Hey guys, this is what I've posted on my blog about the Skywalker wave! 

Skywalker wave @ 13xproductions.com

I'd love to hear your comments.

Especially from the Skywalkers out there. What do you have to say about this time?


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  • i think there are "close kin" and "distant kin,"

    sort of like there are Sun in Scorpio types, and Moon in Scorpio types who relate.

    Anyway, out of interest, I wish you well.

    I had the suspicion that all Earth humans were related, anyway, before I encountered Arguelles, back in 1987, and that well known harmonic convergence.

    But I am a Spectral Worldbridger...maybe I am just performing my function.

    I wish you well, on this day...


    Crystal Moon Seli 2 
    Kin 113, Red Solar Skywalker

  • Muy buena creación, gracias !

  • I'm a 13 Reed in the Traditional Tzolkin... Magnetic Worldbridger in Dreamspell... A very interesting 1-13 span...

    Learned a lot lately about being a 13 Reed which is 13-13 and the basis of Red Skywalker.

    The Traditional symbol is a Hollow Reed plant, capable of working with prophecy because we are "hollow" and a very open channel.

    Best advice is a Metal pipe and a garden hose both serve the same function... Yet the hose enjoys flexibility...
  • Word to my Skywalkers. I did a set of readings in my family and caught 3 Red Rhythmic SW and 2 other forms as well. Our family has like 23 people so it was a huge find. Two of the people I 'caught', by the way I play readings like Pokemon and tick off the Tzolkin after every successful new find, had the name 'Lynn' or Lynda. I went to behind the name.com and found that Lynn means 'Lake'. After spending time considering the SW glyph, I conclude that SW is the representation of the sky on earth as the lake. Look at the image and notice how there is sky and an earth. The earth reflects the sky from above as though the place shown was a reflection from a lake. This is a part of what makes the SW a sky walker for space and reflection are inmate connections. 

  • im  still trying to find out what this is all about.. im a red lunar sky walker

    • Sky Walker is a 'lost' code. You are a star person but not in the way you might think. The glyph of the sky walker, in my estimates, shows that of heaven being reflected on earth, as though it were a lake below and some streaming heaven above. The Sky Walker people have the 'output of Space' but what does that mean god dang it?!  Consider how you make space everyday by using the ruby word 'No'. Then as a lunar skywalker try and put two No's together and you get 'No-No'. Meditate on how there is no no and the formulation of space required will come. The sky walker is 13th in the series meaning they can be almost frozen as the portals to the next dimension. Learning to integrate paradox and riddle is the Skywalker's domain, or so I have told and seen so far. 

      -The Diamond Hawk

  • Wow! Need to reply to this after the fact...I am Red Galactic Skywalker 8th tone Prophet. I have a Yellow Seed Wife, Blue Hand Daughter(5/20 Bday Toltec zenith), Red Dragon daughter, and White Worldbridger Sun(shares Jose's B-day) and his great Grandmother WWB also, spanning 4 generations. This past cycle you expressed, exactly lines up with my experiences of a True Death and then rebirth on my 2/20 birthday, this is then when the energy of AT'UL came to me...

    This is a post I put up earlier of a prediction for Tomorrow 8/8/16....

    Hello Dear ones...just wanted to express a thought that came flying by and I managed to reach up and grab. This is my perspective from either inside or outside the cube...maybe both...just posting for self reflection maybe..Enjoy the thought

    I am one of the 8th tone Red Galactic Skywalkers...13 Prophet Bringer of Lost worlds and Time

    My Suns birthday is shared with Jose' A. My wife 108 and Me 220 My Daughter 520(Toltec Zenith date) We are sound in Physical form, light in Celestial form. Sound effects and shapes water...The 5 in my family create a hexagon with 108(wife-Bday) degree angles...4x108=432hz ....2x220=440hz.... 8hz phase hum/shift....

    Monday-Moon 1 Day 14...Half Moon.... 8/8/2016 ...8+8=16 ...two 8 tone hemispheres of the brain rise together ... atlantis/lemuria....AT'UL....Kin 232...2 hemispheres triune with 2 hemispheres....One Yellow Spectral Human guided by Itself into man-i-fest-at-ion...Mayan Oracle manifest...Through harmonic of 58 cubed...4x58har is 232kin.... The One Dot Primal Kundalini Energy of Red Dragon Manifest thru White World Bridger(my sun and his great grandmother...4 generations) then transfiguration thru the Blue Night (me this year) and onward into Yellow Human form

    Tues. is then 233...Red Crystal Skywalker ....This returns the Galactic Traveler to crystalline form to manifest the words of the great scribes of time thru the insertion into Akashics of the Sacred Heart of the Land of Ka'nan , My daughter a red dragon, Ruby(red crystal) the Philosophers Stone. This is guided by the ascending red dragon now serpent initiate on 233. Within the insert of the sacred heart is the 21st seal of the Mayan/Toltec Archetype AT'UL Toltec Chief LU'TA Mayan Chieftess...Atlantis Lemuria....Chief Ka'nan of the LeeTribe... Votan descendant of the 7 nations....The 7 scrolls of Silverman 925 are also contained within. These contain a prayer of repentance to the natives and a request that the Trail of Tears be erased from the Akashic Records changing the hear and now....based on generations of observance and calculations. This AT'UL has observed and Shares thru the hands of the Scribe Chief Ka'nan

    My accumulative thoughts on this are that in 13:20 the pages of the living book fold inward at the 10 white Dog.... As of this past Hunab Ku the 21st seal was inserted raising the chin of the Dragon to look towards initiation breaking the cycle of St. George slaying the Dragon. This allows the Red Spectrum(Red Skins) of the rainbow to raise their ARC by folding the Book outward on the 13 Phrophet...This creates a new bridge to the living book between 10-13 allowing all the accumulative days out of time to be added to the pages now extended to 13:26 folding on 13. This comes thru the knowledge of the Golden Mean Ratio of 13:21 the Spiral of life Hunab Ku. The black sheep inherit the Golden fleece and are given golden horns of plenty as the Ram.

    This new angle on the ARC shifts creating another rainbow and sweeps the planet as another of many NoOspheres...Mound Building.....Multi-Dimensional Existence....and Non-existence

    Just thoughts I have found within myself and my story...for anyone who is'nt on the otherside already and laughing at my ridiculous efforts to understand this whole strange game of life....


  • Hi

    I am new to this site and am a Red Cosmic Skywalker. Keen to meet up with other skywalkers to learn more together. If anyone is keen to chat further please contact me. Blessings to all on this journey :)

  • I enjoyed your blog...i have skywalker within my kin...it has been a learning experience for sure :) 

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