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    Checking in today on Kin 88: Planetary Star


    Just living the Planetary Serpent life..

    typical ancient knowledge flowing through the brain piece,

    Jose, Lao Tzu, past life memories, prayers to Krishna and Ganesh, prayers to El An Ra, to the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light and to Hunab Ku and the Arcturians.

    To the 7 - directions and the winds and the elements.

    To Ixchel, and to the Well of the Three Sisters above which Odin hung after giving one of his eye.

    To Pacal, and to Kinich Ahau and the Kin within.

    Water is Life. Time; and what we do with it: is our sacred art. A dance. A ceremony. A choice.

    I'm an aspiring software engineer in this 3D, I plan one day to make more applications for people to more easily interact and integrate the 13:20 into daily life.

    Keeping focused, and reminding my-self and my-soul; there is a Path Beyond Technology.

    Walk it.

    There's so much I don't know yet, but I am quiet and patient as I continue to learn.

    How check my perspectives, and maintain alignment of purpose and of truth with that which is Beyond the Beyond.

    A serpent initiate, initiated by time itself; but also in my heart it has happened.

    Nothing to doubt, but not everything is meant for me. Not everything need be my truth for me to follow my own synchronicities in peace, and with gratitude in this long journey.

    Virtues unfading.

    Abhorring the 12:60, I re-check the foundation of my mind. It must be possible to co-exist (for we do already) thus; there must be an even greater harmony at work in this universe, beyond this comprehension.

    Asking the right questions goes much farther; all things flourish beyond duality...

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    Yo soy el Iniciado Serpiente de la Sabiduría

    Codificado por la Serpiente Roja

    El cinco es mi número, ya que la quinta fuerza

    Es mi poder secreto

    Soy el morador de las cuevas ocultas

    Y los templos de la Tierra

    Los mundos perdidos y las razas raíz del pasado están

    Incluidos en mi ser

    Mi cuerpo es la ermita que sostiene

    El conocimiento del lado oculto de las cosas

    Soy la serpiente de la luz astral

    La fuerza vital de la kundalini

    La fuente de luz y vibración misma

    Generadora del circuito eléctrico rojo

    El misterio de la electricidad

    Está enrollado en mi ser

    En mi frente llevo el signo

    De la serpiente que crea

    Los ciclos de la vida universal

    El árbol del tiempo que gira en ambos sentidos

    Es el símbolo de mi sabiduría

    Para conocerme, necesitas dejar de ser

    Quién piensas que eres

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