Written on a roll of TP. Do not watch if you do not want to cry! Uploaded on Red Magnetic Moon: For the purpose of bringing to light the darkness of the past.

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Comment by Robin Merrill on January 9, 2015 at 3:06pm

Oh WOW...just WOW!!!! Thank you Paul <3

Comment by Paul Pleiades Starchild on January 9, 2015 at 4:50am


"The final exam relationship"
There is a generation of souls about to "graduate" into a new way of life that is practically ego-free. Theses souls, in 2015, will start to fulfill their mission on this planet, and the "energetic clone" or twin flame is needed for this task.
Just like before any graduation, final exams are needed to make sure that their service to humanity comes first and foremost to any romantic relationship they might have with their twin. This is where the service of other wonderful souls comes into assistance. The final exam is usually given by souls with whom they have incarnated over and over again as romantic partners, the bond with them is a strong one, and is ancient in nature, the attraction is so intense it can be easily confused with a twin flame, and it is also residual since they have been in love with these souls time and time again in different lifetimes and in different worlds. The attraction needs to be this intense, otherwise, they would not get close enough to give them the opportunity to teach them the last few lessons still needed for the final merging with their twin flame.
A characteristic of this type of "final exam relationship" is that even though there is a strong attraction between them, a deep sense of familiarity, telepathic communication, deep love, etc. just as would a twin flame or divine union, they are at very different stages of their emotional evolution, the one that is about to "graduate" is practically done with ego, while the other one will still have a long way to go... still struggling with way too many different fears. This is where the other side of the soul contract comes into place... the soul about to "graduate" loves the other so much, they will do whatever it takes to help them transcend these fears and assist in their evolution.
These relationships can take form in many ways, in the physical or long distance, and can last for only weeks, months, or as long as it takes for the soul about to graduate to clear any past relationship issues.

Comment by Robin Merrill on January 6, 2015 at 9:51pm

Do we ever REALLY understand True Love? :) <3 I know one thing, it creates the miraculous, and miracles!

Comment by Paul Pleiades Starchild on January 6, 2015 at 6:35pm

I don't fully understand it, but I know in my heart that Troy Allen Myers is my one true love in this lifetime. I will always love him, no matter what, and even if we can't be together physically, we will be together in spirit. The Full Moon on our shared degree of Cancer unlocked my repressed memories of him and opened up my heart again, for, as the original video had said, I had closed off my heart to him because it hurt too much.

For the Cosmos to grant me this wish in this form brings me unimaginable joy, love, passion, and determination. So far I have written him three letters and sent him one poem. I promised him in the letter I sent today I would keep sending him letters everyday until he was released from prison. <3 <3 <3 Unspeakable joy.

Comment by Paul Pleiades Starchild on January 6, 2015 at 6:23pm

Robin, interesting synchronicity, extremely beautiful. I uploaded this video over a year ago from a letter I had written, but I threw away the letter afterwards, and then I deleted the video because I did not want to embarrass my lover who wasn't ready for my kind of love.

That being said, I posted this on Facebook yesterday after a dream I had during the Full Moon, about this very same lover. In'Lak'ech, Alak'in, Namaste <3

What does it mean when the Moon is Full and passing over my Natal Moon, and then I have a dream that this guy I fell in love with four years ago, who is currently in prison, is walking with me and a girl, and I get into a car's passenger side. Then he begins to lift the car up, but as he does so, the car presses against his toe, and it hurts him really bad. As soon as he exclaims in pain, our eyes meet, and they hold on to each other, the entire time he is lifting me up in the car, and I see his pain, yet he still holds on. The feeling I get is one of profound, deep, spiritual connection. The girl is surprised to find out that he and I have been together, and I am surprised to find that he and she have been together, but there's a mutual respect.

When I wake up from this dream, I reach out to his girlfriend in another state (he is incarcerated in my state), with whom he has a daughter, and I tell her about this dream. She knows of our history together, and we have a long conversation about him and how to handle the topic of us when talking to him. She gives me his prison's address, and I decide to write him a card and draw my eye in it. In the card I refrain from mentioning I am male, in case any of his mates see the card and get ideas. My handwriting is the most beautiful I have ever written. I tell him of the dream, and I tell him to take care of his girlfriend and daughter. I insert another letter I had written him several months ago but forgot about, and it's sealed with tape so that I can't read it. I put the envelope in the mailbox.

Later that night, I am having a lively discussion with a friend, and I begin to look up his star chart. One thing leads to another, and I find myself looking up our synastry, or chart compatibility. This friend's Sun is 19 degrees, the exact degree of the Full Moon last night, and his Mercury is 21 degrees, exact same as my Moon. Wonderful synchronicity.

But wait, there's more!

I decide to put in my dream guy's birthday into the synastry report and see how it fits with mine. Lo, and behold, his Moon sign is the same degree as mine, which means that as I was having a dream about him, the Full Moon was passing over both of our Natal Moons. I relate this to my friend, and suddenly I remember what the dream guy was wearing the first time I ever saw him, and I remember that we had locked eyes and smiled at each other, holding each other's gazes. I used to be very shy, and still am quite shy when it comes to attractive people, but with him it was an immediate spark.

I also remember that one of the first things he had ever texted me was that he would love to read my poetry. As I tell this to my friend I suddenly realize that if any time is the time for poetry, it would be while he is in prison. I make it my intention to write him poetry.

Full Moon. Cancer. 19-21 degrees. Soul connection. Shared Moon degree and Full Moon Return. Synchronistic shared degree with friend's Sun and Mercury. Deep, profound, undying love, munay.

Comment by Robin Merrill on January 6, 2015 at 12:47pm

Beloved Paul, the video no longer exists. Would you be able to type it up and share? I would really like to hear it. 


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