Something I am always very drawn to is how the basic codes of the Law of Time point to and confirm what I find to be profound but practical spiritual truths. By looking closely at its basic principles and interrelations vast storehouses of spiritual wisdom treasure can be found!

For example, a very basic principle in the Law of Time is the sequence of four, coded by the four colors: red, white, blue and yellow. Generally speaking this is a cycle of four days, such as Red Dragon, White Wind, Blue Night then Yellow Seed. It can also be seen as the four weeks of the Moon, Red Week 1, White Week 2, Blue Week 3 and Yellow Week 4.

The four colors themselves have four unique powers as well as unique relationships to each other:

Red (East): Initiates - Knowledge
White (North): Refines - Humility
Blue (West): Transforms - Patience
Yellow (South): Ripens - Power


Analog/supporting relationships:
Red + White;
Blue + Yellow

Antipode/challenge/strengthening relationships:
Red + Blue;
White + Yellow

Occult/hidden/unexpected relationships:
Red + Yellow;
White + Blue

If we apply these relationships to the powers of the colors - for example: Knowledge, Humility, Patience and Power - some profound but practical spiritual principles arise:

  • Knowledge supports Humility
  • Humility supports Knowledge
  • Patience supports Power
  • Power supports Patience
  • Knowledge challenges/strengthens Patience (You know but have to wait :)
  • Patience challenges/strengthens Knowledge (You must wait but already know :)
  • Humility challenges/strengthens Power
  • Power challenges/strengthens Humility
  • Knowledge is the unexpected power of Power
  • Power is the unexpected power of Knowledge
  • Humility is the unexpected power of Patience
  • Patience is the unexpected power of Humility

This is just one example of how the codes of the Law of Time lead to insight, and when then applied in a day-to-day cycle by following the 13 Moon calendar, the lessons of these principles come to life and can be engaged and explored deeper and deeper!

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Indeed the quality of anaologue kin is that they merge, ehich is the power of 19,

so knowledge and humility merge and so doPatience and Power

on the other hand the antipode powers, dont merge and establish mutual respect to each other position

Knowledge respects Patience as Humility respects Power :)


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