120 art modalities

Study and research of the 120 art modes in the Law of Time.

 What are the 120 art modes?

 How do we express these art modes in our lives?

 How do these art modes relate to the blending of the senses in synesthesia?

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Seven rays, sub rays and the base matrix.

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Hiya! I found your Seven Rays image while googling my business Galactic Modalities. What came up was the 120 art modes on galactic spacebook. It inspired me to do my first Public art that I am…Continue

Started by TINNIMMI Rose Ecliptic. Last reply by Lynn T Bright Jul 13, 2017.

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Comment by Lynn T Bright on February 1, 2015 at 7:25pm

Thank you for all your comments.

The reference material is taken from CH Vol. III p.199.

here it is: The art codes “All the information is present in the human being in accordance with their levels of consciousness because the truths have been card indexed in their genes. Their unfoldment is dependent on the evolution in question.”         — Mevlana , The Knowledge Book Cosmic Science says that within the corpus callosum lies the behavioral codes (UR runes), and the metabolic pattern (See CH Vol. II ). These two code programs correspond to the different senses as they are coded by the six types of cosmic electricity (See Vol. II , p. 185). There are six forms of cosmic electricity, five sensory modalities, and two hemispheres (positive and negative). There are 60 potential modalities that affect the senses; these possible combinations are the basis of synesthesia. When we

radialize our perceptual system, the hemispheres become differentiated into four parts: right front, left front, right rear, and left rear. The metabolic codes are doubled for each hemisphere, creating 60 x 2 art code modalities—120 in all. Humans have only scratched the surface of understanding the underlying structure of how these art codes are built into our system. It is our duty to uncover these codes. The table of 120 art code modalities should be systematically studied and applied. Understanding the fundamental sensory metabolic codes will build the basis of a new synasthetic, multisensory experience on behalf of the planeto-cosmic art whole. As we enter this new world, we must consciously tune into these 120 modalities that connect and radialize all forms of our senses into different harmonic patterns and psycho-electronic frequencies. All art codes are within us. The art codes of music are the key codes; the harmonics are very precise. If sound is dissonant, we can hear it. If colors clash, we can see it. If something is rotten, we can smell it. Of course there are subjective variations, but most people agree on what sounds dissonant or harmonious, what colors clash or complement, and what smells good or bad. This is because the human nervous system and sense organs are installed with a harmonic program of art codes.

The seven ray graphic that I created follows the seven rays  on theses two attached graphics. I am speculating as to the sub rays. The first ray is also the first subray. They interlock in a symmetrical balance and follow the 21 x 21 grid.

Comment by Bob Minea on February 1, 2015 at 5:40pm

I can guess the 120 Art Modes map the synesthesization, or radialization of the 5 Senses. These Senses are each portrayed on the Holomind Perceiver/Synchronoton in each of the 4 main quadants.

The idea is to be aware of sensory reaction  simultaneously in all the quadrants according to the values of the quadrants being triggered. Or something.

Note that the Senses in the two AC Quadrants (creation & ascension) are plus Touch, Taste, & sublimated Sight, Sound. Smell in all the quadrants is neutral. The Senses in the CA quadrants (synchronic, cube) are opposite the AC.

This interesting because it suggests "plus" externalizes & transmits, while the sublimating internalizes, receiving from within, in other words, accessing the pre-conscious/subliminal (4th dimensional et al) information.

Perhaps these 120 Art Modes give us a means to exercise radialization, & telepathic sensory extension...?

Comment by Bob Minea on February 1, 2015 at 5:16pm

Okay, well, all the numbers & the Central doubled numbers govern 9 squares each of the 21 X 21 grid. The Central doubled numbers are also the #1's of all the other sequences. So, whatever applies to the Base Matrix corresponds to one of the Seven Rays? Whenever a Central doubled number is triggered, it means.....? & how do I interpret the Doubledness?

Comment by Bob Minea on February 1, 2015 at 6:49am

Lynn, can you list for us the 120 Art Modes, &/or point us in the direction of reference material?

What is the key to using the 7 Rays Graphic?


Comment by Lynn T Bright on January 30, 2015 at 11:06am
  1. Psychophysics is the study of the phenomena that affect the senses from which then mental data of some type is established (Cosmic science call these mental data, analphs, which correspond to the “names” of different sets of vibrations known as colors, forms, sounds. Psychophysics deals with, not only acoustics and optics, but also olfactory (nasal), gustatory (taste), and tactile (touch). From a Cosmic Science point of view, olfactory refers to the sensations of different types of molecules inhaled through the nose and charged with particular qualities that define an entire spectrum of possibilities. This olfactory spectrum ranges from overwhelmingly intoxicating and seductive perfumes to the foulest types of odors stemming from the decay of different molecular structures. Gustatory is similar to olfactory and refers to an entire range of sensations of different types of molecules charged with different qualities or “flavors” that define a spectrum of tastes from sweet to sour, and salty to bland as well as textures of every kind, fruit, flesh, grain, creamy, liquid, gelatinous, etc. Finally, tactile refers to the whole range of sensations aroused by kinetic agitation of molecules on the surface areas of the body. These, again, define an entire range of qualities from sensuous and erotic, to ticklish, abrasive and downright painful. All of these sensations are registered neurally and transmitted to the receiving and sorting stations in the brain where they are compounded with acquired conceptualized notions or analphs that arouse various responses from individual to individual. All of this describes psychophysics. Modern physics co-opts the sensory data, reducing it to a pure physicalist factory.

Page(s): 149,  Ibid.



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