N.S. Kin 83


Beloved Planetary Kin, may the grace of Allah Hunab Ku be with you all¡


Who writes to you is kin 202 ( Ik nehuen), kin 232 and 234 on behalf of the galactic tribe  GM108X of the Noospheric Reserve in the Bio-region of the Star, Cordoba Argentina.


We are happy to let you know that know 1800 mts2 of magical nature have become a “ Noospheric reserve” house of the galactic culture at 1.000 mts altitude over the sea. Where 2 steams of pute water run trough the land that recalls to Procyn with elders trees and mystic songs born in silence.


We three Ik Nehuen, Humana and her little daughter Mainhdra Maya, write to you because we feel we have to be present on Mt.Shasta for the “Anchoringour galactic archetype” retreat and on the fabulous galactic Shyncronization in the representation of the magnetic South pole and the holon the Star. We feel that is part of our planetary service as bio-telepatic solar cell of down south to unificate us in this event with the telepatic kins of the north; in this way we all togheter can put in motion the magnet of the planetary being.

 We have surrender our lives to the armonic vision of the rainbow bridge and to the syncronic order brought to us by the discovering of the Law of Time and by the GM108X stream of the Cosmic History and the life of Valum Votan.


After living, putting ourselves to the service, and experiment the 13:20 frequency on Jardin de paz Mundial Epuyen, Aldea de Paz Magos de Tollan and Tiempo de Brotar we are blessed with this peacefull place where  as Earth Wizards we can do our holy function, transform ourselves and keep on growing to make our galactic root strong and enlightened our Pachamama.


We ask now for your help, if you feel it and you can, we need economical assistance to get to holon of the eagle, United States of America. We are fundraising for two plane tickets and for one place in the retreat of U$ 260 and the bed-in. We are more than willing and well disposed to put ourselves to the service of any task that it may appear in any event to reciprocate this energy colaborations in harmony and love.

 Each Airplane ticket cost exactly U$ 1600 and we are doing our best effort to raise howmuch we can for our part.

The exchange of U$ dolars to $ Peso Argentino is 1 to 6 in the market and 1 to 9 in the black market.

Now and here we count with $1900 pesos that would be in dollars U$ 345.


We know, understand and make magic, so we know that nothing is impossible and if Hunab ku wanted us to be there he will lead us and open our way.


In any way you can help us, such as economic, air milles; or if you know any sturdust who can sell us cheap plane tickets or whatever creative way we will be most than thankfull and happy and fullfilling our planetary service.


May you all be blessed.


                                                  Let us all become galactic, Servam Mangalam; In Lak Ech¡

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