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Some claim to be star seed, sent here from other worlds to help this planet through troubling times. They are welcome here.


I am Earth seed, born of the spirit and soul of this planet. I have innumerable lives in nature, as so-called primitives living in deep union with the spirit of this planet and all else around us. I have innumerable lives as other animals and plants sharing and supporting the web of life that is nature. I swim the seas as cetaceans, and I fly the air as eagle and condor. I have innumerable lives as a human being, helping to tie mankind to nature through all ages, and helping to wake my fellow humans whenever they stir beneath their heavily lidded eyes.


I live in all cultures, past, present and future. But I am most closely tied to many powerful lives among the ancients and the indigenous. I am a shaman, a warrior, a scout, a simpleton, and a storyteller. I have been burned as a witch, and I have explored the deeper mysteries of the Egyptians and the Hindus. I have lived in ancient cultures so long gone as to be all but erased from human memory.

I have worked with extraterrestrials throughout time, but I am a spirit of Earth. Yet as a spirit of Earth, I am a spirit of the stars. And as all things are one thing and all thoughts are one thought, I am a spirit of the universe. And so are you.


I am here to say that Earth endures. Earth has been here for billions of years in your reckoning, and Earth will continue for billions of years by your reckoning, either with or without you. What is at stake here is not the planet, but the fruit of the planet. Humans are the seed in that fruit, humans and cetaceans both. That fruit is the entire living biosphere of this planet, which is an immense, multi-cellular organism called Gaia.


Gaia has undergone gestation for millions of years. It is in the self-awareness of humans that Gaia is born. And through the awakening of mankind, all of Gaia will awaken and learn to function, taking her place among the children of the stars.

I am an Earth seed. There are many others like me on this planet — our planet. Now it is time for us to awaken. Now is the time for our birth.


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Comment by PD Allen on April 22, 2013 at 3:55pm

Thank you. But I was just the translator.

Comment by Luke Nemy on April 22, 2013 at 12:50pm

Thank you!! Beautifully written and full of awareness, just as we should hear it

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