bodys:
And so, what is the Fibonacci sequence? In our simple human minds, we kind of can understand something without an end (kind of...) but, when we try to understand something without a beginning the story changes completely: we cannot!
If someone can, please tell me! Let's keep in mind that our human minds are manifestations of this Nature that we live!

So, what is Fibonacci sequence? Fibonacci sequence is Nature's "hack" to simulate Phi ratio in order to create with a beginning (in our simple human mind perspective)!
And to don't waste many time on things that probably no one wants to know, I'll just share this picture that I hope that proves my point:

So with this we realize that this ratio 21:13 that is pretty close to God's ratio, is also pretty similar to Mayan's ratio. We already shifted from "coincidence" to "synchronicity"!!

If we understand that there are no coincidences, we also accept that everything happens and there is a reason (and it doesn't mean that we need to know everything).
Still, having this in mind, I made my possible to understand why "Mayan's" ratio is 13:20 and guess what?? I realize that the frequency 13:20 is not more not less that a completely rational and logical perspective of the tzolkin: just seeing it as 13 tones passing through 20 symbols (the tzolkin)!
I also realize that time is art and us, maybe less than the Mayans, we are artists too! So I tried to create an artistic perspective on how the tzolkin might be seen as a manifestation of the frequency 21:13! And I didn't found it very difficult:
Instead of seeing it as 13 tones passing through 20 symbols we can see it as 20 symbols moving through 13 tones and therefore 20:13.
Now we have in fact 20 fingers in our hands, but don't we have a body that connects everything?
Actually we have 21 symbols being the 21st Hunab Ku (He even has a Archetype). Is Hunab Ku the body in this metaphor? Like Hunab Ku is the 21st that is in every kin and so everyone is 2 kins: Hunab Ku manifesting Himself, for example in my case, as a Sun! Basically we would be accepting that we are all God's creation and manifestation, we would be accepting that we are all one, "separated" by one of the 20 symbols and connected as ONE in the 21st!
I repeat this: this is art! But even in this art there is pretty much human logic!
And through this Mayan "artistic logic" we find a 21:13 frequency that is pretty close to God's frequency.

So now I ask myself: "Why in this world would I give my precious time to even write this discussion??"
Well in fact it doesn't even change a millimeter in the tzolkin!
But we all know that just by the fact that we think of 13:20 as a frequency, our "conscious thought" goes to Earth's consciousness, and works with it! We are all doing rainbow meditations aren't we :p (just some sarcasm)?
So, if we send to Earth's field of consciousness something pretty close to God's ratio, it might get pretty interesting! I mean, we all know that everything is mathematics, as our good friend Tesla said: "If you want to understand the universe think of it as a matter of energy and vibration" and therefore mathematics! We would be sending God's mathematics!
Then I take this to a more lunatic perspective.
Check out this picture:
What about if we manage to put our solar system in the "right" frequency, will it be manifested by moving it to this "arm of Light" of the Milky Way? After all, everything is spirals and we are just out of tune!

To all of us artists (being me, you, the Mayans and nature) of time:
I'm looking forward to ear from you now, in this communication wave (magnetic wind)!

Love and Gratitude,


Yellow Rythmic Sun

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21/13 = 1.6153 = one 60 one 53 = one Pacal one Quetzalcoatl = Lord of the Dawn

Galactic Activation Portal opened for you, would you like to enter? se habla español ^_^

Great one!!

I didn't realise that one before! 

Everything's connected :)

Love and gratitude,


The Maya have not vanished!

I see them in Boulder at four-thirty.

they are usually

cleaning toilets, operating garbage trucks, or getting shaken down by La Policia

(warning: not a joke)

there are endings and beginnings.


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