Calendar Reform and the Declaration of the First World Peace

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Declaration of the First World Peace by José Argüelles

We, the people of planet Earth who have chosen to follow the Thirteen Moon/28-day calendar as the basis of a new sovereignty and a new community of peace and harmony with all of life on Earth, in rejecting the old calendar and its disempowering institutions, do hereby declare the commencement of the First World Peace.

The purpose of the First World Peace - 2004-2012 - is to declare Earth as a universal cease-fire zone thus assuring the time for a comprehensive reordering of human priorities with the end of sustaining and furthering all of life as a single unity on this Earth. To attain this goal, we do hereby declare and establish our sovereignty in a New Time of perfect harmony, and in so doing, are no longer bound to the institutions and mores of the old time and its calendar. We solemnly dedicate ourselves, instead, to a new beginning with fresh, creative ways of solving our problems. War is no longer in any way a viable form of conflict resolution, and in its place we call for a universal disarmament accompanied by a reorganization of human society in accord with the constructive peace and harmony reflected in the new calendar of Thirteen/Moons 28-days.

In making this declaration of the First World Peace we call upon all existing humanitarian organizations to join us in creating a New Assembly of the Earth which will first of all assist in making the change to the new calendar and the new time among all peoples of the Earth. Simultaneously, the New Assembly of the Earth will call upon representatives of all peoples to gather to establish the new priorities and to prepare for a universal understanding of time as the basis of a new Global Civilization.

We who undertake this heroic adventure do so only after having seen and experienced the exhaustion of the old order embedded in a calendar whose time no longer served the purposes of universal spiritual and mental evolution. We pray to the Supreme Creator that our task will be guided by Divine Mercy and that Compassion and Enlightenment will befall the upholders of this Declaration. May we have the courage to dissolve all of the old that is furthering division, strife and destruction. May we equally have the wisdom to preserve that which will in every way continue to uplift the human species. Above all, may we have the patience and tolerance to define and promote the new ways of life that will be in accord with the maintenance and evolution of our Earthly support system, the biosphere, and which will foster a spirit of universal acceptance and tolerance among all human beings.

We understand that if we do not now take these measures we are forfeiting the greatest opportunity that is afforded by changing the time through changing the calendar, and that is to declare an immediate peace that is the expression of the will of the untold billions of humans whose choice is not war but peace. May the voice of the people of the Earth be heard in all tongues echoing in all the valleys of the Earth, blown by all the winds across the seven seas to the highest mountain tops: Let the New Time of Peace prevail for seven time seven generations to come!


Calendar Reform and the Future of Civilization


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