Venus and Mars Save the Day!

Aloha Planetary Kin, this is your cosmic sky watcher Randy Bruner--Cosmic Hand, coming to you from the 19.5 portal on the Big Island of Hawaii. I've always been an avid Skywatcher. I love to see the planets move across the sky and particularly to view the full moon rising. This text was inspired by my watching the full moon rise conjunct Jupiter out of the Pacific Ocean from the coast here in Hawaii.

The Maya were also avid skywatchers. They lived their lives in an attempt to play out on the earth what was playing out in the sky. So, I'd like to see the same thing happening in the present time. When I watch the planets move across the sky, when I watch the full moon rise, I embody that energy in myself. As the full moon was rising conjunct Jupiter, Venus and Mars Neptune and Chiron were setting on the other side of the sky. Uranus was up above them trining the moon conjunct Jupiter rising.

As Venus and Mars were conjunct and closing in on each other for an exact conjunction, Chiron was right between them. The Healer in the sky, between Venus and Mars as they come together. Then Neptune was also very close to Venus as she was moving in on Mars. This is the opportunity for the highest dreams, goals and ideals of Neptune to heal the coming together of the Divine Masculine and Feminine.

That conjunction of planets was going down while the Moon conjunct Jupiter was coming up. With Venus and Mars coming together with the healing power of Chiron and the highest visions of Neptune, this allows the Moon to embody the emotion of love. The full Moon rose conjunct Jupiter in its full power. So, the power of love can transform the power of Jupiter from religion to it's natural state of spirituality. This conjunction was also trine Uranus, which is the power of the lightning bolt. The coming together of Venus and Mars with the healing power of Chiron and the highest vision of Neptune, combined with the lightning bolt of Uranus and the full power of the Moon and it's embodiment of love sets the stage for the transformation of religion back into spirituality. 

This day was Red Rhythmic Dragon in the Tzolkin, the day to organize in order to nurture the Birth of Being. The planets in the sky were lining up to nurture the birth of Spirituality. In truth, it's a return to the original Spirituality and the breaking of the spell of religion.

These are the energies I was embodying as I watched these celestial events unfold. They also inspired me to look forward to the upcoming celestial events of this spring, most importantly the upcoming lunar eclipse cycle, which is been described as the "Blood" Moon by the media. We have had two opposing Solar/Lunar eclipse cycles already in the cycle of four.  So, we are in the middle of the cycle.

I take issue with the description of the total lunar eclipse as the "Blood" Moon. It is far from that. The total eclipse of the Moon is the earth taking away the light of the Moon at its fullest. This opens a doorway symbolically, to the depth of our emotions, where we all truly want to love and be loved. But, we are burdened with fear piled on top of fear, so that we never actually reach the depth of our emotions, where true love resides.

The designation of the "Blood" Moon is designed to invoke fear. It also invokes the negative aspect of Mars, the power of War (blood). The purpose of the total lunar eclipse is to reach the love at the depth of our emotions. I suggest we begin by describing the total lunar eclipse as the "Love" Moon. The next total lunar eclipse falls on the first day of the Planetary Moon of Manifestation. What do we want to manifest? Do we want to manifest a "Blood" Moon or do we want to manifest a "Love" Moon? It is also kin one, Red Magnetic Dragon, which is the beginning of the Tzolkin. The beginning of a new cycle of Spirit and the new cycle of Manifestation comes with the total lunar eclipse. 

The full Moons are now lining up with the Cycles of the Sun. The full Moon described above was at the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. The next solar eclipse in the cycle is going to be on the Spring Equinox. 

What I've shared with you so far is what has happened in the sky already, and what I have observed and embodied in myself. Now I'm going to look forward and share with you the planetary aspects that are coming up very soon and over the next couple of moons, leading up to the total lunar eclipse. 

As I watch the planets Venus and Mars move closer and closer to each other in the evening sky, I've become aware that the light of Venus is outshining the light of Mars by a considerable margin. And that by the time they become conjunct, Mars will be lost in the light of Venus. I think this is a very symbolic aspect in the sky.  The power of Venus, the power of beauty, love and harmony, so outshines Mars that Mars is lost in its light. This gives Mars the opportunity to be transformed by the beauty of Venus into the power of passion. The power of Mars originally was passion. However, it was co-opted long ago and transformed into the power of aggression and the God of War.

When Venus and Mars are conjunct, they are also conjunct the Moon. The Moon has just moved away from being a new moon. It is only a couple of days old when it is conjunct Venus and Mars. This conjunction occurs at exactly the Equinox point in the sky. The Spring Equinox is the balance point in the cycle of the Sun. So, with Venus and Mars coming together with the Moon, the power of Love balances the aspects of the masculine and feminine, and restores the power of Mars back to the power of passion and away from the power of War.  This exact conjunction occurs in just a couple of days, on Galactic Moon 14 (Feb. 20) or White Planetary Mirror (which is a GAP day). It also occurs one moon ahead of the Solar Eclipse, which will be on the Spring Equinox.

So, when Venus and Mars come together with the Moon, it opens the GAP and clears the doorway for the beginning of a new cycle of the Sun. We've transformed the power of the moon into the power of Love. So, when Venus and Mars come together in love, White Planetary Mirror clears the gate and opens the GAP to manifest the perfection of the order of love in the matrix of the earth. This is the Planetary Tone of the GAP, setting us up for the Planetary Moon of Manifestation.

The next day, Galactic Moon 15, (Feb 21) which is Blue Spectral Storm, is the day to dissolve limitations in order to Catalyze Self-Generation. On this day the Moon moves off of Venus and Mars, with the power of love, into a conjunction with Uranus, the power of the lightning bolt, on a Storm day, with the power of the Storm doubled. The lightning bolt of Love is also trine the planets Jupiter and Saturn. This gives the power of Love the power to Liberate the energies of Jupiter and Saturn back to their original energies, from the matrix of the solar system.

Jupiter holds the energy of Spirituality and the ability for each of us to access Spirit or God in our own way, and to have a personal experience of it.  This energy was co-opted long ago and replaced with Religion, which denies each of us personal access to Spirit. Saturn holds the energy of abundance. This energy was also co-opted long ago and replaced with materialism and the hard taskmaster.

These aspects show that through the power of love and the beauty of Venus, the energy of Mars can be restored to passion. Then the coming together of everyone in Love brings the lightning bolt of Love to Liberate the power of Spirituality from Jupiter, and the power of Abundance from Saturn. This will restore the Matrix of energy in the solar system and on planet Earth. This is all occurring in the Wavespell of Purification.

These aspects occur across the very center of the Galactic Moon of Integrity. There are more aspects related to these powers of Transformation. I will share the new info with you in subsequent posts, but I wanted to send this out before the Venus and Mars Conjunction.

Venus and Mars are now conjunct and will play a role all the way through the Total lunar eclipse. Let's all come together in love and transform the world. "Make Love, Not War" is more relevant now than ever before.

Randy Bruner - Blue Cosmic Hand

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  • Cool Moon report...go on, Randy we love to read you and connect

  • thank you very nice

  • Thank you so much, Randy! Ever since this Wavespell of the Red Moon began I felt spaced out, and on a total emotional roller coaster. I knew it was the suppressed scum at the bottom of the well of my being rising to the surface to be revealed, reviewed, and removed. So glad to end this Wavespell of the Red Moon with such wonderful insights and on such a positive note! Bring on the "Love Moons"!

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