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Ivan Chen

Kin 80: Yellow Lunar Sun

Child Skywalker

Kin 173: Red Self-Existing Skywalker

Matthew R. J. Arellano

Kin 210: White Lunar Dog

Tertön 218

Kin 218: White Planetary Mirror

Choong Huey Cze

Kin 147: Blue Self-Existing Hand

Claudio Galvez

Kin 14: White Magnetic Wizard

Jeff Pollari the Diamond Hawk 34

Kin 255: Blue Galactic Eagle

Jamie Nigma

Kin 61: Red Solar Dragon

shannan e

Kin 194: White Crystal Wizard

Jan Hudis Jimenez

Kin 200: Yellow Overtone Sun

Susan LaBronte Crawford

Kin 48: Yellow Solar Star


Kin 68: Yellow Electric Star

Patti Dotson

Kin 53: Red Magnetic Skywalker

Barbara Kunst Barcellos

Kin 117: Red Cosmic Earth

Sandra San

Kin 10: White Planetary Dog


Kin 91: Blue Cosmic Monkey

Anthony Mcmahon

Kin 229: Red Galactic Moon

Khoi Magnetic Blue Monkey

Kin 131: Blue Magnetic Monkey

Geni Eugenia de Assis

Kin 172: Yellow Electric Human

Lucas Dorneles Magnus

Kin 227: Blue Rhythmic Hand

Jany Schella

Kin 55: Blue Electric Eagle

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