Part 1 Investigations into the 3rd Dimensional Universe

This blog is mostly related to Cosmic History Volume 6, Book of the Transcendence, Chapt. 8

“Human consciousness is actually a participation in greater Earth consciousness. It is not we who possess consciousness, but it is the planet that allows us to participate in its consciousness. Likewise each planet in our solar system contains its unique consciousness and frequency, all contributing to a larger multi leveled heliospheric consciousness.” CHC Vol. 6

If you search at scientific pages for information where the Asteroid Belt and the Earth satellite the Moon has their Origin, it is interesting that modern science doesn`t really know it. There are several concepts and models and some are favored by scientists but none is proofed or accepted as “Truth” until today.

Bode Numbers and the Law of Progression

The Titus–Bode law (sometimes termed just Bode's law) is a hypothesis that the bodies in some orbital systems, including the Sun's, orbit at semi-major axes in a function of planetary sequence. The hypothesis correctly predicted the orbits of Ceres and Uranus, but failed as a predictor of Neptune's orbit. The law relates the semi-major axis of each planet outward from the Sun in units such that the Earth's semi-major axis is equal to 10.






























38.8 (30.0)


On Sept. 11 1801 (Kin 51) Johann Elert Bode gazed trough his telescope into the Night sky and discovered a band of asteroids orbiting the sun. This happened only  because he searched for the 5th planet that should have been there.  And before on Jan 01 1801 the first day of the new gregorian year (Kin 58, Rhythmic Mirror)  the Italian priest, astronomer and mathematician Piazzi had discovered what he first believed is a planet, but what was actually a remnant of one -  which we call Maldek.  So called Ceres inside the asteroid belt comprises about a third of the estimated total mass of the asteroid belt.

The Titus-Bode Law fit`s for all planets in our current solar system except for Neptune and Pluto.

When Pluto was discovered it was roughly at the place where Neptune should be. (Thus 300 and 388) Certainly this irregularity is also a reason why the Bode-Law  is not excepted in the scientific community as proofed but only a hypothesis. What does this mean in relation to Mars and Maldek and Cosmic History ?

Could it be that not only the original planet Maldek  was destroyed, but Neptune and Pluto moved out of their original Orbits through the explosion? 

One possible answer to this Question is Yes.  And the reason is just Gravity. Thanks to Kin 113`s great blog recently this finally came into my mind. Everything in this Universe is at it` s place through the simple law of Gravity. Every planet is there where it has to be through immense gravitational powers. Imagine one planet is missing suddenly, what gravitational changes occur.

“Neptune 300, Frequency of oceanic memory, 300 is the triangular of 24 (1+2+3+4....+24=300) Kinich Ahau (Sun)  is designated Velatropa 24. This signifies that the power of the cumulative memory of V24 is kept in Neptune, planet of oceanic consciousness.

24. Now, during this present time of interplanetary electromagnetic disorder, oceanic life, namely whales and dolphins, have been assisting in holding the Earth`s frequencies in balance. When the cycle commences and begins again, the Sun will gain a new level of evolutionary balance. “ CHC Vol. 6

VV assigned Neptune bode number 300 while science does 388. Which is in CH bode number for Pluto.

When Uranus was discovered by William Herschel on March 13, 1781 Kin 109 it fitted perfectly into the Bode-Law. Remember Uranus the 8th planet is the twin planet of Earth, the 3rd in the solar system and holds the possibility for the Lost 5th Chord – Xymox - as the interval between 3 and 8 is 5.

Uranus is a twin planet of  Earth and according to Cosmic History is our “Heaven”. It is the place we want to reach in a sense of New Heaven/New Jerusalem by reactivating the lost time tunnels.  Uranus is Bode Nr. 196 ::  Kin 11 Jose + Kin 185 Red Queen.


The exploded Planet Hypothesis and the Asteroid Belt:

The hypothesis  of a destroyed planet at the place where the asteroid belt is right now was quite famous at the seventies throughout pop and science fiction culture in California but was actually first  expressed  by astronomers around 1800. We can read  at Wikipedia the following:

In 1802, shortly after discovering Pallas, Heinrich Olbers suggested to William Herschel that Ceres and Pallas were fragments of a much larger planet that once occupied the Mars–Jupiter region, this planet having suffered an internal explosion or a cometary impact many million years before.[24] Over time, however, this hypothesis has fallen from favor. The large amount of energy that would have been required to destroy a planet, combined with the belt's low combined mass, which is only about 4% of the mass of the Earth's Moon,[1] do not support the hypothesis. Further, the significant chemical differences between the asteroids are difficult to explain if they come from the same planet.[25] Today, most scientists accept that, rather than fragmenting from a progenitor planet, the asteroids never formed a planet at all.        wiki-knows-it-all 

 “Where Did All the Mass Go?

Although over 10,000 asteroids have well-determined orbits, the combined mass of all other asteroids is not as great as that of the largest asteroid, Ceres. That makes the total mass of the asteroid belt only about 0.001 of the mass of the Earth. A frequently asked question is, if a major planet exploded, where is the rest of its mass?

Consider what would happen if the Earth exploded today. Surface and crustal rocks would shatter and fragment, but remain rocks. However, rocks from depths greater than about 40 km are under so much pressure at high temperature that, if suddenly released into a vacuum, such rocks would vaporize. As a consequence, over 99% of the Earth’s total mass would vaporize in an explosion, with only its low-pressure crustal and upper mantle layers surviving.

The situation worsens for a larger planet, where the interior pressures and temperatures get higher more quickly with depth. In fact, all planets in our solar system more massive than Earth (starting with Uranus at about 15 Earth masses) are gas giants with no solid surfaces, and would be expected to leave no asteroids if they exploded. Bodies smaller than Earth, such as our Moon, would leave a substantially higher percentage of their mass in asteroids. But the Moon has only about 0.01 of Earth’s mass to begin with. “ Tom Van Flandern

We know from Cosmic History that there was a 5th planet once called Maldek with Bode Number 28.

Dark Side of the Moon:

Although there have been several hypotheses for its origin in the past, the current most widely accepted explanation is that the Moon formed from the debris left over after a giant impact between Earth and a Mars-sized body. Computer models nowadays replay this scenario in quite amazing exactness.

In CH Vol.3 p.68 we can read that it is likely that the Moons of Mars (translated called panic and fear) are fragments of Maldek- the Exploded Planet X- They  were simply shot to the next planet through the explosion.

Could it be that this Mars-sized body which impacted the Earth was nothing else than a fragment of the explosion of Maldek?

This let`s call it a - crazy hypothesis-  would mean that our moon is a part of the destroyed planet Maldek which collided with earth plus/minus 4.5 Billion years ago. And melted out a new satellite to planet Earth. A sort of cosmic sperm colliding with an egg starting a new world.

We know from C.H. that when Adam Kadmon – the Red Adam fell out of Paradise (Maldek) this started the whole thing with  the Human Being , the Made Man.  This fall out of the original paradise started the process of Life and Death. Out of one we became many. This was when the  stars became visible. The fall into the 3rd Dimension.  See also The Arcturus Probe p. 111 on Adam and Eve.

The  Bode number for Maldek is 28. As is the Moons frequency.

The Sidereal and Synodic Months

The sidereal cycle of our Moon  is  27.322 days, this is the time interval that the Moon takes to orbit 360° around the Earth while the so called synodic or lunar month – from New Moon to next New Moon  is 29.531 days.  The perfect average is 28 days. The female menstruation cycle is 28 days. Everything on planet earth is born from sex. The mayan seal for Maldek is Chiccan, the Red Serpent: Life Force/Sex. 

Would the sidereal and synodic cycles of the moon synchronize to perfect 28 days if humanity adopts the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar?

Our Earth satellite the Moon (La Luna)  has many Neptunian we could say attributes:  Responsible for the  tides of the oceans, it symbolizes, water, feminine power, fertility, periodicity, natural rhythm.  In art and culture it is female, soft and romantic. Those little “Living in tune with the Moon” calendars which tell you when to plant your veggies and cut your hair-  are bestsellers in Germany.

So our moon has these  female power of birth attributes which are at the same time directly linked to the attributes of Neptune. As we know in mythology Neptune is the god of water and the oceans.

We humans comprise of 60% water. The process of a fetus growing inside the belly of its mother is the same as the process it once began with life on earth. From the oceans to the first amphibian beings to life on land.

Signs of Uranus being our Heaven and being closely related also to water  and Neptune are found in early Greek and other world mythology:

Uranus (/ˈjʊərənəs/ or /jʊˈrnəs/; Ancient Greek Οὐρανός, Ouranos meaning "sky" or "heaven") was the primal Greek god personifying the sky. His equivalent in Roman mythology was Caelus. In Ancient Greek literature, Uranus or Father Sky was the son and husband of Gaia, Mother Earth. According to Hesiod's Theogony, Uranus was conceived by Gaia alone, but other sources cite Aether as his father.[3] Uranus and Gaia were the parents of the first generation of Titans, and the ancestors of most of the Greek gods.

Uranus , meaning originally Rainmaker, to rain, varsati, is also vedic god varuna

The most probable etymology is from the basic Proto-Greek form *(F)orsanόj (worsanos) derived from the noun *(F)orsό (worso, Sanskrit: varsa "rain" ). The relative Proto-Indo-European language root is *ers "to moisten, to drip" (Sanskrit: varsati "to rain"), which is connected with the Greek ourόw (Latin: "urina", English: "urine", compare Sanskrit: var "water," Avestan var "rain," Lithuanian jures "sea," Old English wær "sea," Old Norse ver "sea," Old Norse ur "drizzling rain")[6] therefore Ouranos is the "rainmaker" or the "fertilizer". Another possible etymology is "the one standing high in order" (Sanskrit: vars-man: height, Lithuanian: virus: upper, highest seat). The identification with the Vedic Varuna, god of the sky and waters, is uncertain.

Several mythologies have the notion of a celestial ocean or river, enveloping the world both above the heavenly sphere and below the underworld.

In Vedic religion, Varuna (Sanskrit Varuṇa वरुण, Malay: Baruna) or Waruna, is a god of the water and of the celestial ocean, as well as a god of law of the under water world. A crocodile named Makara is his mount. In Hindu mythology, Varuna continued to be considered the god of all forms of the water element, particularly the oceans.


Didn`t it rain buckets at 21:12 in Nah Chan – House of the Serpent ?


“Neptune 300, Frequency of oceanic memory, 300 is the triangular of 24 (1+2+3+4....+24=300) Kinich Ahau (Sun)  is designated Velatropa 24. This signifies that the power of the cumulative memory of V24 is kept in Neptune, planet of oceanic consciousness.”

Ch.6/149 Earth (10): Power of Accomplishment (Hand) and Free will (Human)

Relates to the two poles of consciousness. The power of accomplishment relates to the power of memory at birth. How? By remembering purpose and bringing to completion the order of the universe through the correct use of free will. Free will is the choice to align with the Divine Plan: this is true accomplishment.

C.H. 6/149  Maldek (28): Power of Life-Force (Serpent)  and Timelessness (Wizard)

The function and purpose of life-force is to attain timelessness or self-realization. This was the pattern of the original Adam- Adam Kadmon- the first human manufactured in the solar system. Life-force is always flowing, remaining in the flow of moment to moment timelessness.

C.H. 6/148  Neptune (300): Power of Birth /Memory (Dragon) and Meditation (Mirror)

Birth is a function of memory. At the time of birth all cosmic memory is within us. Meditation functions as a conscious remembering by which we are able to see clearly and maintain ourselves in the higher course of cosmic enlightenment.

C.H.6 /148 Uranus (196): Power of Spirit (Wind) and Navigation (Earth)

Navigation is the intrinsic power of knowing where to go and how to get there in both the spiritual and physical dimensions. Spirit is the basis of any navigation beyond the physical dimension. Spirit endows birth with purpose. Navigation is spirits means of returning to source. The Earth/Spirit holds the 28-unit harmonic frequency, the biotelepathic  “time tunnel”.



Earth::5th-Force::Arcturus Complete

12:60 = 1 :: 5

The most important Step for Humanity according to the Law of time is:  Re-turn to the 13 Moon 28 Day calendar.  This accepting of the 13:20 natural time frequency  would start  Re-Membering, Re-Union, Re-ligion of the lost souls/worlds of humanity.

Here the circle closes, the only way of cumulative Memory for V 24 (our solar system)  is the Calendar Change to the 13x28 frequency.

189 on  42

I activate in order to communicate
Bonding breath
I seal the input of spirit
With the electric tone of service
I am guided by the power of death


Cosmic History Vol 6

Johann Elert Bode

Titus Bode Law


Asteroid Belt


The Moon


Tom Van Flandern, Meta Research

Sidereal and Synodic



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