" priests of the sun transmiting higher solar energy to see the soul of the serpent initiates"

I´ve been born this way in the sacred center of the circle

the secret vajra behaviour brought me back to walk this holy Earth in a good and sacred way

I´ve call upon the mountains and they remember the covenant

the three inner seals guide me trough the passages of the dream-like mirrow

Awaken once more

seeking the self-trascended reality room of joy and compassion

Awaken once more

a primitive force of life liberated from the ancient future

I walk this empty world making the tunnels in time

LISTEN AGAIN, the heart discipline is the child discipline, NONE¡

Freedom and the dream will disolve in the rainbow light

I´ve been born this way submited to the higher powers

practicioner of the noble truth

embraced by the family that holds the sacred fire

so vulnerable, so little

with an army of angels blazing thunder in my eyes

trough the path of the cosmic tree i´venlearn the lenguage of silence

would you remember how to believe?

can´t you see i´m crying

i´m just an old star traveler

i came from a red pyramid

where all my people are blue

the vast open universe unfolds dazlinf with the cosmic sky teachings and the absolute truth of love resonante in the core of every star

The femenine space dancer absorbs herself in the continious contemplative motion of the mahamudra mandala only to be fill white the tender soft light of the male archetypes.

I´ve seen worlds come and go, eras vanished trough my feet like sand

I´ve been born and reborn

i´ve been never been born at all

i´ll tell you this no eternal reward will forgive us now for wasting the dawn

this is the fury of the divine messenger and the call has been made to the four corners, the stand people, to the rock people, to the feadered people and to the four legged people and now telephaty has made us inevitable one.

rise, oh rise, sweet feadered serpent and speak us

i can see the morning light

i can hear the birds sing

all the childrens arise

this is the indomitable day

join us in this perfect loop

step up and find your place in the circle

there are mystic rainbow dragons guarding our dreams

turn into the myst of the unkow

get out and meet the rain that is coming for you

oh tender friend is time now

the waves of the sun had show the way

the mountains are calling and the ritual dance had open all the doors

took by the hands and be fearfull of god once again; te morning star have gived me this strage fever of the people of the earth.

Oh i can see the white buffallo

oh the sacred couple keepers of time have arrived from their house in the sky

come and gather in the good ways

get togheter in the holy ways

time has come for the sun to rise once again...

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