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Today it was 110 minutes after midnight that I received my invitation for this new website. We just changed the day, and because I love to work in the night I was still awake. In a way I was waiting for this to happen, in the last five years I was dreaming and working consciously on a Kin community on the internet. Now that dream is coming true, and this is an exciting experiment we start with this.

I love the number of days, the math of time is such a thrill in following different cycles of time. What is your favorite cycle? This Galactic Space Book provides a platform to share our synchronic experiences. In sharing them we can learn and study together in this community, becoming part of the COME-UNITY, which is manifesting right now.  

Today 64 days ago, it was the 21st of December 2012 .. Jacob Rhythmic Dragon told me in the evening at the Kin meeting in El Pachan (Palenque, Mexico) that a new community website would start on the internet soon, and Agent-201 asked me to join this project. Today I did, and what a day to start! 64 days since 21-12-2012 and Blue Spectral Monkey!

People that know me are aware that I have a special relation with the numbers 64 & 65. Those numbers are very interesting today, let me explain: today 65 days ago it was White Spectral World-bridger, and Red Queen spoke great about the Closing of the Cycle to many Kin. This was on Kin-206, the Kin of my mother, Marian.

Now today it is her birthday! And guess what: my mother became 65 years old. In this, my mother is today the example for everybody to know that when you become 65 years old, it will be 65 days after your Galactic birthday. That is of course by the power of the fifth force. Today we have even more family synchronicity in this: because my brother (the second son of my mother) is a Blue Spectral Monkey!

So my mother became my brother, and today I honor them both in the first post on my page. This picture on the right is my mother in the 13:20 Peacegarden of the Dutch FLT. You see my mother standing before a chimney, because this peacegarden is growing at a former stone factory, which now has become a "world living room", up in the north of the Netherlands you can visit them. More info is to be found on the Crest13 website.

My parents love 13 Moon activity and they also have a beautiful garden. My parents and me would love to meet more Kin in future times. So this new community website of the FLT is a perfect gift for us, to connect with U. We love the Dreamspell very much and every Kin that wants to visit us in the Netherlands is more then welcome, I say this also on behalf of my parents. We have many things to share, our beautiful garden for example is a great place for Kin and Earth Wizard activity. Feel free to join us..

For me this story started 11.477 days ago, today I thank my mother for that. For many years my mother follows the uChing day in, day out. And what is that? The uChing is a tool that U can use everyday to track different cycles. This is new, and I will share more in future talk of course. For now this is how I became U:

The U Ching is the number transformation of the I, also known as the I Ching. The U Ching has 65 chapters (0-64) and every Earth family with the same tone share the same U Ching chapter. The chapter of the Spectral Cardinal family (today) is 26. In the I Ching this is codon number XXI, so codon 21 becomes cube number 26. These new numbers are the number frequencies of the hexagrams, now called cube numbers. More about that later on, for now U have to know that 26 means today:

"REVEAL THE ESSENCE, remove the unnecessary."

64 days after the Closing of the Cycle I joined this long awaited community website on my mothers 65th birthday! The Blue Spectral Monkey says: "Dissolve in order to Play .. I Seal the Process of Magic."

Mom! This was for U today ... good luck this upcoming year!

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Comment by Foundation for the Law of Time on February 23, 2013 at 2:49pm

Fascinating synchronic blog Juryt!! Thanks!! I love the 65-year, kin+65 synchronicity. Hope to  be  able to visit you in your home turf some day <3

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