On Kin 7  I noticed a newspaper article. It was about the new launch of a spacecraft to Mars by India. The spacecraft is called Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM), informally called Mangalyaan (Sanskrit: मंगलयान) "Mars-craft". The launch  was  initially planned on 28 October 2013. a :-) @ 113.

The two numbers in the article which jumped into my eyes where that the probe would be 300 days on its trip and that it has to travel  780 Million kilometers. 300 is the Bode Number of Neptune and the triangular of 24, 1+2+3+4.....+24=300, and 780 is the Martian Synodic Cycle ,when Earth and Mars align. 780 is  also base of 78 .... P.V. Number of tones on the sarcophagus lid. While the satellite started on Kin 6 "Martian" Number of the Made Man.

Neptune 300, Frequency of oceanic memory, 300 is the triangular of 24 (1+2+3+4....+24=300) Kinich Ahau (Sun)  is designated Velatropa 24. This signifies that the power of the cumulative memory of V24 is kept in Neptune, planet of oceanic consciousness. CHC Vol 6.

The Newspaper article stated the usual thing like if the Indians manage , they would be very proud to reach the Red Planet before the Chinese, that there are potential resources and that we might emigrate in the far distant future to Mars.

But It didn't mention the real purpose of this coded event.


That we are in search for our far distant history!


From the Arcturus Re-membered Book:

Within months, beneath fiery dark skies, while red-dust-driven winds howled through the once-greatcities of Elysium and Atlantis, the dreaded Atlantean plan was ready for execution. Smuggled into Elysium by adouble-agent team posing as an emergency agricultural exchange commission, the D-Day Device, as it came tobe called, arrived in the great courtyard of Solis Solonis. No one thought to examine the six traveling trunks of the emergency agricultural exchange commission. Nor did anyone care to examine the inner contents of the giftpresentation statue of the Elysian messenger god, Thothis, the lizard-headed one, a magnificent-looking pieceapparently cut from a rare kind of nephrite into which jasper adornments had been inset. Pleased with such agift, Solis Solonis himself placed it upon the Great Altar before the Master Crystal, a replica, so it was told, of theCrystal Mirror introduced by the great ancestor god, Arctur Arcturis.While the emergency agricultural exchange team met with high Elysian dignitaries, a small but highlyconcerned group of Elysians came together to discuss their knowledge of current events. Impelled by what tothem was certain disaster, they gathered themselves for the purpose of ascertaining what might be the best form of behavior for such a climate of imminent doom. Though they had caught wind of Atlantean plans for developing the thermonuclear device, none of this group had an inkling that the device had already made its way into the innermost court of Elysium, placed there by the king himself. Nonetheless, each of this group, to a one, knew that the combination of fear and madness gripping the populaces of both Atlantis and Elysium, the highly inhospitable weather patterns that were now the norm, and the effects of warheads and crystal death-rays, had already eliminated planet Mars as a base of further evolutionary development.This self-selected group of some 40 members divided into two almost equally adhered-to solutions. The one group of 20 members determined to honor the Great Planet by going into a concentrated form of group meditation in order to create the thought power to transmit everything that had ever been good in the history of Mars – whether from Elysium or Atlantis – to the cloud fields and life banks of the neighboring planet, V.24.3,popularly referred to as the blue planet because of its soothing azure glow. Indeed, so respected was the glowof the blue planet that it was not uncharacteristic of even the most modest of Martians to speak proudly of the fact that in their horoscopes they had this planet, known to us as Earth, ascending.To facilitate their meditation, this group, known as the Quartzite Quietists, used a single crystal to focus their thought forms and transmit them to the blue planet. And this they continued to do until the tumultuous day the Blast of Death ripped through the city of Elysium, silencing it forever and unloosing a wave of massive planetary cataclysms that sent proud Atlantis tumbling down and extinguishing at last all life on hapless andunfortunate Mars.  But before the final fiery-red-lashed silence set in, the other group, known as the Arcturian Activists, set off for the far eastern side of the city of Elysium and, from high a top the surrounding pyramids, with well-placed crystal lasers, marked the surface of the Great Founder’s Mesa with a vast portrait of the great ancestor god,Arctur Arcturis himself, looking skyward to his home, O lost and fair Arcturus...“Incinerated.”

That’s how the report came into the Arcturian Command Central when they analyzed theradio crystal information signals coming from the Velatropa system. A very similar report was received in Antares.

Within a matter of days, the V.24.4 Information Report was out. Experiment Self-Destruct, it came to becalled. Smitten with shame and horror at having left something go so long unattended, the Arcturians were prompted to undertake a massive review and reform of all Galactic Expeditionary Forces.Finally, after exhaustive analysis including surveillance of both Y24.4 and V24.3, now known respectively as the red and blue planets, it was determined that in humble respect to everything that had ever been good or decent in the Martian Experiment, the blue planet should be much more cautiously andintelligently supervised. For there, unlike on Mars, a great variety of life forms had been developing naturallyover several billion years. Through their intuitive receptors, the more advanced entities of the blue planet had received the Martian-Elysian-Atlantean-Antarean memory implants, and, for  better or worse, these implants were now crystal-bonded into the total recollection system of the blue planet. For this reason alone, all later development of the blue planet deserved continuous surveillance from the Arcturian Missions…..

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Comment by Vernon Grant Muir on November 8, 2013 at 8:51pm

I so enjoyed that book , thanks for allowing me remembering and thanks for sharing Jannis.

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