Hello Kin,

I wanted to share this link with you all because of the profound impact it had on me and my own spiritual awakening a few years ago. I always think of David as a "homie", in that as spirit he is helping to enlighten those who are aware of the illusions produced by our government and also by more aggressive and deceptive beings. Anyways, the first article I read on his site is entitled "Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order", it's great stuff and David has a wonderful way of breaking things down into sections of information rather than one enormous glob of transcendence.

happy reading and any thoughts ?

Divine Cosmos

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What in world are you talking about? Who are you to moderate galactic spacebook and what is discussed?? I raised a question regarding a topic that has to do with the awareness of truth vs lies, and the best you can do is criticize me for asking such a question?? How about you explain your perspective and understanding rather than making commands like I should already know what in the 4D your talking about. And where are you reading from my question that i could be a "disinfo Vatican agent" ? Wtf is wrong with you? Why don't you come out of your time dilated portal and see what's going on around you? For me the world seems to be going to shit, and I'm reaching out because I would have liked to receive some genuine opinions and information regarding this subject from other followers of the law of time. Because we are few are far between, I would hope to receive some genuine answers, not just getting coded messages from another human being I know nothing about and then being criticized for being curious ? Shame on you, if that's how you react to a question that has no immediate relevance to you; I'd say the white-male supremisist patriarchy still has quite ahold on your consciousness judging by your lack of respect, projecting prejudice, and elitist mentality.

This is for you


all right!

what a raucous, controversial thread!   there has to be something worth talking about 

when people start pumping the threats, Noes and obscene denials.

I say: fear no art, fear no ideas.  a new age is coming that will wipe out forever the evil of past ages,

the tyrant of "divide and conquer," his misogynist prejudice and his hypocritical ignorance.

i don't completely trust Wilcock myself.  Nor Steven Greer. But it is because they arerubbing elbows with the military industrial complex...and we don't need THAT for a peaceful future, either.   We all may get to think for ourselves and come to a transcendant consensus, regardless of "Space Nazis," "The Lucifer Rebellion," "Holocaustal SubGeniuses," whatever.

to new ideas!

BUMP to bring up somebody's post typically by posting the word "bump" on a message board 
Can also stand for 

if I'm reading this right, I like how you phrased the polarity of the military industrial complex to Wilcock and Greer. It is indeed an interesting dynamic. As the Zuvuya flows,  the universe calls us onward and we have quite precarious situations knocking here in the US. Denial of humanity, declarations of war before the health and well-being of our own citizens -- oil before water?? like what??.

I'm here in California and NK just released a bunch of fear into the hearts and minds of the people here and the struggle for a reclamation of personal power from the institutions of white-supremacy and hate is "our" (personal/communal pronoun usage here) daily engagement.

I was definitely confused as to the intentions of the previous situation, but I can reassure you all that my intentions are pure of mind and heart, and that i did feel attacked, and I responded as best as I saw fit for the continued growth of community and how we maintain our community while growing in positive and non-violent ways.

I like the curvature of this thread, as it exposed me to a sensitivity that i was previously unaware of and it's intensity

thanks for the bump friend ;)

Keep On

Wilcox is a lot of B.S. He has too much doom and any day disclosure info pushing. We are working out too much karma for the ruling families for them to want to ruin it by ending society prematurely. Also in no way does Alien disclosure give joe everyman the right to explore and evolve reality on his own, the way that he should be able to. 

Galactic historian Andrew Bartzis is a much better source to find than Wilcox. 

I had never heard of Andrew before, thanks for the connect!

Also, I am a little unclear by what you are referring to exactly when you say

"We are working out too much karma for the ruling families for them to want to ruin it by ending society prematurely"

To me it seems you are referring to galactic/global/individual energy work we engage in with the intention of neutralizing our Karma. If I'm misreading please correct me!

Thanks for your input, I agree that Alien disclosure wouldn't shift the "average human" into some easy access, I think that the work that we do internally reflects and strengthens our ability to be approach with a wider and wider spectrum of energies, and that those skills and the "perks" of those only come with the discipline and a desire to dedicate the time and intentions necessary to cultivate such an awareness that we find ourselves embodying now.

Ain't nothing easy, but there is always choice ya?

Well, the Earth is basically a gigantic energy manufacturer for DNA powers that the rest of Universe are still catching up with since Human beings are so incredibly diverse and powerful. The shadow government and other aliens pretty much use us for our DNA, stuff they harvest at spiritual contract, stuff that they try and rob your sovereignty with. Just say no and you do not consent.  If they didn't have a zombie society to draw from, they couldn't take as much. For example, a lot of what pulls on peoples energy are city structures on the Earth's leyline system. If cities were destroyed, they couldn't have as firm a grip. There is even more potential in Anarchy for awakening than in the media and fear based culture they propagate. For instance, if television was out the window, how could they make people scared of stuff happening in the middle eastern dessert? They use that fear by the way to harvest people's energy, a scared person is a blind one and this what they use to corral people into giving up their sovereign energy. If people were forced to live off the land, they would be pretty much immovable and less distracted by a bunch of B.S.

Karma is like experience packages. Some people want to take your Karma, others want you to accept theirs.

Yes, the true process is realizing Aliens for oneself.  

Best and have a good day,

Jeff C. 

i think the "free will" angle is the most exciting way to get at the exophilosophy.

Thanks for chiming in Jeff, definitely agree with a lot of points you've been bringing up!

we're the ones still slipping through the fistful of sand. But they definitely have the masses still perpetuating the same karma.. and all of what DW is putting forward doesn't say a word about equity or social responsibilities; which, imo, is the real imbalance of karma we experience on the planet.

thoughts? approaches? insights?

Thanks Luke! Happy kin day by the way! 

Well, as Team America World Police admonish: "FREEDOM IS THE ONLY WAY, YA!". 

Seriously though, we need to cultivate our spiritual perceptions that free us from the trammels of sensory bondage. The illuminati operate through the black lodges which, as opposed to the white lodge, emphasize chaos and equality (really leveling of society). The White Lodge of the Spirit emphasizes the order of spiritual hierarchy, with various morale statuses awarded to individuals depending on one's attainment rather than just giving it away through charity or democracy. Indeed, democracy itself is a tool of the illuminati since it pretty much enslaves the smartest members of society to the tyranny of the common man. I digress, what is important is spiritual development which takes place through realization of the hierarchy our souls are situated in.

The two greatest agendas of the illuminati are to create a new world order (one world government to control the minds of the people) and to eliminate god. If they accomplish the latter, they can tell the people that their rights are not unconditional and inalienable (as described in the Declaration by the Founding Fathers)  but rather are granted by the government. Conversely, by realizing the power of the soul through intuition one can see past and live beyond these demonic illusions. 

Rudolf Steiner has some great teachings on the topic of developing personal freedom for its moral imperative. I'm reading about them right now in The Essential Steiner and highly recommend the book. Ultimately though, there is no problem that humans have made that human ingenuity cannot solve. All the solutions are there already for us, we just have to actualize them. 

Best and yours truly, 


I have a lot of thoughts.

W Paul has echoed them, or had them at the same time.

So since the exo-issue is developing,

i am waiting to see if he turns around.

I wonder how much integrity he has...

where ya been Luke?

ayee wassup my friend, Been shifting in my own exo-issues lol

Wanna give you a shout out Malaclypse for the Pleadian Perspective pdf, that really got me back on the right track again.

Thank you friend.

Just to start it off; read recently the Corey Goode "Mega Update" article he posted. 

Found it interesting, and yeah, i agree that the overlap with the MIC is waay to deep. I continually am questioning the "un-conscious psy-op angle": though I did have a major synchronicity after the Opening ceremony of the Planetary Seed year with the Red Queen at Mt Shasta concerning the Sphere Being Alliance.

But dude....

In one of his posts, DW goes off about how the Trump organization is a hand of the "alliance" ????? wtf, makes no sense whatsoever.

Definitely made me take back 99.99% of my bets and hopes I had for him to be accurate.

An "alliance" with the Trump org at the head?? no thanks.

hope yall are doing well, thoughts?


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