Timeship Earth 2013 - Book of the Cube (43/52)

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Cube of Creation: Evolution into the Noosphere

Timeship Earth 2013 - Book of the Cube (43/52)

Galactic Research Institute


the seven volumes of COSMIC HISTORY CHRONICLES

" We are but the secretaries,the authors are in Eternity "

Transmitted by
Valum Votan—Jose Arguelles

Received by
Red Queen—Stephanie South

the seven volumes of Cosmic History Chronicles, published by FOUDATION FOR THE LAW OF TIME

Cosmic History Presents

Red Queen Stephane South

represents the


Co-author of seven volumes

Red Overtone Moon: Ceremonial Magick

Chapter 13 • Seven Generations to Come

The First 20 Years of Timeship Earth 2013
8 seed-1 storm, 2013–2033-34

The Galactic Research Institute is in fulfillment of the Sirian Command of the Galactic Federation. The establishment of a permanent base in the Great Southern Continent signifies that the Sirian Command, the Intelligence Agency of the Galactic Federation, now has an outpost on Earth— V.24.3, the first stage of reclaiming Earth for the Dominion of Time.

From this base we shall chart both the conclusion of the cycle—capped by the ejection of the Circumpolar Rainbow Bridge and the completion of the Noosphere II Project—as well as envisioning the stages beyond the 2012 threshold for the reconstruction of the Earth—the Second Creation. In addition to the long term envisioning of the Seven Baktun Dynasties of Timeship Earth 2013, there is the short term dynamic reconstruction cycle, the first 20 years of Timeship Earth 2013, as well as the 53 52-year Sirian Wheels from 2016-4772. The twenty year cycle is in two stages, the 7-year Sirian Surveillance and the 13-year Earth Wizards Noocracy.

A. The 7-Year Cycle of the New Solar Human, Cycle of the Sirian Surveillance of the New Earth. Launching of the Telepathic Command and Unification program of Timeship Earth 2013, securing the New Dawn (AD year numbering is maintained signifying Arcturus Dominion).

8 Seed – 11 Storm Seed Bundle—26/7 2013 – 25/7 2017 ∙∙∙
C. Sirian Wheels of Time = The 53 52-year cycles of the 2,756-year Galactic Mind Dynasties of Timeship Earth 2013 (2016-4772)

1. 2016-2068
2. 2068-2120 ∙∙∙
52. 4668-4720 = One Great Sirius

Wheel of Time, 2,704 years
53. 4720-4772 = One Great Sirius rebirth cycle = 7 baktuns of the 7
Earth Dynasties of Timeship Earth 2013 =; 20 baktuns since BC 3113; Eighth day of baktun
cycle 8, = Return of Pacal Votan, star traveler, for starmind weaving surveillance.

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