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    If time is art... it is no longer commerce... and thus no longer subject to Gregorian calanedar / Roman Cannon Law.... Free of all previous cultural influences, including roman civil "law". 

    If that is so, then the new "covenant" of this new "era" of a new time must be from a different ethic, one that fulfils all law... the singularity that evaporates all fraud/fiction - that is equity (fairness/justice/right).

    Trusts yes... Equity yes... Contract?  No.  Correct the relations to all Fictions of the former estate, live from a new trust, in equity from the substance of love and all fiction/fraud can be extinguished.

    Redemption from all debt/obligations from the former estate is only thru chosing to express one's intent to live in the new (trust) estate which is Royal Law (loving one's neighbor as oneself).    Moving from volunteer (of debt/bondage/war) into liberty (life of love/trust/equity) is a matter of heart, mind and soul.  Trivium leads by knowledge, understanding and wisdom... Application of this trinity is what proofs 'life', born a-new into a new 'heaven's and new 'earth' by expression of trust in love.

   MT Konig


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