Have you encountered the Advaita Vedanta movement? Are you aware that, in their eyes, the real you is shapeless and formless? Further, in their eyes, the chief cause of all suffering is the thought: "I am this body."

In other words, these people are firmly convinced that they are the movie screen and it really doesnt matter what happens on it.

Further, in this interview with Stephanie South - she clearly is in favor of eliminating poverty, sickness, etc. But the pure awareness crowd would say that she is identified with a fictional world with fictional dream characters.

Now, I certainly dont want any strife, and it's easy for me to compare/contrast the two views. But I am curious about those who try to CONTROL and CREATE versus those who are into PURE BEING and PURE AWARENESS.

What universal religion can there be with such widely varying viewpoints?

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It doesn't matter.

I'm not sure what doesnt matter, but I think I see the problem with the Pure Awareness Crowd. We read in CHC IV that Number precedes Consciousness. So there is order (and health) available in the Synchronic Order which creates the 3rd dimension. 

So illness is similar to the Gregorian calendar. The dis-ease that calendar programs into the mind leads to a mind which creates a dis-eased body.

The argument doesn't matter. It's like two people tuned to two different radio stations who are arguing about which one is listening to the "True" station. My viewpoint (the channel I prefer) is that the synchronic order transcends individual channels by creating acausal relationships that point to a deeper truth.
i agree brOTHER. i realize that ppl like daniel pnchhbeck share space with illuminati sell outs like russell brand, ppl who most definately do not have the good interest of the 7 billion in their hearts. this is a time for true discernment and being able to lift the veil of ones own illusion of needing for it all to be good. there is a lot of evil at work on this earth in this time and it is growing and potentiating infiltrating even our personal circles. my the pure light of being and awareness overcome the blue beam of the occult program. leave the books alone and allow ur inner knowing to guide, teach and inform you. we are raw human beings, spirit of the universe and our birthright is direct knowing and direct experience. blessings to all, even the dark ones, for with out them we would not know the magnificence of our potential and power. light apon light

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