Clarification on some pulsar cosmology

Im doing some more in depth work with the pulsar codes. Now its always portrayed as magnetic(red), lunar(white, electric(blue),self existing (yellow). However in the arcturus probe at the end it says self existing(red), electric(white),lunar(blue),magnetic(yellow). Id like some clarification on this. Thanks so much

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  • Con la Sonda de Arcturus, en la parte de los púlsares, creo que puedo responder a tu pregunta.

    Dice así: "Para cualquier CASTILLO, la verdadera secuencia de 13 ARMÓNICAS crea su propia Onda Encantada en la que los púlsares invierten la cosmología". A continuación coloca los 13 tonos como las 13 ARMÓNICAS DE LOS 52 KIN DE UN CASTILLO. Por orden:

    Tonos: 1 Autoexistente, 2 Glactica, 3 Cristal, y estas tres corresponde a la Onda Encantada Roja (de cualquier Castillo), y forman el Pulsar de la tercera dimensisón  de la mente.

    Tonos: 4 Electrico, 5 Resonante, 6 Espectral, les correponde la Onda E. Blanca (De cualquier Castillo), y el Pulsar de la segunda dimensión de los sentidos.

    Tonos: 7 Lunar, 8 Rítmico y 9 Planetario, le corresponde a la Onda E. Azul (en cualquier Castillo), pulsar de la primera dimensión de la vida.

    Tonos: 10 Magnético. 11 Entonado, 12 Solar y 13 Cósmico, le corresponde a la Onda E. Amarilla (de cualquier Castillo), Pulsar de la Cuarta dimensión del tiempo.

    Cada tono está formado por los 4 sellos de la armónica correspondiente, por ello al comenzar la onda encantada roja, la 1ª armónica va del sello rojo al amarillo, por ello se llama AUTOEXISTENTE, y así sucesivamente...

    Recuerda, está hablando de la onda encantada de 13 armónicas de un castillo, y vale igual para los 5 castillos.

    En lak'ech.

  • 2175986441?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024I will try to add 2 Images to this, but first: calculating the electrical pulsar freq. for the Crystal Hand (dec.21, 2012) experience,    1st, the Tetrahedron of the Magnetic Pulsar: Warrior is codespell 16, in the magnetic(37) position. Multiply the 2 numbers = frequency.

    Sun is codespell 20, in the Overtone(14) position...etc.

    Seed is codespell 4, in Solar(30) position...etc.

    Star is codespell 8, in the Cosmic (46) position...etc.

    Crystal Hand is in Self-existing Mind Pulsar, codespell is 7, Crystal(42) position...etc

    Night is codespell 3, in Galactic(26) position...etc.

    Storm is codespell 19, in self-existing(10) position...etc.

    Frequencies less than 441 are BMU number, frequencies greater than 441, subtract 441 from that number for the BMU.

    Plug these numbers into the Holomind Perceiver, or explore the visualizing of the pulsars with crystals as suggested in Jose's writings.

    • So I fallow the math altho how do you determine that warrior =Magnetic position? Would not warrior be in the electric position? And on a side note im curiouse how you usltilize the magnitudes portrayed in the HMP. Iv been using them to determine kin equivilances based on the master coordinating kin. Ex. If its -7 then I would subract 7 kin from the master coordinating frequency and breath the code into that particular section of my brain.
    • 2175986308?profile=RESIZE_1024x1024

  • Thanks for your replies iv deffinitely covered that where im getting stuck is in the time lenses as described in the bulletin it mentions how the tone gets their value for example the 4d time pulsar says tone 1 is 108. Now in the probe it mentions the tonal frequency for magnetic is 37. Now there is also the term used intirnal initiating harmonics. So what im trying to understand is how does the 108 work with the 37 and what in particular is each refering too. Also when we talk frequencies are we mesuring with kin? 108 kin? 37kin?
  • "pg 185 A P: "For any Castle the actual 13-harmonic sequence creates its own wavespell in which pulsars reverse cosmology.""  This happens a lot, depending on context... remember: Zuvuya!  Draw & map out all your queries & witness their dance... fractal compressions are particularly instructive...        "13-harmonic sequence" is the key... understanding that paves the way for many initiatic experiences.

  • a section from Intergalactic Bulletin #9: Archetypes, Time Lenses & Telektonon Units...

    Appendix: Tonal Values in the Hunab Ku 21

    All galactic tones are functions of four time lenses. The frequency of the time lens determines the tonal value. The time lenses represent higher-dimensional time engineering creation devices that are encoded with harmonic orders based on fundamental powers of 9.

    Each of the four types of time lenses is loaded with an archetypal design template by means of which the time beams focused through them can establish renewals of creation.

    The time lenses are frequencies of 108 (9 x 12), 144 (9 x 16)  216 (6³, or 9 x 24), and 288 (9 x 32). Two master time lenses are established by combining the first two lenses and the last two lenses, or a 432 frequency lens and an 864 frequency lens. (432 = 108 x 4 = 144 x 3) (864 = 216 x 4 = 288 x3)

    These two master lenses actually represent great cycles of time, one of 432,000 years and the other of 864,000 years.

    The 864,000-year lens is the unity in time of cosmic wholeness where all the seeds of the past and of the coming worlds are gathered together.

    The 432,000-year lens is the lens of the star councils (Arcturus-Sirius) where all aspects of the 2012 script and the cosmic renewal cycle are prepared. The two master lenses contain the nature of the programs focused through the templates of the four different time lenses.

    Four different archetypal templates loaded with the two general types of programs – cosmic wholeness or cosmic renewal – accommodate the 13 galactic tones that correspond to one of the four time pulsars. The combination of the tone and the time lens frequency value create what is called the tonal value.

    [Time Lens 108]Time Lens 1 -Fourth-Dimensional Time Pulsar (Tones 1, 5, 9, 13)

    Time Lens 108 Star Mind Template coordinates tones 1, 5, 9, 13 (time pulsar)
    Tone 1 tonal value = 1 x 108 = 108 Magnetic frequency power of attraction
    Tone 5 tonal value = 5 x 108 = 540 Overtone frequency power of radiance
    Tone 9 tonal value = 9 x 108  = 972 Solar frequency power of pulsation
    Tone 13 tonal value = 13 x 108 = 1404 Cosmic frequency power of endurance

    Sum frequency of 4-D time pulsar = 3024 = 28 x 108: Harmonic timing standard established as star template of galactic mind.

    [Time Lens 144]Time Lens 2 - First-Dimensional Life Pulsar (Tones 2, 6, 10)

    Time Lens 144 Template of Tollan (New Jerusalem) coordinates tones 2, 6 and 10 (life pulsar)
    Tone 2 tonal value = 2 x 144 = 288 Polar frequency power of stabilization
    Tone 6 tonal value = 6 x 144 = 864 Rhythmic frequency power of balance
    Tone tonal value = 10 x 144 = 1440 Line of planetary frequency power of manifestation

    Sum frequency of 1-D life pulsar = 2592 = 144 x 18: 18-dimensional universe frequency of architecture of galactic life – foundation of Tollan.

    Combine to create Master Time Lens 432
    Sum frequency = 3024 + 2592 = 5616 = 52 x 108 (solar galactic time frequency) = 144 x 39 (triple order in time of the Life Temple of Tollan)

    [Time Lens 216]Time Lens 3 - Second-Dimensional Sense Pulsar (Tones 3, 7, 11)

    Time lens 216 Template of the Cosmic Cube coordinates tones 3, 7, 11 (sense pulsar)
    Tone 3 tonal value = 3 x 216 = 648 Electric frequency power of bonding
    Tone 7 tonal value = 7 x 216 = 1512 Resonant frequency power of attunement
    Tone 11 tonal value = 11 x 216 = 2376 Spectral frequency power of dissolving

    Sum frequency of 2-D sense pulsar = 4536 = 216 (cube matrix) x 21 (power of unity of Hunab Ku): Cube of time space matrix becomes ark of cosmic evolution realized as sensory spectrum of galactic order of being

    [Time Lens 288]Time Lens 4 - Third-Dimensional Mind Pulsar (Tones 4, 8, 12)

    Time lens 288 Template of the Sphere of the Polar Harmonic coordinates tones 4, 8, 12 (mind pulsar)
    Tone 4 tonal value = 4 x 288 = 1152 Self-Existing frequency power of morphogenesis
    Tone 8 tonal value = 8 x 288 = 2304 Galactic frequency power of holonomy
    Tone 12 tonal value = 12 x 288 = 3456 Crystal frequency power of universalization

    Sum frequency of 3-D mind pulsar = 6912 = 24 x 288 = 108 x 64: Stabilizing frequency of universal polar harmonic establishes Velatropa sector as base for generation of enlightened seed forms of galactic time travel.

    Time lens of seeds of cosmic wholeness established = 4536 + 6912 = 11448 =
    216 x 53 power of Sirian rebirth attains frequency of cosmic ark of consciousness
    Cosmic Cube established as new order of mind.

    The tonal values represent frequencies of harmonic creation in time. They should be studied for their intrinsic harmonic qualities and values in relation to other factors in the synchronic process. Like all harmonic numbers their telepathic frequency capacities increase with levels of intrinsic harmonic incidence, i.e., composite multiple factors that constitute the number's internal order. For example: 864 = 108 x 8, 216 x 4, 144 x 6, and 288 x 3, but also 27 x 32, 36 x 24, 9 x 96, 72 x 12, etc.

    Also study the differences between the frequencies, for instance 3456 crystal frequency power minus 1404 cosmic frequency power = 2052 = 108 x 19,4th dimensional star mind template (108) moved by power of divine command (19).

    [Graphic Showing the four time lenses in the 13-tone Wavespell]

  • "Magnetic, Lunar, Electric,etc." are tones, & are independent of color designations. As Magnetic Skywalker, it is red, but as Magnetic Human it is yellow. The Pulsar codes in Arcturus are a challenge, play with them til you "get it", in theirselves they are an initiatic journey.

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