(Initial release) NS (7.8.2016)

Kin 231 Blue Planetary Monkey   

(Updated) NS (10.18.2019)  Kin 98 White Resonant Mirror

"TRINITY of  Signatures,



Hello everyone, ALOHA planetary Kin.

Finally I decided to present something that makes me very happy to share ! 

Something of Great Importance. Especially for those involved in Synchronotron practice  that want to go further. 

After many months of watching, feeling and paying attention to this, with many confirmations and interesting experiences, the inner voice don't stop these days to scream, please SHARE !

I think this is because there are enough people now reaching these levels ready to understand and is important to show more. First LIVE it, then the info comes for greater understanding.

And well, here it is !

This post is about News (always been there) Signatures !

Note: (In THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK you can find essential information related with this post, all along the book)

All this started with one of those insights that fits diferent pieces of Knowledge and many previous impressions and felelings, and finally you decide to crystalize it. It was the past Solar Moon Ring, on kin 49 Red Planetary Moon, with the 117, 245, 441, 429, 177, 266... BMU's in the SynchronotronWhat to do when consciousness tune with all this !

This Discovery comes through using a fundamental aspect of Human Design knowledge, and is linked with the natural transformative process of Synchronotron practices and Supermind (operating and re-programing in higher dimensions) that evolves genetics.

To explain it easy and directly in summary (we don't need to know much more), when you see a chart of Human Design you can see two set of calculations with the planetary positioning, marking two specific moments that is fixed an imprint in our genetic code. One on the right and one on the left. Personality (MIND) on the right, in Black. And Design (BODY) on the left, in Red

One example, this is my Human Design chart.

The right side marks the moment of birth.

In my case it was on Kin 7 Blue Resonant Hand (4 Feb 1976) in Barcelona, Spain.

In the left side we find the starting point for this Revelation, something very special (that makes Human Design so genuine and with levels of accuracy never seen before) because this side shows a very specific momentthree months before birth (88 degrees in the zodiac wheel), when the fetus is completely formed, that activates an imprint with very genuine information about our body functioning and the information that body carries. This is the uncounscious part of us (initially) and for this study the importance is that this define the specific tone of our body functions, the Body Frequencies !

And you know, the Wonder here is that this set of data have an exact moment of imprint !

And this means a KIN !

Here begins the magic..., because this date have enormous implications for us..., is a precious moment that applied to the synchronic order starts an amazing chain of Revelations, discoveries, and potential Healing.

Synchronic Order and Synchronotron works aware of Higher Dimensions and Purposes, the program is tuned for Healing, Restoration, and Evolution, and this is important to understand what follows.

This is my BODY Signature, Kin 180 Yellow Spectral Sun  (9 Nov 1975)

What a special moment when I check first time the numbers in Synchronotron...   

Since the beginning I knew that play with these both systems, Human Design and Synchronic Codes, could offer many wonderful surprises and bridges. Because both are complementary in many ways, and deal with same kind of things.

And I know many had felt, as I felt, that there is much more to know and understand about our functions and purposes... that still was not clearly reflected in any of both of these systems playing alone... This is a main reason why I stumbled with all this.

So, the Important thing to begin is understand that "WE ARE NOT JUST" the BIRTH Signature

We have a bodywe are riding bodies carrying a specific arrangement of frequencies for a reason.., an important one..., because some unique qualities of our mind potential and SERVICE (specially the Holistic ESSENCE after) depends on the correction of the functioning of this body and 'her' awareness.

And these fundamental data we can see it only through the signature we obtain with the exact timming of this pre-natal calculation.

This IS Really Important for us, as planetary kins developing SUPERMIND and Synchronotron.

Our signatures shine and manifest their functions clearly when the whole system is clean and healed, free of distortion, blockages and conditioning..., that is, when the Frequency is Correct.

- OK, so HOW can I get the exact time of this pre-natal imprint of my Design to know the KIN, maybe you are asking ?

Well, sure there must be several methods, but for now, the most easy and accurate is using the free software of Jovian Archive, the site of Ra Uru Hu (messenger of the Human Design System).


Then Click on FREE edition

And once launched and placed the data to create your chart:

 look at the square up on the right, where says: 'Date of Design' 


Now you can get your BODY Kin, and the serious fun part..,

"many new Telepathic Indexes" !!

Now, reached this point maybe i should share some explanations about my experience with all this.

1 -This left calculation is well known, understood and validated for everyone who contemplate life and its issues through Human Design System lenses.., thousands, hundreds of thousands of people for many years now.

Is very genuine data because here is encoded the information of our ancestral memory, that part that we inherit from our mum and dad and all the ancestral line back... Here we find very hidden and genuine mysteries from both sides, incredible developed skills, but also the karmic and distorted issues of our tree... Pay attention that here lies a TREASURE of information to understand, manage and transmute many dark issues that this body may carry.

Here also we find the arrangement of our VERY GENUINE and charismatic body potential that is not manipulable beforehand by our conscious mind. Remember this is the Unconscious part of our genes. Release its functions and memories automatically when the moment-frequency is correct, is then that we can work on it more consciously throught their reflection. Others see those qualities in us always more clear and before than us !

2 - To this respect I want to mention also a very PRACTICAL and important information, offered (exclusively until now) by Human Design, that I validated in myself amazed for a while, related with the nourishment necessary for our brain, that is unique and related with DIGESTION.

You don't need to know the entire mechanism of the arrangement of the crystals of consciousness, just the essential info that Ra Uru distilled that is very useful and easy to put in practice. But for this data it is absolutely necessary to know the precise moment of your birth to get the correct info. In just a very few minutes things change. Advise !

Here one example of how this looks like: I'm Body Kin 180, and my cognitive potential, is highly enhanced when I eat and DIGEST with direct light of the Sun, and never solid food (much digestion) at night. This is because I'm 6 'Color'* arrow pointing to the LEFT, (see Design chart above, and info about VARIABLES below) in my SUN position in Design (Red, left part of the two set of data), Gate 1. This is the last color, the top one in the continuity of lines in the Hexagram..., and this people with these specifics are those who are really near, naturally, to eat Light, nourish himself literally of light. In the other side, The same example, 6 Color, but the arrow pointing to the RIGHT, are the 'nocturnals', the other side of the binary, people who need nourish and be active at night when the Sun is down, don't like much light in their rooms etc. Nothing to do with good or bad, best or worst. Each body is different. This is just one example from Color 6, and Brain nourishment, that is completely related with the DIGESTION, the way we digest.

* 'Color' here is the term used for a characteristic ('motivation') of the organitation of the sub structure of the crystals of consciousness that our body is made of, giving the qualities of awareness. Just to know: the Light (neutrino and other cosmic currents) are filtered through a unique combination of geometry of reflection for each one of us, through 5 Bases, 6 Tones, 6 Colors, 6 Lines and 64 Gates (codons), according to the Human Design.

This info is precious, a treasure giving us the posibility to develop unique genuine qualities and real enhancement of our cognitive potential, for the Benefit of the Totality. This specialization. Very important. We are evolving Genetics. But the GOAL, remember.., is focused ON UNI(PHI)CATION, and this means learn to TRANSCEND our little selves, and learn how to SHARE correctly based on Consciousness releasing the ESSENCE first..., the point that makes every diversity truly shareable!

And this is hard, when you're trying to develop only awareness living in the Surface, without developing first Your TRUE INNER Essence. Is important use these tools and codes for achieve perfection of our form, but we need to do so Radiating From Our SOURCE, the True Essence. 

Keeping in mind the need to enter the experiment knowing the importance of THE source first...,

... you can check this info in the course 'RadicalTransformation. These are precious informations that truly make a difference, a tool for fast recognition and go deep in some very important things.


Also in relation to this, something called VARIABLES is of great value to understand the evolutionary cognitive process of the specie  and your unique combination, dynamics, and position in all of this (there are 16). 

There are people for example who carry a natural new cognition, that is radialized, living the essence without much focus, just flowing, no agendas just Order, super contemplative and relaxed, receiving all the spectrum of information every moment at all levels.. And there are others who carry the old cognitive structure that are much more busy, focussed in one thing only at a time, more narrow view, much more strategic and focused in a goal and so on.


This is wondeful information that I recommend specially if you carry the new cognitive structure. 

Why is specially important from my point of view ?, because people process different.., we cannot condition people to be what they are not prepared to be. Yes there is a tendency, we are heading towards a type of cognition, but is important honor and value the place and form that each one occupies in the process. This info is Truly Remarcable.

Again, you don't need to know everything about HD to receive this practical info. Just know the Time of your birth as accurate as possible (5 min. dif. max.), to get your Variable.

Interesting the fact that, as many parallel things between the journey of these Two MONKEYS, SYNCHRONOTRON and VARIABLES were presented at the same moment in Time, same year.

3 - Another important thing i want to share... All for know seems very pretty BUT Here is an advice !

If you use the MMI software above to Get your BODY Kin, and read the descriptions of the gates, lines, etc. you need to know that this come from the so-called book I CHING of the RAVE, a book that Ra channeled in Germany in the early '90 i think.., in not very 'clear' conditions (he himself reveled part of the pieces of this episode in some advanced recorded courses), basically, a lot of smoking hashísh, pain, darkness, a tiny massonic village, strange phenomena...) you know, these are not the best conditions for a very high Source level of download !

The case is that these are not descriptions of the Raves (new race) at all...(nor those who already are achieving the NEW mutation, the stellar codes download, high bodies integration, UNITY Consciousness)Even the system is mind blowingly accurate in many ways my experience for many years (diligently almost obsessive from 2006 to 2015 studying it deeply, all branches and directly listening only to Ra last years in advanced courses) with this cornerstone of the system, the book I Ching of the Rave, usually was very unsatisfactory..., and this is, Now I know, because that information carry the distortion in many codons of the manipulation inherited (and their historical consequences) since the illegal and abusive intervention of some ancient ET groups, visitors like the Nibiruians (Anunnakis, originally from Pleiades but in exodus to artificial planet-battle star Nibiru), and also few Reptilians (mostly Draconians) and Zeta-Grey races.., the famous "pseudo" GODS. All this along with other major problems, mainly since the last 90.000 years with other exiled races, souls from Capela, Boronak,Tau Ceti, Maldek, Mars,...very polarized and negativated, entering few milions of them in quarantine in the Earth, causing since then an obvious change in the frequency of our whole planet specially in the last period of Atlantis, overriding its Original Divine Blueprint, until arrive to the actual mess and crazy 3D show... All these problems coming initially from the efects of the Great ORION Wars, mostly.

This is in my view the reason for the limited thematics exposed in the I Ching of the Rave, where mostly you find descriptions reflecting the dilemmas of these groups, old polarized Ego fights, strategies for control, trauma, reflections of severed and twisted genetic programs, distortions and blockages accumulated.

YES it is true, we can check this operating daily in the dense level of the mundane life..., but this is a very narrow truth, one that in my opinion keeps subdued many people with the delusion of 'No Choice', people who follow and have only the reference of this transit program of the I Ching of the Rave reflecting the Global Control Matrix, programming themselves with this very heavy burden of conditioning. YES, Human Design helps a lot through their graphs to understand conditioning and initiate deconditioning from others..., but the trick that Human Design not explain is HOW to learn to deconditioning from OURSELVES !

Hard advice, i know, sorry for that but i honestly needed to share it. Make your own research !

Life go fast, evolution is unstoppable. All systems need to be updated gradually. In this respect, beautiful synthesis from the bases of Human Design are blooming right now in synergy with the needs of the moment, like the Gene Keys as an example, with a broad spectrum of cognitive transduction. Check what is that works to you !

I LOVE Synchronotron !

And here comes the importance of the SYNCHRONOTRON and its technology to complement and expand the value of the Human Design System. 

Synchronotron is the ANTIDOTE for all these problems i mentioned before.., because (you will see) it opens the communication with the next density levels, 4D, 5D and 6D!.. holding the frequency and most important, the Connection with The Program Prepared for synchronize the Restoration.


SYNCHRONOTRON practice and the synchronic codes are A TRUE medium for Stellar and High dimensional Reconnection, full of the fresh Light of the Spirit, weaving things with evolutionary content, TRUE purpose and much more Consciousness. Usually after a deep immersion in the synchronotron rising awareness well tuned with the solar breath, you can realize how different are the depth and expansion of the themes.

This is one of the main reasons why SYNCHRONOTRON is here..., to get access and a Compass to the higher translations of the Transcendence, The Universal fusion, our Integrated state.

The SYNCHRONOTRON is the bottomless well to dig into purposes and reach direct meaning of the endless fractality of the numbers..., what these signatures means, what they can achieve, how much information and geometries can compute...The perfect catalyst to infinite source creativity and discoveries.

Synchronotron true functioning is Direct Cognition, Direct Gnosis and feedback, from the Essence to the Essence, from Us to the Stars. Glorious System to develop SUPERMIND 


The Great Moment arrive when the obvious was seen.

The melding of these two signatures BODY-MIND

creates ANOTHER ONE !!!

(you see the Human Design chart..., is a Whole!)

7 + 180 = 187

This Amazing Revelation, and this is truly a REVELATION, is Our TRANSCENDENTAL, ESSENCE Signature.

This signature is pure quantum, released by perfect integration and coordination, High COHERENCE between the two other ones, and... THIS IS HIGHER MIND !

The CUBE System is about deep levels of transmission, increasing according to the DEPTH of awareness, and this is it!

You can obtain the telephatic values and know the main themes in your functions through melding the corresponding BMU's, part by part, from the two other signatures.

We Have now the TRINITY, and this is important.

The Power of Three is the power of Creation. This triangulation works in High States of Being, and holds the necessary strength for HUGE influence and powerful healing. This is a main signature for Second Creation, 4th Order of Allah, co-create the Golden Age. 

Realize that these Signatures are our Platforms to interact with Daily program,...which is happening every moment.

Daily Program is The Mechanism that Synchronize ASCENSION and UNIFY the TOTALITY.

So, What Happens when these Signatures merges daily potentials...?

What buttons are pushed...?  What kind of consciousness and new info is awakened..., co-created...?

From 3D (body)..., 4D (mind)..., 5D (essence)..., and beyond !

And..., what could happen when three people reaching source level of their signatures, in perfect coherence between them, directs full contemplation towards same focussame coordinate ...? THINK about it !

Because this is true, true, fast way to accelerate processes

Discover Yourself, Know the Totality !

Trinity is the KEY to Infinity


Well, as you can imagine I've been excited for a while looking many charts, synchronotrons, numbers... Check these amazing examples of signatures below and remember some of their achievements. You can recognize it!

Valum Votan - José Argüelles

VV was born on (24.1.1939, at 6:20 PM, Rochester, Minnesota)

And this means that Valum Votan BODY imprint was in the last minutes on 29.10.1938, local Time. (23:22 h.)

Kin 184 Yellow Lunar Seed 


  Kin 185 Red Electric Serpent super present !!! 

In fact 3/4 parts of the planet were under this influence... (+ 1 factor)

This says volumes, an is amazing.. It is not !

This Deep Close Connection between Votan BODY and Red Queen Mind, for sure is not an accident.

Check Synchronotrons! 

TRANSCENDENTAL Signature, the Integrated Kin ESSENCE of VALUM VOTAN was (11 + 184)

 Kin 195 Blue Cosmic Eagle

(practically) Kin 196 Yellow Magnetic Warrior

Votan HD:


RED Queen - Stephanie South

 Red Queen BODY Kin is 98 White Resonant Mirror

One of the most extremly sensitives and tuned kins. Her body is really an advanced tool for cognition !

RQ body HD 

(note in this graph above that i don't have exact time of RQ birth (this is at 09:00h, local Time in Portland) and the moon travel fast on the wheel, so the moon marking 11th Gate could change, but NOT the KIN)

Red Queen has one of the most extraordinary combined Synchronotron I've seen, with the 9th Dimension (Inner Time) full of Activations. 

And look the TRANSCENDENTAL signature, her KIN ESSENCE: (185 + 98)

 Kin 23 Blue Planetary Night  


It is absolutely amazing see combined kins between transcendental signatures..., look this example: Valum Votan Kin 195, Red Queen Kin 23

195 + 23 = 218 White Planetary Mirror 

How much this Kin can say to you...?

(and check BMU functions in the HOLOMIND Perceiver)


In deep moments of interiorization and focus you can explore these signatures with amazing results. It is incredible the multidimensional capabilities that are NOW being available, if you can hold enough coherence.

One example In my case with Maharishi Mahesh for example, his Transcendental (INTEGRATED) signature was Kin 181, mine is Kin 187). Even though he is not anymore in a body all his work and essence is present and you can connect.

DRAGON is the Source of VEDA.

I can feel how I enter in this amazing Kin 108 aura And I can assure that this frequency of Galactic Mission and Mind Transmission is clearly present sharing insights and organizing things. This may sound a bit crazy to you maybe..., but wait a little and check by yourself in a few months, years, the levels of communication and revelation that you will be able to hold if practice synchronotron diligently..., and also meditation.

Numbers are Doorways ! And these transmissions are just the beginning.


Is interesting that I don't know anything about Maharishi until last year, just before I enter in my Kin 47 cycle (born signature) the same body Kin of Maharishi, when a deep recognition happened and something extremly powerfull began to organize incredible synchronicities. The final step and most important was to receive the MT-SIDHI Program in Antalya, Turkey, experiencing ALPHA Channel (info in The Knowledge Book) for a month in an amazing, peaceful and powerful spot, surrounded by an incredible group of Sidhas from all over the world (in a World Peace Assembly for Middle East, when the tense situation in the conflict with Russia).

(Antalya mountain range in front the mediterranean sea)

This unforgettable training started in Kin 118 and runed all the mystic column and till Kin 147. 

118 is a very special frequency, related with planet ALION in the Polarys Star System (from where Mevlana comes, and from where i entered also in my first Human matrix in this Galaxy, in an advanced planet called NODIA).This frequency (118) is present in Maharishi signatures as well as in my BODY Kin. You really can tune with all this ! 

This incredible event was organized two weeks before starting, when I was wondering and just waiting for an opportunity to take part in a MT-Siddhi Program somewhere (unimaginable something like that) and as you can see it was absolutely synchronically perfectly encoded !

This Advanced MT.Sidhi Program (but super easy , is all about Inner Programming by Mind Transmission from the Source of Everything..., and it is a Perfect Tool to IMPROVE All the Natural Work We Do with the SYNCHRONOTRON (numbers).


Changing subject. Is really interesting for me to observe this close relationship i had with the Kin (or frequency) 181, because in the same way as Valum Votan mentioned before with his 'near Body' Kin 185, I'm very close also to this one (less than two hours to enter in) 1/2 of the planet living it.. 

Very interesting to observe and study these kind of patterns..., because they confirm things!

An example with this interesting 181 number.

Matías de Stefano (ESSENCEI) Integrated signature is Kin 254, Matias is truly a Wizard!  

Together, 254+187 = 441- 260 = 181

Kin 181 is Red Crystal Dragon, and this is exactly what happen when I Connect in the High levels with him. My approach to Matías (in the most deeper-inner purpose) when I feel the call, is precisely to activate this kind of work with the Templar, Universalize the Being. Recently in an amazing project of recalibration and activation of the Gaia grid of Unity Consciousness (YOSOY Project) presented in Montserrat.

This grid, according with Drunvalo Melchisedeck in his book Flower of Life, is complete since 4 February 1989 (my 13 birthday !, Kin 72). But is important today keep working focusing on the nodes and sites taking advantage of the TIME potentials... All is in movement in many layers and multidimensional levels, Consciousness is everyhing ! 

SYNCHRONOTRON Noospheric work in these places are PRECIOUS ! There is much more than we can imagine going on in these places when we interact with them...This is a major contract Service made it along with the intraterrestrial Guardian races and groups.

One of the most amazing experiences available today developing superconsciousness and working aware of the synchronic order, is that we can navigate each Time code an Archetypal function in the memory stream of each place according to the moment we visit them, as well as explore the endless connections and functions the place holds, running currents and making an incredible amount of transduction and co-creative work arranging things... All the experiences and empathic impressions, records in so many levels we get and establish with the place remains forever in our computer (brain) for future developments and communications from wherever we are. The possibilities of Supermind and Quantum reality are endless when you have the coordinates and codes.

Go Deep in the numbers and you will see.., All are Revelations after Revelations inside Revelations... Your ESSENCE is the Key to Open the Doors!

Understand, These are Dimensional leaps of your DNA Activation.


Matías is a 5/1 Manifestor, with a HD chart and Synchronotrons impressive. One of his main functions is Be Representative of an entire Monad, a complete genetic pool. Much responsability !

As you can see all this kind of Soul work I'm speaking fits perfectly inside the functions consciously recognized of planetary service in the Night wavespell (Receiving Earth Energies and Unveiling Mysteries, SIGNAL Family), where this personal Kin 187 resides (digging interdimensional tunnels) with a BODY platform Kin 180 (almost 181) Resonating with GAIA Body.

The same in the case of Matías Transcendental Kin 254 (opening Portals of Timelessness, Refining things) on the Star wavespell, using his MIND personality Kin 43 and BODY Kin 211...

You Really can be free to develop your own Art and  programming in daily Resonance..., if you choose it. There are countless "hidden" fractal posibilities to understand in the codes and each coordinateWe are Planetary and Galactic Stewardships !

------The Totality Is In You, REMEMBER, Design the Navigation! -----


MORE Selected EXAMPLES of Signatures 

This amazing close synchronization of signatures between master and apprentice seen before I find it again in other 'Initiates'. This time between Guru Dev and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, NOW sharing exactly the same signature ! (Kin 134)  

Is for sure that this is a perfect way to transmit incredible amounts of information and knowledge literally from each cell.., a lot of interesting things must occur when this kind of people meet each other. 

Guru Dev 

 MIND Kin 222 White Magnetic Wind 

BODY Kin 134 White Self Existing Wizard 

ESSENCE Kin 96 Yellow Overtone Warrior

Guru Dev HD



MIND Kin 134 White Self Existing Wizard 

 BODY Kin 47 Blue Galactic Hand

ESSENCE Kin 181 Red Crystal Dragon 

Maharishi HD 

Is important notice that people who achieve his full potential in life, Pure INNER Realization through its unique form, ALWAYS reflects perfectly the ultimate purpose of their Encodings, ALWAYS.

"Their Missions are their Programs"

...and Each Program has its Core in the Essence


But... always there is more !

I invite you to read THE KNOWLEDGE BOOK 


Mevlana is beyond imagination, even beyond numbers.., but she is here in a body sharing with us, guiding us in unsuspected ways, in this amazing Transition Time.

MIND Kin 199 Blue Self Existing Storm

BODY Kin 110 White Rythmic Dog

ESSENCE Kin 49 Red Planetary Moon


MIND Kin 102 White Spectral Wind

BODY Kin 15 Blue Lunar Eagle

ESSENCE Kin 117 Red Cosmic Earth


MIND Kin 199 Blue Self Existing Storm

BODYKin 107 Blue Electric Hand

ESSENCE Kin 46 White Resonant World Bridger


MIND Kin 251 Blue Self Existing Monkey

BODY Kin 164 Yellow Galactic Seed

ESSENCE Kin 155 Blue Crystal Eagle


MIND Kin 47 Blue Galactic Hand

BODY Kin 216 Yellow Galactic Warrior

ESSENCE Kin 3 Blue Electric Night


MIND Kin 43 Blue Self Existing Night

BODY Kin 211 Blue Electric Monkey

ESSENCE 254 White Resonant Wizard


 Enjoy the numbers 

Until next TIME !

I enjoyed a lot sharing this ! IN LAK'ECH



final note: 

A few hours after the 'initial touches' of this post. LOOK What appears!

I don't need this kind of signs but always awesome see these noospheric events... AMAZING !

20 letters/seals (2 sides of 10 each), TRINITY of leaves (then 6, 9...), in Layers of manifestation, blossoming from the Center (7) on the Flower of Life..., surrounded by 33 (13.7) (11x3). All as ONE, the Totality.

Ansty, Nr Salisbury, Wiltshire. Reported 12th August 2016

12 HUMAN, Crystal Human -- 8 (Aug) STAR, Galactic Star

Universalize the Wisdom and Integrity of You(r) Art

... excuse my english and misspellings, i'm learning english ! :)

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Comment by Alex Collado_Akron on January 2, 2017 at 11:07am

Hi Planetary Kin,

I want to add a very important new piece that I feel is necessary. The MASTER PIECE where all these discoveries leads.., for now.

Understand that the three signatures are, at the end, to obtain the Real TRINITY Signature.

And for its value and 'practical' use (the purpose I hope of this revelation), to get your Synchronotron Indexes and, in this case, functions in 6D (if I can put it in that way), to ignite the chain of Planetary-Noospheric-Universal Service more open and aware.

The Logic to get it is the same..., but this is a COMPLETION step. Because THREE reflects in ONE, ONE in THREE. (and is not a matter of continue following the logic to obtain more signatures..., these are dimensional functions that requires development)

Understand that all this is Enormously Dynamic and Subtle..., with continuous movements accumulating and losing charge to raise Dimensions or descend. Enjoy and take it easy..., here there is a lot to explore and understand.

Maybe is nice to share how and where this comes...

Just briefly... As sometimes happen, before starting the last Overtone Moon on Kin 70, I felt a clear call-pull to visit the sacred mountain of MONTSERRAT..., the visit was on Kins 7172 and 73. And I knew that this theme of the TRINITY signature was involved..., because every thing I read around those days, each thing I paid attention, continually informed me and filled with synchronic messages, clues and gnosis about this (The Knowledge book, Cosmic Science-Book of the Avatar, etc.)

The valleys and needles of Montserrat holds a VERY SPECIAL, soft, Pure Heart and balanced energy.., a real sanctuary. And always is normal enter in Dream states and wake up the Inner Child, visions, and refreshing understandings of our own Direction in this place..., almost for everyone.

On Kin 72, Yellow Resonant Human, NS (11.16.2016) my TRINITY Signature was Revealed.

It was more than an Instant-Deep Recognition... (maybe more than the others).... See the values and fit so many impressions and experiences was automatically, many special moments finally finding its place...

It is for this STRONG certainty (first intutive but now, working on it, confirming) that I decide to share this..., even knowing that it is advanced. But is Time. All these are intrinsic numbers in Us, is a matter of Time activate them.

Remember that the theme of the BMU's used is a very delicated thing..., because all the work you do, the combinations (UCF's-Uniphied Frequency of Conectivity between activations) and what you tune and obtains-release, depends on this. Be careful, use the original and main coordinates of the system given by Votan. These are your contribution platforms in certain degrees... Working with them consciously accelerate your Evolution, Integration of the Totality - UR Universal Recolection.

Actually I'm discovering amazing new ways of how to work and integrate all this..., expanding the quantum possibilities and the magic ! :)

2017 comes super-strong..., a real Catalyst for  the new Integrated realities and Real Free Co-Creation ! (and hopefully the expected global control matrix cleansing...)

As we can see RIGHT NOW, all what we plant and feed GROW dramatically ! So Synchronize correctly..., and be ONE with Mother Earth.

Remember, SYNCHRONOTRON is KEY in the UNIFIED Colective Synergetic Process !

Love and Blessings !

Until Next Time !

In lak'ech

Comment by Fall Aminta on November 3, 2016 at 11:25pm

muchissimos gracias, thanx for the channeling and studyin and writing and I may hope many will profit from your work. I was in montserrat last month and as an intuitive just enjoyed my personal (human) mission. As we say in my adoptive country, `fassale`´ means evryBODY (nevr MIND) does a part of the mission and so we can have it all TOGETHER. With Love. kin 100 (have not found out he body and essence yet but will!!)

Comment by Jannis 7 Moon on September 29, 2016 at 3:16am

All is number! Thanks for sharing .... Kin 7

Comment by Chief Kanan Clear Feather on September 20, 2016 at 4:51pm

HELLO DEAR ONE.... SO many thanks for sharing this.... I have had a hard time getting into "SYNC" with my wife and her seemingly natural ability to understand the Laws of Time etc. The syncrontron is new to me and I am seeing a new way for me to come into higher understanding of self and purpose thru this.... This new Trinity TriUnity aspect you just presented really resonates....  I noticed you mentioned the 108hz frequency which happens to be my wifes birthday... the angle of the Hexagon... 5 pointed star... we have 3 children... My birthday is 2.20 .... I noticed... 108x4=432hz and 220x2=440hz ..... My SUN bday is 1.24 ... Votan... and my Golden Childs birthday is the Toltec Zenith Date of 5.20.... Then I have a Ruby 2000 millenial child... I am excited to dig into your info you have graciously shared hoping I can get a little better handle on the syncronicities.. to help me understand these stories, thoughts, spirits that have been overwhelming me ever since Jose A. passing... I starting having 100's of seizures weekly and have been experiencing the Spirit of AT'UL... as well as channeling many others now that I have overcome the seizures and understand the energy... I feel I have much to offer as a Red Galactic Skywalker with 4 generations of Whiteworldbridger Energy and a Yellow Seed re-creating the 4 Columns of AT'UL and LU'TA's homeland TULA and the 4 Atlantean Basalt Columns of TULA... 8th Tone 13th Prophet- Bringer of Lost Worlds... Thank you again for sharing... Please message me any tips you might have... In Lak'ech

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i wish i still had the program that produced this astrology from 2016.
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"Of planet Two the channeler AQYin swears "RA" told her all about we as our ancestors…"
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"Volker, can more like this be provided?"
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"The only war that matters is the war on our imagination. -Diane di Prima"
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