Planetary Lineup Leading to Galactic Synchronization

Planetary Lineup Leading to Galactic Synchronization

Lunar, Solar, Lunar Eclipses & Planetary Triple Conjunction

The Maya, as a culture, were avid skywatchers. It is very possible that the concept “as above, so below.” was a basic tenet of their culture. So, they followed the movements of the stars across the sky, the movements of the planets back and forth and the movements of the Sun and Moon, particularly when there were eclipses involved. So, as we are ending these mystic moons and preparing for galactic synchronization, here's a few things going on in the sky that I think would really have piqued the interest of the Maya or any skywatchers.

As I am writing this we are deep into the midst of three Lunar, Solar, Lunar Eclipses. In fact two have already passed and only one remains to come. The effects of this series of eclipses is probably in the awareness of most people by now. This is a description of how these eclipses are playing out in the sky and then in ourselves.

Back on Planetary Moon 22 or April 25 on the greg we had the Wesak Full Moon on Yellow Planetary Human. That full moon was the first of a series of eclipses. First there was the eclipse of the Wesak Full Moon. Then there was a solar eclipse on Spectral Moon 8 or May 9 on the greg. That occurred on White Galactic World-Bridger. Next, coming up on Spectral Moon 23 or May 24 on the greg, we have another lunar eclipse on Red Planetary Dragon.

During a full moon lunar eclipse the light of the moon is taken away at its peak. This allows us a view deep into the darkness of the subconscious and group consciousness. When we take this opportunity to delve deeply into the inner realms it often exposes what most needs to be changed or let go. Those of us who are not looking deep within may experience this anyway. So, any fears, angers, pains, old negative programs or limiting patterns of any kind which rear their ugly heads during these eclipses are showing themselves so that they may be let go and replaced with something positive.

It is interesting that the first in the series of Lunar, Solar, Lunar eclipses is the Wesak Full Moon. In case you don't know, in the Eastern tradition, this is Buddha's birthday. It is also the same day of the year on which he was born, reached enlightenment and crossed over. So it's a very sacred day in Eastern traditions. To have it eclipsed is a very powerful thing. This is the opportunity to expose all the limitations which stand in the way of Enlightenment. In the Dreamspell it was on Yellow Resonant Human, “I channel in order to influence.” In the Planetary Moon of Manifestation, the Wesak Full Moon was eclipsed channeling the energy necessary to influence us towards enlightenment.

It is common to see a solar eclipse after a lunar eclipse or vice versa. The alignment of the Moon and Sun doesn't change that much in a two-week period. So, that makes consecutive eclipses possible. But to see 3 eclipses in a row lunar, solar, lunar is really pretty rare. Due to the nature of the planetary dynamics all 3 of these eclipses occur in the span of just about one moon.

The solar eclipse occurred on Spectral Moon 8 or May 9 on the greg and it was White Galactic World-Bridger in the Dreamspell. The solar eclipse is able to be viewed in a very limited path across the earth. Therefore it's fairly rare to actually be able to witness a solar eclipse. But it's energy is still felt worldwide.Even though it can't be seen. In a solar eclipse, the Moon passes in front of the Sun and briefly the Sun's light is taken away. Energetically this is the feminine energy taking away the light of the masculine energy or the power of emotions/love to eclipse the Sun/status quo. So it is interesting that it falls on White Galactic World-Bridger, “I harmonize in order to equalize.” In the Spectral Moon of Liberation, the moon takes away the light of the sun in order to equalize the energy and set us free from the limitations of the status quo.

The last event of the series is another full moon lunar eclipse on the Full Moon of Goodwill. It falls on Spectral Moon 23 or May 24th on the greg. That day is Red Planetary Dragon, “I perfect in order to nurture the birth of being.” This is the last of the spring full moons for the northern hemisphere. These are considered to be the most powerful full moons of the entire year. The one that was not involved was the Christ Full Moon at Easter, then there is the Buddha Full Moon of Enlightenment and the 3rd is the combination of the Christ Full Moon and the Buddha Full Moon into the Full Moon of Goodwill. This full moon lunar eclipse gives us a glimpse into the darkness to reveal the limitations to all of us expressing ourselves with the power of goodwill. Which will of course “nurture the birth of being.”

To add to the drama of the final eclipse in this series there is also the beginning of a triple planetary conjunction of Venus, Jupiter and Mercury in the western sky just after sunset. This is going to be the closest conjunction of 3 planets visible to the naked eye that we will see for the next 13 years. It begins on the day of the lunar eclipse where it will be a wide conjunction of approximately 5°. But, by Spectral Moon 27 Red Magnetic Serpent it will close to about a 2° conjunction. Triple conjunctions of planets were considered very auspicious by the Mayan culture. In fact, they would often erect a Stelae commemorating such an event. So, to have the last one for 13 years this close and occurring just before galactic synchronization is really, really powerful and signals the beginning of galactic synchronization in the sky.

Venus and Jupiter are the 2 brightest planets, Mercury is joining them for this sunset sky show. Venus was the most important planet to the Mayan culture. In fact, it may be that the 260 day Tzolkin, sacred calendar is actually the calendar of Venus. But, Jupiter also played a very significant role as the next brightest planet in the sky. Venus is the planet of beauty and art. The “Star” glyph represents the planet Venus. The power of Jupiter represents spirituality which was contaminated by religion. The planet Mercury is the messenger of the gods. The planet Jupiter visiting the planet  Venus gives the power of beauty back to the spirituality represented by Jupiter and the planet Mercury is the messenger of the good news.

This triple planetary conjunction adds an exclamation point to the full moon lunar eclipse on Red Planetary Dragon. But it doesn't come into its closest conjunction until Red Magnetic Serpent, “I unify in order to survive.” All these planetary energies are unifying so that we can get the picture and do the same. I recommend that we all  take this opportunity to register the planetary light with our own eyes. So, go out after sunset on a clear night this weekend and view the triple conjunction yourself and we'll all be unified in the starlight.

Peace & In Lakéch

Randy CosmicHand

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