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At 6:33pm on November 2, 2019, Lwxॐ Votán Quetzál Ylüvatar said…







At 10:46am on October 10, 2014, Robin Merrill said…

I just wanted to thank you for posting such beautiful, and powerful images. Walk in Peace, walk in Love. -LiLi Whitewind

At 3:32am on January 11, 2014, Jannis 7 Moon said…

Happy Galactic Return @ Kin 73 may syncronizity flower..all the best Jannis

At 7:07pm on November 17, 2013, Bob Minea said…

My apologies young lady, but I don't do FaceBook. & most unfortunately for me, I only speak English... I have an E-mail address: bobbyelzebub@gmail.com & I live in Seattle, WA. that's pretty much the extent of my socializing,, unless you want my phone # too. Thank you for your attention to my comment wall, I will be 64 years old on Tues, Nov. 19th....


At 11:21pm on October 15, 2013, peter rueger said…

Hi , marisol ... thx for the fantastic pic you send for me. How do you know, ... i use a mailadress starting with blue.husky; this is the perfect photo to it. Great thx. :heart:

Very interesting you visualized palenque. Yes, I was there in the Mid90`s. It`s a great archaeological site and of course i stepped down to the grave of pacal votan. Very intense experience! It`s definitely a place to visit. Nearby there are some beautiful waterfalls too.

thx, for your comment to the video from the doors; I don`t know whether the vocalist Jim Morrison was thunder 10 (what do you mean?) ... but i think he was like a musical shaman during his lifetime.

At 12:35am on October 1, 2013, peter rueger said…

Hello, marisol that enjoys me. The doors we can`t see LIVE on stage anymore. The Mosquito song is a rare one. I like the cover of the Full Circle album. If you have the chance to see Calexico live on stage, you won`t regret. I love the mixture of southern americana, mexican and cuban music of them. Have a nice day! Peace and Love Peter

At 5:44am on September 6, 2013, peter rueger said…

Eragon Y Saphira ... we camelot :) ... In Lak èch

At 11:15pm on September 1, 2013, peter rueger said…

Hola marisol C. this is a amazing collection of photos. :lol: ... your KIN is next to mine in the same wave of the white worldbridger.

At 1:45am on August 17, 2013, Rueben schaeffer perry said…

I love all your photos and pictures...love the fire with the heart :)

At 1:35am on August 17, 2013, Rueben schaeffer perry said…

thankyou "In Lak ech" ;) <3 im not good at speaking your language,sorry,.tell me what language you speak in your country and I will try to find some "phrases" or words to speak :)

At 6:20pm on July 24, 2013, Rueben schaeffer perry said…

thankyou so very much for all your post and beautiful pictures,i love them all <3


At 12:22pm on June 5, 2013, Lyndy Starflower said…

Lovelight in harmony's pulse to you. Thank you for opening your portal of love as self and walking the inner sky.

Lyndy Starflower

At 7:12am on May 28, 2013, LUIGI PICINNI LEOPARDI said…


At 5:34am on May 13, 2013, Jannis 7 Moon said…
At 2:52pm on May 8, 2013, Randy Bruner said…

Wow thanks for sending this to me. I have been playing music in 432 since 1995. I have a set of tibetan bowls that I play and I wanted to record keyboard music along with them. When I did I noticed that the keyboard was out of tune with the bowls. When I tuned it down to match their tone I looked and it was 432. I've been playing with and promoting that tuning ever since.

Gracias del wow por enviarme esto. He estado jugando música en 432 desde 1995. Tengo un conjunto de los cuencos tibetanos que juego y quise registrar música del teclado junto con ellos. Cuando lo hice noté que el teclado estaba en desacuerdo con los cuencos. Cuando lo adapté trago para corresponder con su tono que miraba y era 432. He estado jugando con y he estado promoviendo eso que adaptaba desde que.

At 12:51pm on May 8, 2013, Wellington Mendes Junior said…


At 5:59am on May 4, 2013, Crystal's Element said…

Thank you.

At 8:15pm on May 3, 2013, Wellington Mendes Junior said…

Eu agradeço pelo acolhimento e amor Caminhante do Céu Galáctico Vermelho

At 4:35pm on May 3, 2013, Daniel M Sands said…

thanks for your message on my birthday (: i haven't been able to make a full translation of what you wrote, though you wrote 'blue spectral night' which i think must be because that is the kin for this year of my life on the 52 year destiny castle. i found it significant noting that movement on my birthday, from planetary mirror to spectral night. after just more than a year of daily practice of the 13:20 it was the first time i noted it. i was able to get a good translation of the parts on your profile and am able to relate to them a lot. ‘I have always been motivated and prepared for the gardens 1320, CREST 13, and be facilitator of the new time’. i have a dream of being able to construct living biodomes that could form part of such communities, and what a magnificent vision it is of garden communities (:  i’m interested in the Synchronotron aswell, i like to bring up the daily readout and study the different parts. Lunar moon, so 18 years ago? that’s a lot longer than me (: ‘i want to relate to install the new beam information of 1320 with my galactic family, also stellar family, travel to new territories, outside of Colombia.’ i’m looking forward to going to the burning man festival in Nevada at the end of august, i’m sure to meet people with similar interests if i talk to plenty of people. 260 days ago it was electric dragon. i can remember i was on holiday by myself in a quiet valley and had noted that day in advance as it was electric and the seal for cosmic memory. i’d read that concentration improves memory, as the more one can concentrate the more one can hold and therefore remember, so i was planning to practice visualizing the seal, for concentration and memory. as it turned out it was the day of a wonderful experience of listening to itomlab’s album Neyen for the first time. it was a wonderful experience. what a great website this is for people following the 1320. thanks again for your message and best wishes for 2013 (:

At 5:29pm on May 1, 2013, Rueben schaeffer perry said…

hello,im only good at speaking English,im sorry,"In Lak`ech ala K`in" that's Mayan,iam another you and you are me(: what language do you speak?

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