Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan - 7-day Seminar 441/Synchronotron - Day 1

First presentation of the 441 Synchronotron Cube Matrix system by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan at the Babaji Ashram in Cisternino, Italy, 2009. Translation by ...

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Comment by full name on August 29, 2013 at 12:31am

on 2storm i said 'but where to start the damn thing' .. and reading it back now i want to not miss an opp to parenthecize (parentheticize? ... cupping your text/hands / say a prayer ... for clarity ... and one thing that helped me an full awe in spadeslots .... find the fresh cracks not yet wiggled into ... scure me scurse me scuse me ... how's about a break here ... trice 11 (june 2011, seen 11x .. a short docu about monastic life in Tibet

.. now about that beginning ... Sepp Rotwangl makes much of the backdating cheaters in calenderization .... the type of people that work themselves up in church hierarchies ...

i'm sure he's all over the latter part of the files i already mentioned but i figure i might as well attempt an appetizer for them here/now:

ah, his book is out .. with a delicious play on the words title


heh .. he has an 11 11 page as well (link at the bottom).. forgot about that

i'll shut up now cause you lot are never very chatty anywho ... sayomsnora

Comment by full name on August 15, 2013 at 8:04am

hiyall .. i finished playing all 7 days .. jotted down a few notes

of course, i've been doing that for over a decade - gathered them in 2007 and stuck them on a google site .. the links at the bottom are 9x 1 to 2 hundred K each (they take dwnldng before you get to see them .. a strange 'test' google decided to do back then) ... gets you a great big load of colour though .. at the very least .. thoughts from the finest end of the filament - cable fabric/screen / fence/filter spectrum .. pointing at the opposite end ... in a weird way i claim credit for a lot of the folding JA proceeded to do after i kept harping on the schiz. aspects of his work ... which he actually makes fun of ...

part 2
1:33:00  Quran S20:V7
2:14:50 he mentions the schizophrenia in the 13moon calendar (change) movement.

skipping all notes i jotted i did since 2007 (same pace more or less) for now, here's the freshest ones:

3rd of august:

mentioned in my first comment above ..

     Mirror Cube demonstration of the Russell's Cubic Wave field.

i've been inside a larger one, in or near Approvecho above SF i believe.
Freaktastic ... wonder if someone will soon do a serial set of
synchronotronically personalized and movable ones with mirrors moving by
day numbers as well, .. that would be a trip. But nobody did such a thing for
the wavespell phase of the garden culture advocacy crew either so i won't
hold my breath.

i'll add a little illustration from my 'matrologician' to my collection.
100619-TesseractAnd4x4 -- Galois space

179 2storm, 16 magnitic, 10th of august

yesterday nite i heard JA go on, the 4th day of his week long italy thing,
about 999 (the date at that mo, and refer to the bulgarian group [laszlo]
planning for 10/10/10s and 11/11/11s as well as 12/12/12s
he mentions 13/13/13 but doesn't make much of it ... now, that date
obviously fits the 13 moon calendar only and not the others, so we make a
switch .. but where to start the damn thing, an equinox, solstice, a 4ahau
(obvious connect with 3113 after all?) ... either way, a year plus 29 must be
special. On that same day he goes into how the sun's equator spins faster
than it's pole 29/33 if i remember correctly ... also the speeds and spins of
sirius B are given attention

9th of july 2014, 252 5human

Comment by full name on August 9, 2013 at 5:41am

      Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan - 7-day Seminar 441/Synchronotron
     - Day 1  ----- youtubed on Aug 8, 2013
     First presentation of the 441 Synchronotron Cube Matrix system
     by Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan at the Babaji Ashram in
     Cisternino, Italy, 2009.

in the 1:09th minute (of 3:30Hourz*) he says he used the quran as a double
blind test .. 2 minutes later he remarks again about how new fetish numbers
'evolve' into view / recognition.
Does he mean revolve? As in rocks that polish rather thand dissolve under
constant gentle washes (under pressure?); they reoccur, persist, peep out
of the soup as it bobs, thickens and swirls from your stirring massage
messenger and mediumship ..

1:23:00 quick feltpen thingie he called hunab ku .. which looks like that peek
into a mirror cube a few vids back in my 144 vid savant list

i really must begin to carry large notebooks also ...

magic of 7 at 2:04 perfect cyclic recombinant .. well behaved

* at 2:30 the second part/third (of the video) starts over ...can somebody inform the uploader? .. the comments are disabled

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